[EVENT]🎁July Gift Event

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  • Create gift art for someone else!
  • This prompt is [STANDARD PAYOUT]
  • Please review the prompt itself for information on the prizes!
  • You may include your own characters in the piece, but the focus character must be someone else's. This means that someone else's character must be the most prominent character in the scene, and any owned characters may be equal to or less prominent than the gifted character. Including your own character will not grant the gift bonus.

  • Artfight occurs during the month of July, coinciding with this event! Please refer to the following rules regarding submission to both the Skire ARPG and Artfight
  • Per Artfight's rules, all art submitted to Artfight must be originally intended for artfight.
  • If your art created for artfight coincides with the requirements any of the following prompts, you may submit them to earn crowns as well.
  • This does not apply to any other prompts to respect Artfight's rules!
Event conclusion

  • The previous Over, Under, and Through event has concluded!
  • You must open your RAFFLE TICKETS by July 8th @ 23:59:59 PM. At this time the box will be disabled and unable to be opened, and the raffle ticket will be removed from your inventory for use in future events. There are no exceptions for this rule. if you are a non-owner, please double check your Non Owner Raffle Entries
  • You may still gain your completion badge by completing the Finding Home Event Prompt next month (July) if you were unable to this month or May. Remember to redeem it via CRAFTING

UserGuides_ExclaimationPointSmall.png IMPORTANT UPDATES SEE BELOW



  • Our first wave of Merged Mentors has been rolled out! Please welcome Ryalt and Lux, our Magma and Electricity Mentors respectively.  They will be available for training until August 31st!
  • Ice, Metal, and Ether mentors will be leaving for the season! You'll see them soon in their respective seasons, cycling in and out! Iorel will be sticking around a little while longer though!

  • The General Store has updated!
  • The Skire Scoop has been updated: Where would your ideal vacation be?
  • Work on the MYO Questline is trucking along! We have had the work of a couple amazing guest artists to help create some really cool art! We are very excited to get this out to you!
  • Crafting is also being developed behind the scenes! We have a lot of things in store...
  • Our wonderful Pasta will be adding a few more Lorekeeper extensions in preperation for future impliments! 


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