[🔥Extra] Costume Celebration

[🔥Extra] Costume Celebration

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Draw or Write a Skire Character all dressed up in their costumes!


🔥Costume Celebration🔥

This prompt can be completed once PER WEEK

Extra Prompt - Costumes!

Costumes were introduced into the mix of tradition when many would find wisps attracted to the life of others. It was believed costumes would help deter any wisps from gathering or “targeting” any sole individual and following them. While not really the case, many still believe this and thus use costumes to traverse the dark in peace and pretend to be someone they aren't, setting up candles and many other decorations to help. Sometimes these are used to play pranks or scare others, as many find it an enjoyable time to pretend!

Prompt Outlines

Dress up in costume!

The Long Night often culminates in a celebration, and costumes are an important part of that. 

Draw or write about an Official Skire Character (Yours, someone else's) dressing up for the Long Night! NPCs are not available for this prompt.

Please check if the character is AVAILABLE or ASK FIRST. Please always make sure to ask if it is not clear!

  • Does your character create their own costume?
  • Do they believe in the superstition around wisps and costumes?
  • Does your character play tricks and celebrate, or prefer the more practical use of costumes?
  • You do not need to have completed the other prompts to participate in this prompt!
  • 350 Words are required for this prompt if writing.
  • A full-body piece is required for this prompt if drawing! No background is required.


This prompt resets Sunday nights at 11:59:59 UTC


Refer to the Prompt Overview for more detailed information.

  • Writing - 350 Words
  • Drawing - Fullbody (No background Required)

You do NOT need to use the pre-filled form for this prompt.

You can submit to this prompt once PER WEEK.

  • Bonus Prompt - Costume Contest - Submittable for 1 Wisp Lantern Weekly. You do not need to have completed any of the above prompts to enter this one!

This prompt is submittable once per week for one Wisp Lantern, which will grant a randomized number of wisps to be used in the Wisp Collection Raffles.



Reward Amount
Wisp Lantern 1


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