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🎉Welcome all!🎉

Hello and welcome to the new Skire.Club everyone!! We're so excited to be able to finally show the project that has been the product of so many wonderful people offering their help, assistance, and general knowledge to guide and explore ways to make this site fun and enjoyable! 
The transition to a new site is understandably something that may be a little difficult but we're hoping that an abundance of guides made by Frog will help the experience be a bit easier to adjust. 
We're hoping that there will be many more updates to come thanks to the new site that will allow further development in many realms as well, and we'll be keeping you guys updated with those likely in our Discord! Otherwise there is a good list of things to expect to see coming next up with the site within this announcement as well as some additional notes for claiming items, any characters we couldn't find ownership for,  and more!

If you ever need more help figuring out anything about the site be sure to check out Help > Site Features for general guides from the nav bar. We have some fun themes currently available that you can set via your AccountName > Settings and check out Theme! Be sure to only change the decorator as that will be the primary way to adjust themes yes yes <3 We'll be working on more as time goes on to help with user preference and some general accessibility but the bundle we have right now are some created by Pasta for quick variety! (I love the themes v much)
OH YES If you notice any bugs, missing pages (besides the comingsoon pages), or any errors please be sure to send in a bug report via Help > Report Bug or mention it in #Site-Talk in the Discord! Screenshots will help if you have them as well.

Overall I would like to give my upmost level of gratitude to the people who have helped make this a possibility and to the wonderful community who not only allowed us this downtime to work on this with nothing but support and encouragement, but to have offered your enthusiasm, excitement, and kindness to everyone involved. The amount of people who had extended their experience, knowledge, or general presence to lend hands however could be useful. You guys are such a wonderful community and I am forever thankful for every bit of kindness you have offered me and others as we worked on this and continue to aim for more!! Thank you all so genuinely much for sharing such love and kindness to me and everyone around you. ;_; You have all blown us away with your kind words and support and I can only hope that you guys will have a lot of fun moving forward with this wonderful thing we all worked on and will continue working on!

We appreciate the patience and the absolutely incredible support that you all have given us while the site has been in a bit of a scramble.  Please freely make an account! Usernames can be whatever you would like (please no explicit or offensive language!), so long as you are able to log into DeviantArt or Toyhouse to connect an alias.  <3

The biggest thank you to everyone who worked around the clock to get Skire.club looking and working AMAZING!

Hjeojeo - Helped get the site up and running
Pasta - Coding help, multiple themes, and information grabs from the website
Twin - Site grab, masterlist uploads, trait sweeping, ownership sweeping, design name uploads
Sweet-n-treat - Site grab, trait grabbing, community assistance, redesign approvals, trait images
spockirkcoy - Site grab, masterlist uploads, ownership sweeping
AviatorCid - Masterlist uploads, ownership sweeping, trait sweeping, ARPG dev, QA Testing
Astramyths - Ownership sweeping
Frog - Site grab, masterlist uploads, ownership sweeping, trait uploads, user guides, item uploads, general site setup
Zukuro - ARPG dev, Discord moderation, QA Testing
Vyrron - Discord moderation, QA Testing
Tori-Chibi - Site Grab
WellHidden - Web stuff

Road Map and What's Currently Open

✳️ Masterlist --> ACTIVE

All species masterlists can be found here. Please take a peek at the sorting and searching available! Magic, Traits, Design Names, Original Designs, etc are all up and running!

You may also notice a MYO Masterlist! These are where all future MYOs will be placed! MYO Approvals will automatically sort them to the correct masterlist as well! 

We are currently testing an ARPG MYO choice box item, which we will be raffling off here! Four winners will receive an ALL COMMON ARPG choice box to choose their desired species! 
The raffle will be open until NOVEMBER 01, 2023 at 11:59:59 UTC


Claim your raffle ticket at the Free Gifts Shop!

Take a peek at our new ARPG MYO Art! There are also Paid slots and Event-Won slots!

✳️ Current Prompt --> ACTIVE

Click below to access the prompt as it is! This prompt will still be submitted the old way, but we wanted to have it up onsite to allow easy browsing! Future events will utilize the full prompt system!

Check out our new NPCs page too!

