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Skire.Club Rules


Ownership and Transfers
Reselling, Trading, and Vouchers
Design Approvals
Community Expectation and Behavior
Website Conduct
Disciplinary Action


Trade Cool-down

The Cool-Down Period is 2 Weeks!

Official Skire design ownership cannot be transferred during this time. A cool-down is a period of time that the official Skire design ownership cannot be transferred to anyone else. This rule was put into place to limit 'trade foddering' designs as well as give our admins time to get all ownership up to date, which in turn will help raise awareness among members in any attempts to scam them in unauthorized trades/sales. While the official Skire design is on cool-down you are not allowed to post them as "on cool-down" to look at offers to accept after the cool-down is over with or offer them to others while still on that cool-down. Offering to other users while still on cool-down, even while acknowledging the cool-down, is considered active circumvention of our rules and will result in a warning or strike.

  • Purchased/Traded an adopt that already is on the Masterlist: Cooldown will start from the date the transfer is approved onsite.
  • Are trading a MYO that you designed: Cooldown starts the day that the design is APPROVED, not the date you received the slot. You may only trade the design after approval and after two week cooldown is complete.
  • Have a MYO Slot: You cannot trade or take offers on MYO slots. You must get direct permission from Wellhidden to gift or sell your MYO slot.


As of 4/25/2020 we are NO longer allowing new co-ownerships of official Skire designs.

If you currently co-own an official Skire design we will still be honoring co-owns made before this time. We will not ask anyone to remove their co-owns.

Previous Co-Ownership rules:
  • If a co-owned Skire design is traded, both owners must agree to the trade. The new owner will receive full ownership of the design.
  • A co-owned Skire design will not be able to earn Crowns in the ARPG.
  • A co-owner is not allowed to sell or trade 'their half' of a Skire design unless it is to the other co-owner.
  • If a co-owner sells their part to the other co-owner, it can only be for whatever part they themselves paid for.  (Example: if one person paid entirely for the CCCat, the one who did not pay may not resell 'half' of the CCCat.)
  • Once locked in, a co-ownership cannot be revoked by one person. (Example: the person who paid entirely for the CCCat, once locked into a co-ownership, may not 'revoke' the CCCat from the other co-owner.)

Voiding, Locking, and Archiving

Users may request to have their official Skire design voided or locked, or it can be done automatically during specific situations. You may not request to archive your designs at this time, but it has been added for users to know the difference between the terms.

Voiding is to remove a design of its ties to the species and change it to look like something else unrelated to the species.

  • Approval must be given by Wellhidden on the final design to make sure it is not recognizable as an official Skire design in any way.
  • Upon approval the official Skire design is removed from use as a member of the species.
  • The design should not be advertised as having been a member of the species if ever traded or resold.


Locking is the personal choice to bind a design to yourself. You may request to lock your Skire designs with any admin, who will then discuss the full rules and ramifications for locking a design.


A lock is a personal decision that an owner can make to lock a design(s) to them. It should be noted that a lock will not allow you to resell, trade, or take offers on that design during the lock period. We ask that you only request a lock if you're certain that you will not want to trade the design during that time, as locks cannot be removed early. [Any attempts to get around the lock will result in the same disciplinary action as trading while on cool-down. The trade will not be honored and you will receive a warning. Any future requests to lock characters may be declined.]

Please know that locking is namely for title - we will not punish people for offering/soliciting on your locked designs [Multiple attempts to solicit or offer on "Not For Offer" designs will be handled by admin upon request of the owner]. Locking is to show users that the design is locked and unable to be transferred from your ownership, as a way to denote the design is meant to stick with you long term, and offers will not be taken to trade or sell.

  • Once an admin discusses the locking terms with you and you agree to them, a note will be added to the official Skire design’s masterlist entry and will be updated to denote that the design is now locked.
  • A design that is locked cannot be unlocked for six (6) months. During this time they cannot be traded, gifted, or resold. You cannot request a lock to be removed until the lock cooldown has ended.
  • Offering to other users while still locked, even while acknowledging the lock, is considered active circumvention of our rules and will result in a warning. Any future requests to lock your official Skire designs will be denied. 
  • After the specified unlock date the design will remain locked until you request to unlock it.
  • While your design is locked, you are still allowed to redesign them or request a void of your design.
  • Locking can be done by admin or is done automatically if a situation of chargeback occurs and ownership of the design is in limbo.


