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What is Magic?

All designs within Skire are capable of learning magic. Each design starts out with 3 slots to be able to learn 3 different magics.

To begin training in magic, you must complete the Mentor Initiation Prompt for each new magic that you wish to learn. 


Mentors are available to train at any time after completing the Mentor Initiation Prompt. It costs crowns to train alongisde a mentor each time. More magics will roll out with time!

Mentorship costs a set amount of  Crowns to train. Earn crowns via completing prompts.

When magic is trained, there is a chance of SUCCESS, FAILURE, or DEFECT. Please visit each mentor to view these odds. More difficult magics will be harder to level up in.

  • SUCCESS - Your character levels up in their trained magic.
  • FAILURE - Your character does not level up.
  • DEFECT - A Defect Item is rolled. If you roll a magic defect item, you may update your design via Design Approval. A defect can only be used for prompt bonuses if it has been updated to the design.


Type: Character Limited [Character must be owned by you, and have an empty magic slot. Cannot be completed with NPCs or as gift art]
Description: To start training with a mentor, complete this prompt!
Payout: Standard
Type: Character Limited [Character must be owned by you. Cannot be completed with NPCs or as gift art. Requires the character to have at least one level in any magic]
Description: Train to add more magic slots to your character above the base 3!
Payout: Standard + Indelible Ink Item


The following are all the magic types on Skire.  Not all of these are available for training, but as time progresses they will roll out, some seasonally, and some mainstay! Their lore and information will be filled out as they are released for mentorship.

Basic Magics

Basic magics are the four most standard magics on Skire! They can currently be trained via mentorship

Boosted Basic Magics

These magics are considered the next level of the magics above. They require full training in their respective elements.

Merged Magic

These magics are combinations of the original base magics. They require at least two basic magics as a prerequisite to train.

Advanced Magic

These are special magics that are quite difficult to learn, but very powerful.

Advanced Merged Magic

These are mysterious magics that require at least two specific advanced magics to train in.

Prerequisite magic

some magics have prerequisites to be able to learn them!

Basic Boosted Magics

  • Fire -> Smoke
  • Water -> Ice
  • Air -> Ether
  • Earth -> Metal

Merged Magics 

  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Fire + Air = Electricity
  • Fire + Earth = Magma
  • Water + Air = Storm
  • Water + Earth = Sludge
  • Earth + Air = Nature


Basic Levels - Please click on the icons above to visit each magic's page. 

  • Affiliated -- Cannot yet use magic, but is able to train via the mentor that the design is affiliated with.
  • I -- These levels represent with flavor the different abilities a character can use within their magic.
  • II -- Click each icon above for detailed versions of these abilities.
  • III -- As levels rise, so does proficiency over each magic.
  • IIII -- Only certain magics reach levels above three.
  • V -- Magic levels will eventually grant specific rewards when used in prompts.
  • Defect -- Parts of the body are made purely of the magic that they train in. 
  • Nullified -- Magic has been nullified by a defect. Applies most often to designs with merged defect magic.

Magic defects

Defects are when magic overtakes part of a character's body.  They have a chance of being rolled each time you roll with a mentor. If you recieve one of these items, they will be bound to the character you are rolling for. They may be turned in for 2 levels of their respective magic if you do not wish to have a defect on your character. 

Characters with a defect applied cannot learn or train in other magics. 
Magic defects cannot be turned off, as they are merged with the body!

Available Defects
Magic and Magic defects can be removed via these items --

Please read the item descriptions! Magic cannot be re-added after being removed unless you re-affiliate and re-train. 


Seasonal Bonuses

Magic is considered a seasonal bonus. The following list is what seasons correspond to active magics. 

Magic Bonus Rules

  • Magic Bonuses are SEASONAL, meaning they will only recieve these bonuses within their respective season. 
  • Magic Bonuses do not apply when creating gift art, and only count when using your own character.
  • Magic Bonuses require the magic to be shown in active use. When writing, please Bold or Underline where you mention the magic in your piece.
  • Magic Bonuses can only be used on prompts that grant full payouts.
  • NPCs/Mentors with magic do not grant this bonus.
  • Defect Bonus is able to be used ALL YEAR
  • Magic Bonuses CANNOT be stacked


December 01st - February 29th
March 01st - May 31st
June 01 - August 31
September 01 - November 30
  Water Air Fire Earth
  Ice Ether Smoke Metal
  Steam Storm Magma Sludge
  Death Nature Electricity Blood
  Shadow Life Light Necromancy
  Time Mind Space Reality


Magic Bonuses



Bonus Type
These apply currently to all magics. Differences in levels and magic types will be expanded over time.
Affiliated --
1 1 crown
2 2 crowns
3 3 crowns
4 3 crowns
5 3 crowns
Defect (NOT SEASONAL) 3 crowns