✳️ Character/Ownership Transfers --> ACTIVE

[[Request System Guide]]

✳️ Design Approvals --> ACTIVE

[[Design Approval Guide]]

✳️ User Guides --> ACTIVE

Please click the respective links to access the user guides to navigating the site! The following three can be navigated to and from!
🔆Request System Guide --> A guide to the different requests submittable onsite, and how to submit them! The ones not yet open will have their guides created later when they are relevant.

🔆Site Features Guide --> A guide to the interesting things you can do onsite! Things like notifications, character profiles, user profiles, and more!

🔆Design Approval Guide --> This includes our newer and updated design approval guide with instructions on how to use the new design and MYO approval system!

✳️ Trait Pages --> ACTIVE

Trait sheets are available for all species here! Species can be navigated with the buttons up top! This is the Legacy trait page, meaning it resembles the old setup. We have a setup in progress by Pasta as well for a visual list using Sweet-n-treat's awesome visuals!

✳️ Rules --> ACTIVE

Rules are available and active! Please also take a look at our

🟨ARPG Values --> WIP

ARPG Values are in progress! We have new numbers in discussion that will make prompt submission requirements lowered for prompts that earn crowns, and help make it easier for admin to approve by reducing complexities.

🟨ARPG Shops --> WIP

ARPG Shops are in progress, dependent on the ability to earn crowns! 
In the meantime, please claim a free welcome gift at the gift shop here! 
The free gift claim will be available until NOVEMBER 01, 2023 at 11:59:59 UTC

🟨Mainstay Prompts --> WIP

Mainstay Prompts are in progress. These will be prompts that will run all the time, with restrictions like submissions being weekly. These can earn crowns which can then be purchasable for MYOs!

🟨New staff hires --> WIP

We are currently readjusting AP values, admin compensation, and scheduling MYO sales to go towards admin support. A news announcement onsite will detail when we are searching for new admin, and applications will be posted then with details on how changes have been made on the backend. 

🟨Crafting --> WIP

Planned ARPG Activity

🟨mentorship --> WIP

Magic mentorships are in progress, as is assigning magic to the masterlist. This will be done using the status effect Lorekeeper extension!

🟨Lore/Memories --> WIP

Lore upload and Event Memories are currently a WIP! We have the data for these but wanted to prioritize site opening before relisting these pages! the lore rewrite is also in progress. 

Ownership and claiming inventory

You should be able to claim your ownership of any designs by verifying your Deviantart or Toyhouse. Please go to https://skire.club/user/USERNAMEHERE/aliases to connect one or both aliases! Don't forget to replace your username in the part of the link that says USERNAMEHERE or go directly to your profile settings > aliases !

If you can claim ownership BY linking aliases, you do NOT need to submit an ownership claim.

If you notice a design or MYO slot under ownership of the Admin account that should belong to you, please submit a claim! This means we could not find and verify an account for you on DeviantArt or Toyhouse.

Step 01

Detail what you are claiming using the form below, and please open the spoiler boxes if you are claiming Characters and Inventories!

URL and Comments

Copy the form below and paste it into your claim:

◉ Old Skire.Club Username:
◉ Discord or best contact information (In case we need further verification of an identity)
◉ Characters you are claiming: (Please list this even if you attach it so we can make sure you've added the correct character to your claim)
◉ Items you are claiming: (Please list this even if you attach it so we can make sure you've added the correct item to your claim)
◉ Links to proof of ownership: (Please detail what link is for what character if multiple)

Claiming A Design or MYO slot

Please Submit a claim to the admin team. 
In the URL section, include: A link to your ownership proof for each character you attach. This can be a link to your Toyhouse, a link to a screenshot showing you sharing the character, or logging into a website with a name associated to your skire.club username. 

In the Characters section: Grab the Character Code (Example: OFFICIAL-NAUTIPOD-012 ) and paste it into the section that requests character code.

Character Code Examples
Character Code Examples

Claiming Characters

Claiming Inventories

Claiming Your Inventory

Please Submit a claim to the admin team. This can be done in the same claim as a design ownership claim.
Please attach the items you believe you had! We have the information to corroborate this and add the type of item you had, and how many of that item you had! If you can't remember, that's okay, and just let us know your old Skire.Club username. 

Adding Items to a claim



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