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Name: Ryalt
Season: Summer
Abilities: Magma Manipulation, Generation


Ryalt is a mellow CCCat, slow moving and calm, like the magma he wields. On any normal day, he prefers to keep it slow, often found lounging around comfortably. This demeanor switches on a dime when it comes to training, battle, and magic, described by some as a unhealthy level of enthusiasm. Ryalt struggles to hold back and teaches with a similar non-stop mentality to the point where it often gets dangerous for any students. Like an erupting volcano, the initial rush of magma and ash is like a wall, taking out everything in its path, Ryalt's magic similar. Finding ways to work around this imposing force is integral, and while Ryalt easily loses himself in his magic, he knows that teaching perseverance and being headstrong is an invaluable skill to develop. Those who have trained with Ryalt recommend that newcomers prepare in advance, Birathan and Giyas far gentler in their approach. While their magics are integral to understanding Magma, their teaching styles are as well, key to keeping Ryalt calm. Most say that frustration, interruption, or boring them enough to break their stride. Often described as an unstoppable force, hiccuping his one-track-mind by surprising him tends to force him to stop and think. In all other scenarios, Ryalt is an understanding and kind force, simply too susceptable to the heat of the moment.

Levels & About


  • 0 -- Affiliated -- Cannot yet use Magma magic
  • I -- Understanding the properties of both fire and Earth, you can manipulate existing magma and lava subtly.
  • II -- Can draw out molten rock from the earth, manipulating its temperature and flow.
  • III -- Super-heating the earth, one can create molten rock and form objects out of it; able to then cool the rock into a semi-solid weapon or shield.
  • Defect -- You Cannot Train magic any further! You have forced your body to adapt too much to Magma, and now your form knows only that. Parts of your body are constructed purely out of burning lava.
  • Nullified -- 

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