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Season: Fall
Abilities: Rock/Stone/Crystal Manipulation, Generation


About Birathan

Bira is quite the studious individual who is hard to notice at first glance among crowds. He makes a great deal of effort to build up others, strengthening their foundation and settling their mind. He can often get lost in the background with how often he puts others ahead of him, but make no mistake this character is not one to underestimate. Bira has great power that is only ever really shown when it's most needed - not even his apprentices often see the full extent of what he can do. He’s not great at speaking with others, but he has an incredibly soft heart when it comes to learning of the struggles and issues one may be dealing with. Even though he may not communicate well, his efforts to help others always leave lasting impressions in the hearts of those around him. If you need a trusted friend, Bira is the one people go to.
Birathan’s main teaching method is to observe, study, and focus on building up what his apprentices do rather than imposing his own way of casting magic onto others. He prefers to let the individuals he is teaching figure things out through their preferred methods and extend his lessons based on that.

Levels & About

Often the appeal of Earth magic is its offer of stability and constancy, but in reality it is always shifting gradually over time. Earth mages are a testament to this; the persistence of change even in the slightest. What may be to some a small action with no effect leads to massive alterations down the line. Even if we do not live to see it, it will still be so.

Masters of Earth magic may seek to harness this gradual change; seeing much potential in the smallest of actions. It is the responsibility of one learning Earth magic to also understand that if not given the time to change at its own pace, built up power can become explosive and uncontrollable. Thus, a balance must be derived. What is enough, what is too little or too much? Earth magic users are often acknowledged as philosophers with keen foresight. They do not seek to stop what changes, they would rather change with it. Despite this deep understanding of change, Earth users can often be stubborn or unyielding once they’ve put their mind to something.

  • 0 -- Affiliated -- Cannot yet use earth magic
  • I -- Using the existing earth, shapes can be formed on ground, like mounds, drawings, or shallow pits.
  • II -- Gathering more materials, stronger, more compact forms can be erected. Loose earth may be formed into dense rock, or vice versa.
  • III -- The manipulation of the ground can cause larger natural phenomena, like tremors and fissures, displacement of earth from the ground for use as structure, barricade, or physical attack.
  • Defect -- You Cannot Train this magic any further! You have forced your body to adapt too much to Earth, and now your form knows only that. Parts of your body are constructed purely of Earth. 
  • Nullified -- 
EARTH is a required element for:

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