An incredibly large thank-you to the individuals who helped us port over, set up, and make the Skire LoreKeeper possible!


Pasta - Helped teach about server setup, helped set up the site, created custom trait page, created unique themes and main css, helped add in extensions and other custom code, provided teaching and aid for code! (Also made cute temp Crowns currency  icon)
HJeojeo - Helped teach about server setup!

Astramyths, AviatorCid, Frog, spockirkcoy, Sweet-n-treat, Twin -- All came together to help with character uploads, ownership sweeping, trait sweeping, and additional checks for characters!

Frog -- Created custom pages with guides, created the legacy trait page, set up traits as a whole, organized trait visuals into unique icons, and created our new MYO slot and item visuals!

Sweet-n-treat -- Created trait visuals!

WellHidden -- Species owner, creator, and website lead


Artist Aliwyrm on dA for the lovely classic Blush CCCat art featured as the favicon and account icon!
Greatly thanking Corrin for his permission to refrence some terms writeups for clear wording!

And of course a massive thank you to Corowne and the makers and contributers of the LoreKeeper framework and the many brilliant extensions that help team and members alike!

Core Extensions

These extensions were coded by the Lorekeeper community and are now a part of core Lorekeeper.

Bootstrap Tables by Preimpression

Captcha (v3) by itinerare

Character Items by itinerare

Comments by Preimpression & Ne-wt

Deactivate Account by Preimpression

Extended Mentions by Speedy

Extension Tracker by Preimpression (This page/the section below!)

Galleries by itinerare

Masterlist Sublists by Junijwi

MYO Item Tag by Junijwi

Pagination Page Selector by Speedy and Moif

Reports by Ne-wt

Separate Prompts by itinerare

Stacked Inventories by Draginraptor

Submission Addons by itinerare

User Transfer Reasons by Snupsplus

Watermark Resizing by Speedy

Watermarking by itinerare

Watermarking - Masterlist Image Automation addition by Speedy

Aliases on Userpage by Speedy (Disabled)

Auto-populate New Image Traits by itinerare (Disabled)

Character Rewards by Preimpression (Enabled/Character Owner)

Character Status Badges by Junijwi (Enabled)

Character TH Profile Link by Junijwi (Enabled)

Collapsible Admin Sidebar by Newt (Disabled)

Design Update Voting by itinerare (Disabled)

Gravatar by Newt (Disabled)

Group Traits by Category by Preimpression (Enabled)

Item Entry Expansion by itinerare (Enabled/Enabled)

MYO Image Removal by itinerare (Disabled)

Navbar News Notif by Junijwi (Enabled)

Organised Traits Dropdown by Draginraptor (Enabled)

Previous & Next buttons on Character pages by Speedy (Enabled)

Show All Recent Submissions by Speedy (Disabled)

Species Trait Index by itinerare (Enabled)

Staff Rewards by itinerare (Enabled)

Collapsible Admin Sidebar by Newt (Disabled)

Gravatar by Newt (Disabled)

Submission Drafts by Preimpression

Installed Extensions

These extensions have been added to this site.