An archived design is one that is retired altogether and will not be allowed to be used by anyone, in or out of the group.

  • This is group/admin determined and is generally reserved for unsold designs, original designs of NPCs, and old designs based on copywritten themes. We will never archive an active design in ownership by someone other than the maker.

Reselling, Trading, Vouchers, and TRANSFERS

Ownership transfers are sent through user trades via the --
Request System Guide

An official Skire design that you personally purchased may be resold for the same amount you paid. This value is specified on the masterlist entry, meaning a design worth 0 dollars cannot be sold.

If the CCCat/Crook was received in a trade or as a gift you may only trade the official Skire design.

  • You may trade for art, designs, or promise to make a bid for a design that is currently available through voucher/autobuy trade.
  • If you receive a design through a Voucher, it is still considered a trade. You will not be able to resell them for cash. It's to be treated the same as if a character was given in exchange.

Once a trade or purchase is complete, send a request to the Transfer Requests Section with the ownership transfer form filled out and sufficient trade information supplied. Additional proof may be required if the transfer request is too vague.


An official Skire design that you purchased yourself can be resold for the same amount that you personally paid for it.

  • Gift art, art trades, or art done by you will not add to the resale cost of your official Skire design. You may not charge other users extra money for pre-existing art that you did not pay for. If you create an item such as a fursuit or statue for yourself, you may include the price of materials in the resale value of your design (Please see below for acceptable vouchers.)
  • If you have proof of the cost of commissions that you paid for you may add the value of the commissions to your official Skire design- approval from a mod will need to be given. Tips cannot be included in this value. If you create a physical item the cost of materials used may be added with sufficient proof.
  • You may ask for the cost of your official Skire design in the denomination that you choose. (Example: deviantART points, USD, Gift Cards, etc.)
  • Official Skire designs are initially sold in USD - whatever denomination the design is resold as will be compared to the USD value. International denominations may fluctuate with time. (Example: A $50 CCCat may be resold for 5000 Points because the exchange rate is 100 Points per $1 USD.)


If the official Skire design was received in a trade or as a gift (and have not paid for additional work after you have obtained the design) you may only trade the Skire design or give it away as a gift.

  • You may trade for art, designs, or promise to make a bid for a design that is currently available through voucher/autobuy trade.
  • Users who receive a design via a trade or gift and then later buy art or buy other types of commissions (crafts like plushes or fursuits, theme music, writing, or 3d work, etc) can include that price on the resale value of the design afterwards as long as they can prove amount and purchase of those commissions.
    (Example: If my friend gifted me a CCCat for entirely free and I buy a commissioned plush for this design after I get for $100, I can go to the CCCat admins when I am seeking to update the value of my design. I would start from 0$ monetary value on the design because I paid 0$ to receive the design, but by saying "Hello, I have a design I obtained as a gift and I bought this plush of this design for $100 and would like to update the resale value of my design for $100, I can then ask for $100 when I want to look at offers for trades or sales for my design.)
  • If you receive a design through a Voucher, it is still considered a trade. You will not be able to resell them for cash. It's to be treated the same as if a character was given in exchange.
  • User-made raffles for Skire designs owned by them are allowed, but cannot be “pay-to-enter” meaning that whoever is running the raffle cannot ask for art, money, or anything in return for an entry.



Vouchers must be approved by an admin. You may contact the group or a mod through our discord in order to get a voucher approved.

Vouchers are when you offer your official Skire design in exchange for someone purchasing a design or artwork for you. Vouchers may be referred to as an Autobuy Trade/AB Trade when referencing purchasing a design specifically.

