[🔥Part 3] Search and Gather

[🔥Part 3] Search and Gather

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Ends: 30 November 2023, 23:59:59 UTC (3 months ago)
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Help gather the wisps and bring them back to safety...



Part 3 - Search and Gather

Help gather some stray wisps using a Whick’s lantern!

With a lantern now in hand, get out there and try and gather up as many wisps as you can! Sure it can be scary - but it can also be a lot of fun! Maybe you can challenge Suteo to see who can collect the most wisps…

  • Wisps are colorless and white! You’ll want to draw your lantern in some manner here as well. Collecting just needs to be shown tracking a wisp or guiding/capturing a wisp into a lantern in some manner.


Prompt Outlines

Search and Gather

Prompt 3 - 

This prompt must be completed THIRD

Catch wisps! Suteo needs help gathering as many as possible. 

Draw or write about an Official Skire Character (Yours, someone else's, or an NPC) doing catching and gathering wisps.

  • Is your character patient and methodical, or do they prefer a more headstrong wisp-catching technique?
  • Do they make a competition or game of gathering wisps?
  • Does your character enjoy wisp gathering or do they view the wisps as a nuisance?

Please check if the character is AVAILABLE or ASK FIRST. Please always make sure to ask if it is not clear!



Refer to the Prompt Overview for more detailed information.

  • Writing - 600 Words
  • Drawing - Halfbody with a Legible Background

You can submit to this prompt once.

  • Prompt 3 - Search and Gather - Submittable once for 1 entry to your chosen pool (+1 entry for Non-Owners to the N/O MYO Slot Pool)
  • You will also receive one  Wisp Lantern and Wisp for completing the third prompt.

Wisp Lantern

Lanterns drop 1-7 wisps at equal drop rates, 10 if you're lucky! These wisps can be used for entries into the different pools detailed below. To use a lantern, open it in your inventory! Your Inventory will then be granted a number of wisps. 

Please note that this event will be the first one submittable directly onsite! Please use the following form to assure your submission is able to be processed quickly!

  • Prompt Number: (1/2/3/4)
  • Ownership Status: (Non Owner/Owner)
  • Prize Pool Choice: (Premade/MYOs/Trait Tickets)
  • Prompt Prize: (List your choice of prize for your final prompt)



Reward Amount
Wisp Lantern 1
Wisps 1


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