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Created: 8 August 2023, 00:29:55 UTC
Last updated: 13 October 2023, 01:59:31 UTC

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Please use a prompt submission if: 

  • You are entering an event or a mainstay prompt.
  • Please check the individual prompt for submission guidelines and submission forms!
Prompt Submissions

Choose your prompt from the dropdown at the top labelled "Prompt". This will be a longer list when mainstay prompts are introduced!

Add the URL of the submission (such as a, discord, or google drive/doc link)

Fill out the form associated with the event you're submitting to! Forms are provided in the prompt's description!

Attach all characters to your submission, including NPCs!
Copy and paste the character's code into the box for each new character.


Calculating Finish Level - TBD

Adding a Reward - Use this section to select an item if your prompt requires it! This will come into play with questing prompts. Admin can add rewards that users cannot, such as your choice of raffle pool.

Using any inventory? - TBD

Double check everything is good to go, and submit!

You must go directly to the character's page that you would like to transfer!

Please use a Character Transfer if: 

  • You are trading, selling, or gifting a character or MYO slot.
  • Character transfers require admin approval. Please allow up to 7 days for us to process requests.
  • Please note that trade cooldown is TWO WEEKS from the approval of the transfer.  In this time you cannot place a character up for offers, take preemptive offers, or otherwise transfer its ownership (Rules)
Character Transfers

Go to the page of the character you would like to transfer.

Select the new owner from the users list, and list a trade reason in the reason section. Include as much information as you can, like resale value sold for, voucher amount and for what, etc. If you do not submit enough information, the transfer may be denied. 

Click Send Transfer!
After pressing send, this will pop up and note that the design is pending transfer to the other user.

The user you are transferring to must accept this character under the Incoming Transfers section. 


A staff member will need to approve this transfer before it officially goes through. 

Once transferred, the character will begin their 14 day cooldown.


Skire currency and items can only be traded for skire related things. you CANNOT trade skire items for USD, non-skire characters, non-skire art, or real life items. 

Please use an item trade submission if: 

  • You are transferring currency to another user. 
  • Please check the individual prompt for submission guidelines and submission forms!
Item Trades

This section is TBA!

Trade Listings

Section TBA

Please use a prompt submission if: 


Detail what you are claiming using the form below, and please open the spoiler boxes if you are claiming Characters, inventories, or missing prompt rewards!

URL and Comments

Copy the form below and paste it into your claim:

◉ Old Skire.Club Username:
◉ Discord or best contact information (In case we need further verification of an identity)
◉ Characters you are claiming: (Please list this even if you attach it so we can make sure you've added the correct character to your claim)
◉ Items you are claiming: (Please list this even if you attach it so we can make sure you've added the correct item to your claim)
◉ Links to proof of ownership: (Please detail what link is for what character if multiple)

If you are claiming a missing prompt reward, please link the prompt under URL

Claiming A Design or MYO slot

In the URL section, include: A link to your ownership proof for each chacracter you attach. This can be a link to your toyhouse, a link to a screenshot showing you sharing the character, or logging into a website with a name associated to your username. 

In the Characters section: Grab the Character Code (Example: OFFICIAL-NAUTIPOD-012 ) and paste it into the section that requests character code.

Character Code Examples
Character Code Examples

Claiming Characters

Claiming Inventories, items, or missing prompt rewards

Claiming Your Inventory

If you are claiming a reward from a prompt that you missed, please attach the items or currency to the rewards section.

If you are claiming your inventory from the past website, please attach the items you believe you had! We have the information to corroborate this and add the type of item you had, and how many of that item you had! If you can't remember, that's okay, and just let us know your old Skire.Club username. 

Adding Items to a claim

To submit a design approval, you must to to the character's page individually. 

Please use a prompt submission if: 

  • You are submitting a MYO design 
  • You are submitting a Redesign
  • You are submitting a Cosmetic Update