  • A voucher is considered a trade.
  • Vouchers become invalid when the design/artwork being requested for the voucher is not obtained.
  • You, as the current owner of the Skire design, do not get the money promised in the bid. No Skire design changes hands until the other person has the character in which to trade.
  • Vouchers may only be offered for something that is readily available for purchase/a specified sale date is known.
  • You may request a voucher regardless of how you obtained the official Skire design (Sale, Resale, Trade, Gift, etc.)
  • You may ask for any monetary amount on the Voucher to gain the design that you are wanting

    (Example: You can offer to trade your $250 CCCat for a $600 adoptable, or you can offer to trade your $500 CCCat for a $250 Crook, but you can't ask for $600 to purchase an adoptable yourself unless you've spent $600 on your CCCat as that emulates a resale.)

    The person requesting the voucher should never be the one you send money to. If this is done it is considered a resale, and therefore should follow resale rules.


Acceptable Vouchers:
  • Physical custom goods/art (physical painting, fursuit goods, fashion, etc.) from a specified artist.
  • Digital art from a specified artist.
  • Adopts, MYO slots, custom designs from a specified artist that are for sale/trade upon voucher request.
  • Asking for an amount that is lower than the total amount you need for the adopt/commission/etc.


Not acceptable vouchers:
  • Vouchers where money goes directly to the person asking for it.
  • "IOU" vouchers - or vouchering for something that is not available nor is there a specified date for availability.
  • Physical goods that are not custom made (such as laptops, merchandise, pre-made items on etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Gift Cards.
  • Physical custom goods/art that are not currently available, from specific artists, or left intentionally vague.
  • Asking for an amount that is higher than the total amount you need for the adopt/commission/etc.
  • Asking for a lump sum for multiple transactions (an adopt plus art, multiple pieces of art from multiple people, etc) - Please keep all transactions separate for clarity's sake as it makes it easier to enforce and track. Voucher money cannot be sent to multiple artists for multiple transactions.
  • Vouchering for something that has already been purchased/ordered.
    (vouchering a CCCat for a custom that has already been paid for, or vouchering to pay for a portion of an unpaid fursuit that was ordered prior to the CCCat voucher, etc.)


Personal Protection when Vouchering/Trading for Art, Custom Designs, Crafted Items:
  • As the person getting art/custom items, you understand that you are taking the risk that the other party may not finish the art/custom/item to your satisfaction (whether through quality issues or failure to complete at all.)
  • If you traded your official Skire design through an art trade without a voucher we encourage that nothing is transferred until after the art is completed. If a trade is made before art is completed we may not be able to reverse the trade (especially if the other user trades them beforehand. If someone attempts to trade the design before finishing their part please notify a member of staff and we may attempt to lock the official Skire design for trading until the transaction is completed.)
  • If you traded your official Skire design through an art trade with a voucher the Skire design should be transferred immediately as the buyer has completed their part of the trade. As the person who is owed art it is your responsibility to make sure you get what you are owed from the artist, and if you do not get what was paid for it is your responsibility to work out compensation with that artist. Once the trade is made we will not be able to reverse a trade.
  • You are ultimately responsible for any and all third-party transactions when involving vouchers. If the other party does not finish their art we cannot reverse a trade.

