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Created: 18 August 2023, 07:34:37 UTC
Last updated: 1 April 2024, 18:38:40 UTC

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You will receive notifications for various reasons! They will populate in the top bar here!
Design Approvals/Rejections, Prompt approvals, trade requests, etc!

Clicking on it will open it up for further detail and viewing!

Mod Mail and Onsite Messaging

Modmail is a way for admin to contact users in general. This will be used for things such as disciplinary actions, warnings, and general moderation. You will recieve a notification of a mod mail, but will not be able to directly respond. Please reach out to an admin if you would like to discuss a modmail sent to you if the message itself does not specify a contact point.
User to User Messaging

Users can message one another. Please adhere to these rules when using it, and use it only for Skire relevant purposes.

To view your inbox, click here!

It will have three categories: 
Inbox - Your incoming/recieved messages
Outbox - Your outgoing/sent messages
Mod Mail - Any messages sent to you by admin using the modmail function

To create a new message, click on the new message button.
Select the recipient and create a message subject.
Type your message into the box! HTML editing can be used here!

Press submit to send!

Character Profiles


Profiles are where you can see a character’s bio and gift art status. You can edit it from here or click the edit profile button.

Edting Profiles - 

This denotes if a character is available for gift art/writing and trade/sale! These can be edited in the profile and are displayed at the top of the character's profile.
Box 1 - Open for Gift Art
Box 2 - Ask first for Gift Writing
Box 3 - Closed for trade/sale offers

Edit Profile -
Click the edit profile button

Basic HTML can be used here! Please note all features present are not possible, and if you borrow codes from toyhouse please make sure to read the creators terms. 

Name will display above and on the masterlist!
Click the <> Buttons to edit the source code of your profile. 
Profile Link - Link your character's toyhouse or other link here!
Allow, Disallow, or set your character to be Ask Only for gift art/prompt use.
You can also set if you have a character up for trade here!

Not Currently Available

Character Inventory will display items specifically owned by your character. It will be displayed on their masterlist entry as well!

Not Currently In Use



Lists all of the magic types a character posesses!


A record of all images uploaded for a design, including original and redesign.
Change Log
Change Log
Denotes all edits made to a character
ownership History
ownership History
History of all transfers of the character to other users and the denoted transfer reasons
Item Logs
Item Logs
A record of all items that have passed through a character's inventory.
Currency Logs
Currency Logs
Not Currently In Use
Any on-site submissions the character is included in, by the owner and all other people.
Sorting Characters 
Sorting Characters


Reporting Pages/Characters/Comments/People



Misuse of the report button will lead to admin action. Please do not report as a joke, use this feature for anything serious you come across, 
Please report any User, Character, Profile, Comment, Bug, Etc that concerns you or that you encounter. The team will look into this! 

If no button is available for reporting via the page itself, you may submit a general report using the link above.


If you find anything that breaks our rules onsite, please do not hesitate to report. 


THIS FEATURE IS MEANT TO BE USED RESPONSIBLY. Spam, rude messages, inappropriate content, etc will be punished. 

Comments are available on profiles, certain pages, and sales! 

You can reply to a comment directly by hitting reply

You can edit a comment as well! It will show that the comment has been edited. 

To link directly to a comment, grab this link here

Comments can be featured.

User Profiles

Profile Picture/Avatar
Profile Picture

Upload a profile picture! Keep it on the smaller end, and note that there is no cropping feature, so its reccomended that you crop pictures to be square beforehand!

Profile Text
Profile Text

Edit the HTML of your profile using the <> Buttons. If using code from toyhouse, please check the creator's terms and conditions


Birthday / Email

Other Profile Info

Set your birthday viewability based on your comforts. 
Choose a theme here
Change your email address.

Themes are able to be chosen by the user!
The base CSS stays the same, but the decorator theme will update the view of the website!

Change Password
Change Password
NEVER share your password with anyone! NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF STAFF


You can link a Toyhouse and Deviantart currently. These are important for claiming characters onsite during registration
You can choose one as your primary over another, or remove them. 

Enchanted Conduit
Profile Information
Toggle Spoiler

Profiles have a variety of tabs on the side!

Owned Characters - Characters you own!
Created Designs - Any designs on the masterlist created by you.
Masterlist Art - Any art on the masterlist created by you.

Aliases - Your connected accounts
MYO Slots - Your owned MYO slots
Inventory - Your owned items
Bank - Your currency bank
Badgecase - All collected awards
Recordbook - A record of all items you have posessed over the lifetime of your account

Submissions - All event/prompt submissions
Recipe Logs - All collected crafting recipes
Ownership History - Charcter transfer history
Item Logs - Logs of item usage
Currency Logs - Logs of currency usage
Badge Logs - Logs of badge achievements



You can bookmark characters for various reasons. 
Click the bookmarks page on the character's profile.

Choose your notifications, and make a comment. This is not visible to the owner of the design.

Bookmarks should be used respectfully regardless.