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Name: Lux
Season: Summer
Abilities: Electricity Manipulation, Generation


Snarky and quick-witted, Lux is typically lost in his own sense of humor. They are quite good at entertaining themselves, leaving others clueless to whatever joke occupies Lux's mind. They are not one to explain it, feeling that humor should speak for itself, despite their sense of it being very much their own. They connect with others through their humor, their personality uniquely charming in that everything they say is often said for themselves, the entertainment of others an added bonus. Lux wants trainees to keep up with their pace, but is empathetic to those who may not mesh with this, slowing down when it becomes apparent that they are struggling to keep up. While their humor often lightens the mood when training with dangerous and unpredictable magics, Lux tends to have little patience for those who don't actively try to keep up, disliking those they see as quitters, almost to a fault. They are susceptible to making assumptions about their students, many finding they must force Lux to change their mind once it has quickly been made up. Ultimately, being social or meshing with others is something they struggle with, but they try their best to keep the mood around them light, even when the tension of electricity fills the air.

Levels & About


  • 0 -- Affiliated -- Cannot yet use Electricity magic
  • I -- Can manipulate stores of electricity, like in batteries or electronic devices.
  • II -- Static and Electric currents can be pulled from objects that house it; building it up or increasing its energy. Can also transfer electricity from one place to the next using one’s body as a conduit.
  • III -- Mastering the manipulation of raw energy, one may conjure lightning, field intense levels of electricity, and even use their own body to deliver high-voltage shocks.
  • Defect -- You Cannot Train magic any further! You have forced your body to adapt too much to Electricity, and now your form knows only that. Parts of your body are constructed purely of electric energy.
  • Nullified -- 

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