Site Currency / Item TRADING

Skire.Club Currency and Game Item Trades and Transfers:
You may trade/transfer any item that you own that is not marked as account bound or non-transferrable. All trades require admin approval. by creating a trade you agree to these rules.
  • Transfers of Skire Club currency ("Crowns") or items to other individuals should only be done if obtaining art or something related. (Examples being: a Skire character or items able to be obtained on Skire.Club). 
  • You may trade your Crowns and Skire items for art (including art dolls, badges, plushes, and other physical work),  Skire Characters, or other Skire items. MYO Slot items cannot be traded under any circumstance. You may determine your price in crowns for items or art, and it does not have to adhere to onsite standard pricing. Art does not have to be Skire themed, but all other trades must be Skire related. Items and currency cannot be traded for non-Skire characters.
  • Individuals may not sell or purchase Crowns or Skire Club items for real-life money or currency by any means. This rule excludes characters or MYO Slot items that have resale values listed. Skire characters are not considered an item such as trait tickets, trait items, crafting items, etc. If this rule is found to be broken at any point a ban may be made on-site and in Skire community spaces.
  • Crowns and Skire Club items cannot be exchanged for real-life goods such as gift cards, games, attire, etc. by any means. Crowns however may be exchanged by users for custom handmade crafts such as character plushes, character physical artwork, etc.
  • Crowns and Skire Club items can be exchanged to others as gifts, however exploitation of multiple accounts to obtain Crowns or items is prohibited, and can result in the revoking of items obtained unfairly and a ban to the offending accounts. You may not utilize multiple accounts under any circumstance, especially to generate items via free gifts, or any other means of exploiting the ARPG System, even if these accounts belong to separate people.
  • Improper listing of a "gift" in order to circumvent any of the above rules is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban on-site and in the Skire community.
  • You are required to use the onsite Item Trades function when creating trades. Please provide sufficient proof of terms via image links, detailed lists, etc. Trades will be rejected if proof of their terms are insufficient.
  • Parties involved in trades must both approve the trade twice. Please make sure your trade partner attaches the correct items. Users are responsible for managing their trade's completion, and the Skire admin team cannot reverse trades.

Design approvals

It is advised one reads through Design Approval Guide for a full run-down on design approvals, however these rules are here to help clarify expectations and ruling on designs getting approved or redesigned.

  • Users are responsible for uploading their image and crediting the artist of the piece. If there is no credit included, the design approval will be sent back to you.
  • Users are responsible for listing the traits both under comments and under the "Traits" tab of the design approval. This will be verified by admin, and any discrepancies will be sent back for fixing.
  • Users are responsible for listing the items used to apply traits under the "Add Ons" tab. These will be consumed upon approval. 
  • Upon approval, the new image will be uploaded and traits listed automatically.
  • AI is not permitted in the process of designing a skire character under any circumstance.
  • You may not trace any users work under any circumstance, especially when submitting official art. This include's WellHidden and all other official designs. 

MYO Slot Rules

MYO Slots are considered permission to make your own official Skire design for use in the group. These undesigned slots are subject to unique rules and requirements.

myo slot rules:
  • You may commission others to create your MYO Design. They should not be posted by you or the artist before being officially approved. Posting unofficial designs will result in a strike if the design is posted before approval. Please make any artist you are commissioning aware that changes may need to be made if the design is not approved.
  • MYO Slots CANNOT be offered or offered on before they are designed, and you may not offer a MYO slot to someone in a trade. This includes offering to allow someone to design your slot to trade to that artist after cooldown.
  • Do NOT upload an unofficial MYO Design publicly before approval has been given unless it is being posted in the Discord’s Design Help channel. Work-in-progress designs must only be posted if you are looking for assistance.
  • You may not gift a MYO slot to a user in exchange for a gift from them. This is considered a trade and will result in a strike.
  • Copyrighted Themes and themes of real-life existing individuals are not allowed. Please refer to our Copywritten Themes section.
  • There is no required timeframe to complete a MYO slot. They do not expire.

MYO Slots and MYO Design Submissions

MYO Slot Approvals are sent through user the individual character's Design Updates button --
Design Update Guide

MYO Request Form:
  • ◉ Items Used:
  • - Do not forget to add these items to the Addons section of the design approval
  • ◉ Traits Used:
  • - Please ALSO list these under the traits section
  • - Do not list common traits.

Redesign submissions

Redesign approvals are sent through user the individual character's Design Updates button --
Design Update Guide

A redesign approval must be submitted when you: Change the traits, change the markings, change the colors, change the way a trait is displayed, and add traits.

  • Edits must be added to the Masterlist once approved through the request system. Unapproved designs are not to be advertised as 'potential redesigns' if a design is offered for trade/resale due to the risk of it not being accepted.
  • Do NOT upload an unofficial redesign publicly before approval has been given unless it is being posted in the Discord’s Design Help channel. Work-in-progress designs must only be posted if you are looking for assistance.
  • Please do not use a public Toyhouse, Twitter, or Deviantart post to upload unapproved redesigns. or Google Drive are great ways to upload images privately.
  • Please avoid heavy obscurity of a design through clothing/accessories. Please do not include clothing or accessories that mimic other traits in official design approvals.

