Admin Customs

Created: 10 August 2023, 00:41:31 UTC
Last updated: 21 April 2024, 23:02:36 UTC


Admin can take paid customs! Please contact the artist you would be interested in commissioning for a quote!


Prices may vary based on complexity, traits, and amount of art, and time!
Admin Customs start at $300 USD minimum
  • Please do not shop around to multiple admin for the same custom, as we want to make sure our members do not try to take advantage of any difference in pricing, and avoid issues arising if multiple artists plan to take the same custom.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to gauge interest of an artist for your custom WITHOUT a quote, you may approach for an interest check. this will NOT come with a price, and can help customers and artists alike gauge interest in a custom before committing when a price is given.
  • We ask this out of respect for each artist, and so that no one admin is fighting for the same custom or losing out on a custom that they expected to take, even if in the future. It is more than okay to decline a custom from an admin if you do not wish to wait, cannot afford the price, or for any other extenuating reason.
  • MYOs and trait tickets cannot be used to discount customs from admin or wellhidden. 
  • Streaming may be available upon request.
  • Notes -- Some Admin may refer to an alternate ladder when determining traits. The options on the side are not the only ones, and more traits can be added/subtracted. Admin will discuss specifics with you in the quoting process!


Contact: Discord WellHidden

Custom Status: Open for Customs

Open for quotes and customs, payment plans or immediate customs! Available for any species customs, splices included.


Contact: Bbeest @ Discord

Custom Status: Women Want Me Fish Fear Me Men Turn Their Eyes Away From Me As I Walk No Beast Dares Make A Sound In My Presence I Am Alone On This Barren Earth. (Quotes Are Open)

Open for Quotes (quote does not guarantee a slot). May accept depending on traits/time frame. Not a fast artist, expect 2-3 week turnaround

Ok with moodboards/written descriptions,  can work with already existing concepts (no copyrighted material, your concept not someone elses). I'm not good with very complex patterns and don't have a streaming set up but will give lots of WIPS via discord DMs. Would prefer a rough concept design/personalized base is OK'd by user before payment.


Contact: Zukuro @ Discord

Custom Status: Open

May accept slots depending on traits and complexity. (Getting a quote does not guarantee a slot!)  

I am generally very flexible and accept payment plans and occasionally accept trades to reduce cost, just send me a message to discuss! I will work from scratch, with detailed descriptions/mood boards and you may provide concepts/sketches and palettes if there's something specific you want but I will NOT use existing designs/other users characters as reference or color pick existing characters! I have a wonky schedule these days so please let me know if you want me to stream the custom and we can schedule a time!


Contact: sweeeee @ Discord

Custom Status: CLOSED

Prices Below (Complexity fee may apply)/Full Range Available


Contact: spockirkcoy @ Discord

Custom Status: Open!

Quote does not guarantee slot. Available for any species customs! payment plans or immediate customs accepted.


Contact: Nicefrog @ Discord

Custom Status: Open

Open for Quotes // Accepting Case by Case. Pinglist available if you have a quote, though slots are not guaranteed.

Preferential to concepting myself, will not do exact color picks or copy an already-made design. Willing to make any changes throughout the concepting process! Streaming (Private and Public) are available through customs.


Contact: Vyrron @ Discord

Custom Status: Open

Open for quotes but slots are not guaranteed. 

Will provide a sheet for you to fill out (once slot is confirmed) with theme information for ideas. will not take colors directly from other designs or pallets. custom colors only. will not take direct inspiration from any pre-existing designs or concepts from outside users.
comes with standard concept, fullbody, and optional mouth view if pose lacks it