Mentor Initiation

Mentor Initiation

Category: Magic Training

[MAGIC TRAINING ◦ STANDARD PAYOUT] Train with a Mentor to begin your magic training!


Mentor Initiation

⦿ Prompt

Submit a prompt showing your Skire character training with a mentor.  How you depict their training is up to you, as long as the mentor is involved!

  • A Skire character comes with a default of 3 magic slots. More magic slots can be earned via the Ichor's Dedication Prompt. You may remove magics with the Fraying Scissors item.
  • An initiation prompt MUST be completed before a character can train at their respective Mentor.
Available MAGICS

More mentors will roll out seasonally!


Minimum Requirements -

  • Drawn -- Colored Halfbody and above, completed with a Skire character YOU own AND at least a colored halfbody of the Mentor.
  • Written -- 600 Words, completed with a Skire character YOU own about them and the Mentor training
⦿ Specifics
  • This prompt must include the relevant Mentor AND the character that will be initiating in the magic. Payout will reflect this, but the mentor will not grant magic bonuses!
  • This prompt can be submitted once per character per magic learned. One submission of this prompt is available per day.
  • Submissions apply to ONE character only, and multiple characters cannot be initiated in the same magic prompt.
  • If magic is removed from a design, this prompt must be completed again to re-initiate the magic
  • Designs with a Magic Defect are not eligible for this prompt.
  • Whicks and Creeps are not eligible for this prompt.
  • Submissions must be your own work -- No AI, collaboration, etc.
  • CANNOT be completed as gift art. You may include other characters, but your own character must be the focus.
  • All content MUST be PG-13.
  • Submissions must be submitted via link, and be viewable to admin.
  • Art may only be submitted to one prompt.
⦿ Rewards
  • STANDARD PAYOUT -- Payout Guide
  • Affiliate Status of the trained magic
⦿ Submission Form

◦ Focus Character Code: (This is masterlist code of the character that will be learning the magic)
◦ Magic Type: (Type of magic they are training in)
◦ Payout Details: (Detail what payouts you expect to receive as well as using the calculator attached to the prompt)
◦ Total Payout: (Amount of Crowns you expect to receive)
◦ Other: (Any other notes we should know!)


Reward Amount
Crowns See Payout Guide!

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per day .