Redesign Request Form:
  • ◉ Items Used:
  • - Do not forget to add these items to the Addons section of the design approval
  • ◉ Traits Changed/Added:
  • - Please ALSO list these under the traits section
  • - Do not list common traits.
  • - Do note which traits are being added by which items

Trait Changes

Traits can be swapped out for other traits that are the same rarity. For example: if you had the rare floating crownpiece trait you could swap it for the rare split tail and therefore make the crown common while changing the tail to a rare tail. 

  • Traits CANNOT be swapped if they are added using a specific trait item. If you use an item such as the Silky Brush to add Royal Fur to a CCCat, you will not be allowed to switch that trait for a different uncommon trait. You may edit the trait itself, such as changing the royal fur's length and placement, but it must remain the base trait itself cannot change.
  • Traits CAN be swapped to a different trait of the same rarity if they are added using a Trait Ticket.
  • You may downgrade a trait at a 1:1 ratio, so one rare trait can be downgraded into one uncommon. Traits cannot be upgraded

Cosmetic updates

A cosmetic update is an update that allows you to update the image of a design without changing its base design aspects.

  • Cosmetic updates/art updates do not need to be approved beforehand - you can send a design update noting that the design approval type is cosmetic.
  • Cosmetic updates do not change the design of the official Skire design but may alter something like hairstyle, or body type. You also may just update the art without changing anything about the official Skire design at all. This does not replace the original design and will be placed in the redesign slot.
  • A cosmetic update will be denied if anything about the design changes.

Old-gen CCCats and CCCat Color ranges

Due to the construction of the lore, some CCCats were made with grayscale, pastel, or out-of-range colors on their tongues and eyes. In lore this means that the CCCat is dead, dying, or revived and without a lore reasoning is considered "Old Gen." You will be allowed to keep the tongue/eye the same to keep the dead colors through subsequent redesigns (though we will ask that the eye and tongue remain similar in theme to avoid mimicking other traits, such as a change from a yellow and white striped tongue to a pure black tongue.) and give them personal lore to explain the colors.

  • "Old-Gen" traits cannot be swapped out for other traits.
  • Designs will only be granted the “Old-Gen” label if the CCCat has a dead eye or tongue and falls between 1 - 516 for official designs and 1 - 250 for MYO Designs If you have proof of a design outside of this range that was approved December 31, 2017, this is also eligible for Old-Gen if the colors fall out of range.
  • Living range of colors is considered to be any color above 43% Saturation and Value on a standard HSB Scale.
  • If your CCCat is newer than the above numbers but has a tongue or eye below living range, You may keep the colors only if the tongue or eye does not change at all in subsequent redesigns. Any changes of the tongue and eye, including but not limited to color and markings, will require colors to be brought into the living range. These designs will not be eligible for dead tongue or old-gen classification due to the timing they were created.

Copywritten and unacceptable themes

Please note these rules when creating a MYO design or a Redesign.

  • You are allowed to take inspiration from things that are protected by copyright, but we should not be able to look at the design and immediately glean the source material.
  • Designs in the past that fell under direct copyrighted design inspiration have been archived, and no official designs will be created moving forward that draw inspiration from existing copyrighted material.
  • Please do not use real-life people or online celebrity personas, likeness, or names with the intention of implying a specific real-life individual. We ask that this is not done unless it is you personifying yourself onto a design you own, as “Sona” characters are fine. Voice claims, cosplay, and merch wear is fine, but doing so with the intent to emulate a real-life person or celebrity is not. This also includes using redesigns to achieve the same effect.
  • Designs that depict a culture or belief disrespectfully will be asked to be changed. Please avoid themes that are appropriative of other cultures.
  • Designs that promote hate speech or hateful imagery of any kind will not be accepted.
  • No words are allowed to be used in a design from any language, unless it is Caster Speak, and inappropriate or profane themes should not be used.
  • AI art and writing is not permitted in the creation of Skire art/designs, and cannot be shared in Skire spaces
Alternate Forms/Porting Characters
  • You may not create a design or use a redesign to create an alternate form for an existing character. If this is found to have occurred, the design will be locked to the owner until redesigned.
  • You may not bring a preexisting design into Skire, even if the design is considered "Voided". There is no exception to this rule. 
  • Any "Canon" forms of characters (Human, Sphinx, CCCentaur forms, for example) cannot be removed from the design they were created for, and must be transferred alongside the official Skire Design when traded.

