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Welcome everyone! Its been a lot of hard work from the team since this new website's conception to get this up and going, but we are ready for our first wave of ARPG testing! Please check out the guide below for what is currently available to complete!

Hello and thank you guys endlessly for the kind words, excitement, and of course patience with us as we got to work with the ARPG!

We are so excited to be able to unveil the start of what we hope to be multiple parts of the release for the ARPG and features for the site!
There’s a lot of details below about what is coming in this first part later in this announcement and what we hope to be working on next, along with some other small things. It’s really exciting, and I'm so thankful to the team and members who helped contribute everything they have to make this a reality!

As a reminder, this is going to be the first part of the ARPG so it is quite limited compared to what we hope will be the full picture later as we progress. Consider it like the first true beta test round for the ARPG I think! However, as previously mentioned, there aren’t any plans to remove progress or wipe any progress during this unless there is a potential bug or site feature that breaks and does something completely unintended, but that is unlikely. Knocking on wood of course omg…

BUT for now, I just want to give everyone who helped out as well as all the people who have been excited for everything my utmost appreciation and gratitude. There’s a lot that has changed since the initial concept of the ARPG, but I’m really excited for what is becoming real and the plans we have and options available to us as we go forward. It’s a new experience for me overall, and I’ve been having a fun time learning and I aim to keep doing so as we continue onward with more! Slowly but surely, the site and ARPG as a whole has been expanding with lots of new things and possibilities, and I cannot wait to see where things go!
            - WellHidden

PLEASE NOTE: These values are subject to change, as are prompts! Feedback is welcome and appreciated. 

Earning Crowns

Crowns are currently earnable via prompts! We plan to roll out more prompts with consistency, and have more planned for release soon!

Available Prompts

Type: Weekly Prompt
Description: Submit sketches and short drabbles for a bit of extra coin!
Payout: Flat
This prompt will become a daily prompt eventually!
Type: Weekly Prompt
Description: Create gift art or writing for another user's Skire character!
Payout: Flat
This prompt has a bonus RAFFLE and WEEKLY GIFT Available until february 29th.
Type: Weekly Prompt
Description: Draw or write your character in an alternate form!
Payout: Standard
Type: Monthly Prompt
Description: Respond to Scoop's monthly column question!
Payout: Standard
This prompt has a bonus ARPG BADGE and Available until february 29th.

More TBD!

We aim to roll more mainstay prompts with time, and are in active development of more! Payout values are also subject to change. If you participated in the alpha you may have noticed that they have changed a lot! The team believed that this system was more complex than necessary, and wanted to start smaller, so that numbers felt like they had more weight to them when earned, and adding up payout values could be made easier to undertsand.

Payout guide

All prompts listed as "Standard Payout" Will have a calculator attatched that will help you calculate payour rewards. These payouts have a chance of changing over time! With this first release, we aim to test how they go!

Crown Art - spockirkcoy

Spending Crowns

Purchase trait tickets and MYO slots here with your Crowns!
MYO Slots will be limited to one every 3 months per user. Items will cycle out!

Magic Training

Type: Training
Description: Spend Crowns to learn magics!
Available Magics: Fire, Water, Earth, Air
More to come! Next plans are for Boosted Basics (Smoke, Ice, Ether, Metal) 
Type: Character Limited
Description: To start training with a mentor, complete this prompt!
Payout: Standard
Type: Character Limited
Description: Train to add more magic slots to your character above the base 3!
Payout: Standard + Indelible Ink Item

About Magic


You must complete the Mentor Initiation Prompt to train in a new magic.

Each Mentor costs a set amount of crowns to train with. This will roll on the design's training table, and the odds of each level's rolls are listed on the mentor's page. Rolling a success gets harder with each level, and the chance of rolling a defect will rise. for every 3 fails, you will roll an automatic success.

Magics have specific bonuses when you depict your character using them in prompts during their respective seasons. 


December 01st - Februray 29th
March 01st - May 31st
June 01 - August 31
September 01 - November 30
  Water Air Fire Earth
  Ice Ether Smoke Metal
  Steam Storm Magma Sludge
  Death Nature Electricity Blood
  Shadow Life Light Necromancy
  Time Mind Space Reality

Magic Bonuses


Bonus Type
These apply currently to all magics. Differences in levels and magic types will be expanded over time.
Affiliated --
1 1 crown
2 2 crowns
3 3 crowns
4 --
5 --
Defect (NOT SEASONAL) 3 crowns

Magic Bonus Rules

  • Magic Bonuses are SEASONAL, meaning they will only recieve these bonuses within their respective season. 
  • Magic Bonuses do not apply when creating gift art, and only count when using your own character.
  • Magic Bonuses require the magic to be shown in active use.
  • NPCs/Mentors with magic do not grant this bonus.
  • Defect Bonus is able to be used ALL YEAR

Available Mentors

Mentors are available to train at any time after completing the Mentor Initiation Prompt. It costs crowns to train alongisde a mentor each time. More magics will roll out with time!

