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Season: Summer
Abilities: Smoke Manipulation, Generation

About Iorel

Iorel, a name known far beyond her position as just a mentor. She is famous among the mentors not solely for her teachings, but her displays of magic as a whole. Iorel uses her magic and knowledge to help teach others the beauty of magic and benefits it can have for everyone who may wish to learn or even welcome it as day to day uses. She publicizes the opportunity magic presents as a whole, focusing on the ways magic can be seen as less scary and more beneficial. She puts on shows and presentations of her magic and others who have learned from her, focusing on power and beauty as two sides of one coin. She makes great effort to teach these aspects to those she mentors, dealing in great depths people understand the knowledge it takes to learn the magic and experience needed to use it, but most of all the skill one must possess to truly bring out its full potential. She is not a tough mentor, but she can be quick to give up on those who do not make their effort or interest clear. She grows bored of anyone seeking only one aspect out of magic such as solely the power, only the beauty, etc. She wants someone who can see a coin shine as it flips through the air and question how it may land, not marvel at a single picture one side presents still and unmoving.

Levels & About

At the beginning when the first sparks are lit, or in the trail of a raging fire, clouds of many shades billow upwards. What is left after the burn is ash and Smoke, the tangible and intangible. It lingers in the air, as a smell in your clothes, and as a memory of what cannot be undone.

Mages skilled in the use of Smoke know well that destructive power of fire lends second into this vaporous form. A far more insidious killer; one that blankets the sky and conceals your sight, hindering your perception of the world around you. Those who master its uses tend to be mysterious but boisterous individuals. Their presence commands space, often silencing rooms full of people with their large and suffocating auras.

If you hope to document history, approaching a master of Smoke is your best bet. They’re incredibly sharp; able to recall even mundane events that others might forget. With the power to bestow clarity also comes the ability to sow seeds of doubt. Smoke mages are often seen as spiritual guides; their words interpreted as truth more often than not. What reason is there to not trust one who remembers everything?

  • 0 -- Affiliated -- Cannot yet use Smoke magic
  • I -- If there is smoke present, one may alter its flow and density.
  • II -- A smoke cloud’s strength can be both increased and decreased, as well as altering the temperature. This can allow a range of smoke from a nearly undetectable vapor to be harmless if breathed in, or a chokingly intense smog able to nearly suffocate those that need air.
  • III -- Can conjure smoke without need for a burning fire. These smogs can be formed into specific attacks utilizing the previous level’s knowledge to fortify them.
  • Defect -- You Cannot Train magic any further! You have forced your body to adapt too much to Smoke, and now your form knows only that. Parts of your body are constructed purely of dense smog.
  • Nullified -- 

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