Community Expectation and behavior

Inappropriate Behavior

This section details our community expectations of behavior and conduct. Please note violating these may result in disciplinary action.

  • You must be above the age of 13 to participate in the Discord and Community.
  • Hate speech or hate imagery of any kind will not be tolerated in any capacity in the group. This includes but is not limited to: Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Ableism.
  • Do not harass users under any circumstances. This includes (but is not limited to) harassment over how many Skire designs a person has, how much people spend on Skire designs, or the fact that someone is not willing to trade/sell you a Skire design.
  • Do not note or solicit users for an official Skire design that is not up for trade or locked. This can be considered harassment and spamming.
  • Guilt-tripping is not tolerated. Any transactions taken while being guilt-tripped can be considered a contract taken while under duress and depending on the circumstances may void it altogether.
  • Themes within the group must be kept appropriate. The group and discord are both considered PG-13, and must abide by those general guidelines. The group must not be used to facilitate NSFW or sexually explicit commissions conversation, as the space contains both minors and adults and we do not require age be stated outright.
  • While this doesn't always seem like inappropriate behavior please refrain from 'mini-modding.' This includes going after Copy-CCCat/”Offbrand” creators on your own answering questions on behalf of the Skire group. Please leave all of that to the admin team, and report behavior like this immediately!
  • AI (artificial intelligence) art and writing is not permitted in the creation of Skire art/designs, and cannot be shared in Skire spaces. Any users caught using AI to earn items from prompts will have these items revoked, and action will be taken.

Discord rules

Click This Image to access the Skire Discord
  • You must be above the age of 13 to participate in the Discord and Community.
  • Please Refer to the #welcccome channel for information on roles and channels.
  • Failure to abide by these rules too many times can result in strikes, temporary bans, or permanent bans from the Discord. You will be warned and alerted if offenses are made. While the first strike is minor and may fade over time, if you are seen gathering too many in too short of a time you may be kicked from the server or banned from the group.
  • Hate speech or hate imagery of any kind will not be tolerated in any capacity in the Discord. This includes but is not limited to: Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Ableism. These will result in an immediate kick from the server.
  • Do NOT bring up the following topics/engage in the following acts: a CS/group/user that you don't like, call-out journals, guilt-trip, passive aggression, harassment in any capacity, or topics that may make other users uncomfortable. Please move on from a topic immediately when a user expresses discomfort, and please contact a mod to resolve any issue you see in the discord.
  • Keep all conversation and images PG-13. This includes explicit or implied sexual imagery/topics, violence. This rule extends to usernames, profile pictures, and statuses visible within the discord.
  • Mentions of death should be spoiled within the server. Mentions or images of death that are graphic, in-depth, or depicting people or animals are not allowed.
  • Refrain from username hoisting. This means that you are prohibited from adding certain symbols, numbers, or letters to the start of your Discord nickname in order to purposely have your nickname at the top of the user list for any reason. Breach of this rule may mean that Admin will give you a random nickname or simply remove the character taking your nickname to the top of the list.
  • Please be careful when sharing certain images. We prohibit sharing your face in the Discord to preserve the safety of our members. Please do not share images of other people unless they are celebrities or part of memes. If you do post, please blur faces.
  • We do not allow link shorteners like or tinyURL as it can be difficult to know whether shortened links are malicious or not.
  • Do not link other discord servers within the Skire Discord.
  • Do not post advertisements for users other than yourself.
  • Do not make threats of any kind. This includes passive aggression and threats that do not drop names.
  • Do not mini-mod. If you see something that is rule breaking, please grab an admin in #FAQ-anytime or ping the Admin role when situations are urgent.
  • Please do not discuss violence against people, violence against animals, suicide, abuse, or self harm in the server.
  • Gore art must be retained ONLY to the #Gore channel. Real-life gore and conversations about excessive gore/cannibalism/violence are strictly prohibited. This role can be gained in the #automated-roles channel by reacting to the specific emote.
  • Arachnids and bugs must be spoiled and warned when posting on the server.
  • If you see someone doing something you think or know goes against our rules: Tell an Admin or WellHidden about it. --> LINK NEW GENERAL PAGE. Please do not try and take on the problem on your own - we're here to do that for you or help you handle things
  • Please be aware that each channel will have specific rules included in the pins!

