[Side-Quest]🔥Wisp Collection

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🔥Wisp Collection🔥


You hear something shatter... Oh no! Wisps are escaping... Can you gather them all?

Happy Friday the 13th.. Can you find all the prizes of the scavenger hunt? Follow the wisp above for your first hint!

Help Suteo the Whick collect wisps! Gain some fun prizes for your efforts!

This portion of the event is separate from the Wisps and Whispers art prompt! You can still gain raffle tickets from the art prompts for use in these raffles!

Collecting Wisps - 

Collect Wisps to enter these raffles!
⦿ Where to Obtain Wisps and Wisp Lanterns:

  • Complete the Wisps and Whispers art prompts (1 Lantern can be earned per prompt)
  • Complete the Costume Contest (1 Lantern can be earned per week for a unique submission to this prompt)
  • Lantern Event Shop (1 Lantern can be claimed for the duration of the event, and 1 Wisp can be claimed weekly.)
  •  More will be revealed through the course of the event... Stay tuned!  Or poke around a little bit and you may find something good...

How to use wisps and lanterns

Wisp Lanterns

Lanterns drop 1-7 wisps at equal drop rates, 10 if you're lucky! These wisps can be used for entries into the different pools detailed below. To use a lantern, open it in your inventory! Your Inventory will then be granted a number of wisps. 


To use the wisps, open them in your inventory and select which raffle you would like to enter. You may open them one at a time to enter multiple different raffles! It will automatically grant you a ticket. To view your entry, check the item itself for all of the raffles!

Using Wisps
Using Wisps
    • Go to your inventory --
    • Click on the wisp!
    • Be sure to check the box, and watch the quantity! You can select them one at a time to enter different raffles.
    • Select your desired raffle prize
    • Press Open!
    • You will be automatically entered!


These prizes will be denoted by the [Wisp Collection] Tag at the beginning of their names!
Click each prize to view masterlist entries or design examples!

Be Your Own Moon

Designer - Frog ⦿ Lineart - WellHidden



Designer/Artist - Frog4502_7mkjjy8YqU.png


x2 Touched MYOs (1T 1M 2R 2UC)

⦿ x2 Myth MYOs (1M 2R 2UC)

⦿ x10 Standard Event MYOs



x2 Touched Tickets ⦿ x3 Myth Tickets


Check out our Wisps and Whispers event! There are more ways to earn raffle tickets, and as well we have Myth trait items earnable for prompt completion, as well as a Splice design for raffle! 


Prompt 1 - Prepare for the long night

Set up decoration for the Long Night!


Prompt 2 - Unexpected visitors

Obtain your lantern! Craft, purchase, or discover what lantern you plan to use to help Suteo the Whick!

Prompt 3 - search and gather

Help gather some stray wisps using a Whick’s lantern!


Prompt 4 - Relax and celebrate

Job well done! Celebrate the Long Night after having spent so much time hunting down those wisps!




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