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Season: Fall
Abilities: Metal Manipulation, Generation

About Roxwell

With a presence and personality that can only be described as imposing, Roxwell takes great pride in his teachings and experience. He can be by-the-book and corporate in his day to day life and general mannerisms or treatment. Roxwell handles many matters involving businesses and duties for many important individuals, often seen as the director behind the curtain. He has his own building built by himself for mentoring and other tasks, brutalist and bold similar to him. Formal and precise with his actions, most would find reason to be wary of failing this particular man as a scolding would surely be had. Yet, when he does get a moment to cater to his own business of mentorship, his personality shines through with a true sense of pride and joy that most rarely see in him. His demeanor changes - not too much - but enough to allow him a deep laugh and teasing attitude when it comes to the failures or mistakes of those he mentors. He still tends to be rather harsh or formal, but there is an obvious smile he hardly wears anywhere else than his own teaching grounds.

Levels & About

Not unlike its predecessor, Metal magic offers a healthy mix of stability and moldability to individuals who wield it. Earth and Metal mages tend to be closely associated; often sharing their crafts together to form intricate collaborations. However, where an Earth mage might be unwilling to change, a Metal magic user is more willing to alter tactics for a more favorable result. They are highly moldable individuals often a product of the environment around them. Those who use Metal are resilient, and unlikely to crumble or crack under pressure. Instead, each trial is used as a stepping stone to adapt; each scratch and dent is a trophy. Do you yield to time’s scar, or change to become stronger? That is usually the mindset Metal mages possess. They’re highly protective people, and might stow away sensitive feelings inside a steely shield rather than express them.

Under all that fancy exterior, the base often stays the same, and some users of Metal might find they have a tendency to fall back into old habits when remembering their roots.

  • 0 -- Affiliated -- Cannot yet use metal magic
  • I -- Using existing metal deposits, basic shapes can be molded, like blocks, balls, or plates.
  • II -- Gathering more materials, stronger, more complex metal forms can be erected. Loose deposits may be extracted or refined from surrounding earth.
  • III -- The manipulation of metal can be used to form complex objects or more delicately meld things together without need for a kiln. Formed metal can also be used as weapons or projectiles.
  • Defect -- You Cannot Train magic any further! You have forced your body to adapt too much to Metal, and now your form knows only that. Parts of your body are constructed purely of metal alloy.
  • Nullified -- 

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