Skire Content Guidelines

  • The following rules apply to content within the site, group, and Discord.
  • No NSFW or sexual material is permitted. This includes depictions of nipples in any circumstance. Some extent of suggestive work may be created, but anything that implies nudity (including artistic nudity), such as lingerie or censored nudity would not be permitted. Anything that could fall under implications of sexual or erotic scenarios is not allowed under any circumstance.
  • Direct depictions of heavy violence, abuse, torture, or gore are not allowed. Minor gore and blood, or minor references to abuse/torture may be permitted, but graphic depictions of this should not be submitted to Skire prompts.
  • Self harm is not allowed.
  • Drinking and smoking may be depicted, but other drug use should be avoided, none of the aforementioned activities may be included in masterlist images.
  • Any potentially triggering content should be properly spoiled/warned, including implications of triggering content. Depending on the type of content it may not be allowed at all. 
  • Child abuse is not permitted to be shown in any graphic detail. Vague mentions in past tense are okay.
  • Slurs of any kind are not allowed in prompt art or writing, for any reason.
  • Creepy, scary, and horror oriented art is allowed.
  • If you are unsure if your work falls under these guidelines, please ask to contact a mod.
  • Any prompt entry or piece of art shared anywhere within the community that has potentially triggering content MUST be noted with a CW (Content Warning) Tag

Purchasing and creating "off brand" designs

If you purchase or create a Copy-CCCat or replication of another official skire species knowingly (the design is listed as obviously from an off brand account, off brand specific base, or listed as "Offbrand CCCat" "Knockoff CCCat" "Not-CCCat" "DDDog" "CCCreature" etc) you may be put on a hard-greylisting and will be unable to participate in any events from either group nor will you be allowed to get an official Skire design until discussion is had with you about the intent of having purchased/traded for the character.

This can be lifted and does not mean you are permanently banned without any warning, but we do not want to create a space for members who create an unsafe environment of potential art theft or rule-breaking in the community. Repeatedly doing this (especially after being warned) can result in a blacklist which can potentially be discussed for appeal but is far less likely to be removed unlike a hard-greylisting.

If a species is found to fit the bill of a Copy-CCCat/”Off brand” species, please alert a mod. The mod team is open to helping other species owners create concepts that differ from the Skire blueprint.


Scamming is taking advantage of someone for profit - whether it's designs, money, or art. This is why all trades must have the current owner listed for each official Skire design before it is transferred.

  • Please ALWAYS make sure the design you are purchasing or trading for has a legitimate masterlist entry. Please make sure to also note resale values to avoid paying money for designs that cannot be sold.
  • If you have evidence of someone scamming you/another user please note the group or contact an admin with the evidence immediately.
  • Charging back an adopt will result in the design being returned to the seller as payment has not been completed.

Depending on the severity, scamming can lead up to a full ban from the group/species.


Multi-Accounting and General Cheating/Exploitation


Multi Accounting

Multi-Accounting is strictly prohibited under any circumstance. You may not create an account for the purpose of claiming items, characters, crowns, or MYO slots to send to another account. This also includes creating multiple entries for events under multiple accounts. Any users caught multi-accounting will have items

Comments and Messaging

Comments and User-to-User messaging

Users may message one another onsite for site relevant purposes, as well as comment on pages and profiles.