Mentor Art - Frog // Zukuro // Sweet-n-treat // Lovestruck


Defects are when magic overtakes part of a character's body.  They have a chance of being rolled each time you roll with a mentor. If you recieve one of these items, they will be bound to the character you are rolling for. They may be turned in for 2 levels of their respective magic if you do not wish to have a defect on your character. 

Defect Items - Frog // Zukuro // Frog // vorthr
Magic and Magic defects can be removed via these items --

Please read the item descriptions! Magic cannot be re-added after being removed unless you re-affiliate and re-train

Magic Item Art - Sweet-n-treat

OTHER UPDATES and what comes next


You may trade/transfer any item that you own that is not marked as account bound. All trades require admin approval
Item Trades:
  • Transfers of Skire Club currency ("Crowns") or items to other individuals should only be done if obtaining art or something Skire.club related. (Examples being: a Skire character or items able to be obtained on Skire.Club). 
  • You may trade your Crowns and Skire items for art (including art dolls, badges, plushes, and other physical work),  Skire Characters, or other Skire items. MYO Slot items cannot be traded under any circumstance. You may determine your price in crowns for items or art, and it does not have to adhere to onsite standard pricing. Art does not have to be Skire themed, but all other trades must be Skire related. Items and currency cannot be traded for non-Skire characters.
  • Individuals may not sell or purchase Crowns or Skire Club items for real-life money or currency by any means. This rule excludes characters or MYO Slot items that have resale values listed. Skire characters are not considered an item such as trait tickets, trait items, crafting items, etc. If this rule is found to be broken at any point a ban may be made on-site and in Skire community spaces.
  • Crowns and Skire Club items cannot be exchanged for real-life goods such as gift cards, games, attire, etc. by any means. Crowns however may be exchanged by users for custom handmade crafts such as character plushes, character physical artwork, etc.
  • Crowns and Skire Club items can be exchanged to others as gifts, however exploitation of multiple accounts to obtain Crowns or items is prohibited, and can result in the revoking of items obtained unfairly and a ban to the offending accounts. You may not utilize multiple accounts under any circumstance, especially to generate items via free gifts, or any other means of exploiting the ARPG System.
  • Improper listing of a "gift" in order to circumvent any of the above rules is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban on-site and in the Skire community.
  • You are required to use the onsite Item Trades function when creating trades. Please provide sufficient proof of terms via image links, detailed lists, etc. Trades will be rejected if proof of their terms are insufficient.
  • Parties involved in trades must both approve the trade twice. Please make sure your trade partner attaches the correct items. Users are responsible for managing their trade's completion, and the Skire admin team cannot reverse trades.
  • You may offer commissions for crowns/items at your own preferred pricing. You may also gift items or crowns, but must specify this when trading. 
  • If we are made aware of multi-accounting, any items transferred will be removed from the account, and all accounts involved are at risk of a ban. Multi-Accounting is against the rules and the spirit of the ARPG. BY CREATING TRADES YOU AGREE TO THESE RULES.



spockirkcoy has been working hard on Lore pages! We have a few lore pages up, please take a look around! 


New Item showcase

Indelible Ink

Obtained: Ichor's Dedication Prompt
Use: Add an extra magic slot to your character, for a maximum of 6 total slots.
Art: WellHidden
Starter Pack

Obtained:Free Gifts Shop
Use: Open for 30 Crowns and an Uncommon Trait Ticket
Art: Frog
Coveted Coin Pouch

Obtained:Spirit Of Gifting Prompt
Use: Earned once weekly from the above prompt. Open for a little extra gift!
Art: Frog

What comes next?

  • More Mentors -- We want to further expand the mentors! Next wave of mentorship will see the Boosted Basic mentors (Metal, Ether,
    Ice, and Smoke.
  • Magic Bonuses -- Expanded perks for magic! Magic levels and Magic Defect will grant expanded special perks when used in prompts.
    Currently values are in progress for these! We are testing out a basic version of the system while this is in progress to keep it balanced
    as we expand on the Mentors!
  • More Prompts -- More prompts will be rolled out that are mainstay, and able to be completed any time to earn crowns (via monthly and
    weekly prompts). Monthly prompts will also continue to roll out! We also want to create questing prompts that earn unique traits or
    items, similar to Ichor's Dedication!
  • More Trait Items -- As always we want to continue bringing unique trait items out for users!
  • Crafting -- Some of you may remember original crafting items from the first wave of ARPG Testing! we want to bring these to you with
    further ways to get trait items and tickets, as well as other fun new mechanics!
  • Fishing/Scavenging/Gathering -- Gathering prompts and mechanics will be made available as a way for users to get items for crafting! It will come with multiple mechanics, including the ability to "hire" help with your crowns!


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