  • Users should always adhere to community expectations and behaviors when using on-site comments/notes. Please refer to the Community Expectation and Behavior section for these rules.
  • User messaging and comments should be used only for the following: Trade/Sale Inquiries for characters listed as such, Sharing Skire related art (such as if you make gift art for a user) or comments, Messaging admin/guest artists regarding payment information.
  • Harassment, unwanted messages, and hurtful/offensive messages cannot be shared anywhere on site. If you experience this please submit a report.
  • Do not spam users using these features.
  • Violations of rules that are conducted or that occur while using on-site comments or DMs will be punished.

Disciplinary Action

Strikes, Temporary Bans, Watchlists, Greylists, Black-listing


Strikes are a warning given when a rule is broken. The general rule is 'three strikes' before corrective action is taken, but depending on the severity of the warning, corrective action may be taken before then.

Temporary group/Discord/species bans:

Temporary group/Discord/species bans may be given when multiple strikes are given within a short period of time for the same action. You will be told when your ban ends, or you may appeal your ban by noting the group or an admin if you were blocked by the group.

You may also be temporarily banned from participating in the species Discord based on behavior. By itself this does not ban you from participating in the group on dA unless specified otherwise, but it will result in you either being muted in the Discord or kicked until a specified time.


Watchlists are when a user is placed on heightened observation by the team. They may not be notified of being placed on this list as this just means that the user is being watched closely by admin due to concerning actions. This does not stop someone from obtaining official Skire designs or participating in events unless specifically told otherwise.

Hard greylisting

Hard-Greylisting is a term used mainly towards offbrand situations and is rarely used elsewhere. A user may also be put under a Hard-Greylisting if they are found to be endangering the community either because of monetary theft, character theft, harmful behavior (violent/aggressive/stalking), or ban-evading from other individual users. A user may not always be alerted to receiving a hard-greylisting until a situation pops up where the user is found trying to be active in the group or community, however the hard-greylist can be removed through discussion if discussion is brought up once alert is given. Reasons a user may not be informed about receiving a hard-greylisting is because: difficulty to reach out (blocked admin, off-site, uncertain on how many accounts the user is in possession of.) However we will attempt to hear out the person if they seek to contact us with a reasonable desire to lift the hard-greylisting.


Blacklisting/Bans is generally only applied under the most extreme of circumstances such as repeat offenders or have done something that we do not want in our community (such as scamming, harassment, hate speech, etc.) Black-listing is generally permanent depending on the specific circumstances. You may still try to appeal your ban by noting the group.

When a user is black-listed from the group and species under no circumstances do we revoke that user's official Skire designs. They will not be allowed to get more Skire designs in the future nor will they be allowed to participate in the group (such as advertising commissions or posting their art in the group), but they will be allowed to trade, gift, void, or resell their Skire designs (if they have resell permissions) to leave the species.

All rules are subject to change

We on the Skire team are open to hearing and discussing any issues found in our rules, be them unfair to users or potentially exploitative among the members. We thank you for your patience with future updates as we want to make sure we are clear and concise!

However, if our wording is confusing or our rules are not clear, you are more than welcome to ask for further explanation on them. Equally, we are open for discussion if something seems to be unhelpful or harmful, however please understand these rules were made with members' safety in mind and fairness of both community members both new and long-lasting, and were often made once rare situations popped up that required such a rule be clarified or put into action.

Edit Log
Edit Log

08/31/2023 - Clarification of alternate design rules + Addition of website conduct rules + Addition of Locking Terms to Locking Rules + Disallowing importing of characters entirely
10/10/2023 - Addition of alternate form rules
01/04/2024 - Additional clarification to the rules regarding adding resale value via commission to a Skire Design
01/14/2024 - Addition of item-added trait rules + Item Trading Rules + Multi-Accounting clarification
01/15/2024 - Item funneling additions

02/03/2024 - Content Guidelines Added
03/05/2024 - Tracing notice updated, Content guidelines updated