❄️Winter Gift Event

❄️Winter Gift Event

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Ends: 10 January 2024, 00:00:00 UTC (1 month ago)
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Draw or Write about someone’s Skire Character as a gift!


❄️Winter Gift Event❄️

This prompt can be completed once!

Prompt Outline
Submission Guidelines

Gift Prompt !

As the days grow colder, it can be nice to warm someone up you know or don't know with a gift! This prompt, we’ll focus on giving back to each other, and spreading joy to those we care about or to those we want to surprise! There’s never a bad time to give, and maybe you’ll get something good in return!

Prompt Outline

Draw someone's Skire Character!

There's no specific theme you have to follow, just have fun!

Draw or write about an Official Skire Character (Someone else's) as a gift! NPCs are not available for this prompt.

Please check if the character is AVAILABLE or ASK FIRST. Please always make sure to ask if it is not clear!

  • This is a one time entry prompt!
  • 500 Words are required for this prompt if writing.
  • There are multiple options for the art requirements to the prompt this time! One of the following must be submitted to fulfill the art requirements: 1 full-body piece, 2 half-bodies, or 3 headshots! No background is required, and they must be full color.
  • If you are choosing to draw 2 half-bodies or 3 headshots, you can either draw the same Skire for all of them or make them different!


All prizes will be rolled in order listed below, and from higher to lower rarity.


Click to see its masterlist image!


MYO Slots

  • 4 Free-For-All Standard Event MYO (1 Rare, 3 Uncommon)
  • 3 Non-Owner Standard Event MYOs (1 Rare, 3 Uncommon)
If the Free-For-All Pool reaches 30 entries, we will increase the prizes to 5 FFA MYO slots.
If the Non-Owner Pool reaches 20 entries, we will increase the prizes to 4 NO MYO slots.

Following the original pool goals, every additional 30 entries in FFA and 10 entries in NO will add another MYO slot to its corresponding pool.

Trait Tickets

Enter for a Trait Ticket that can be applied to any official Skire design in your possession. This pool will begin with 3 Uncommon 2 Rare and 1 Myth trait tickets. For each 30 Entries, another x1 of each type will be added to the pool

Uncommon Trait Ticket

Rare Trait Ticket

Myth Trait Ticket

Trait items

For completing this prompt, you will receive ONE of the three options depending on your choice.

Fluffy Scarf

Applies the following trait to one design.

Colorful cookies

Applies the following trait to one design.

Beached Ornament

Applies the following trait to one design.

You will also receive a completion badge!


  • Writing - 500 Words
  • Drawing -1 Fullbody, 2 Halfbodies, or 3 Headshots (No background Required)

Please make sure to use the form in the submission comments to choose what item you would like and what prize pool you would like to be entered into!

You can submit to this prompt ONCE. If you are choosing an option that features multiple characters/gifts, please submit them all in one image.

  • Gift Prompt - Submittable once for 1 entry into your chosen pool (+1 entry for Non-Owners into the NO MYO Pool) as well as one of 3 trait items:

THIS PROMPT ALLOWS YOUR CHOICE OF PRIZE! You may only choose one prize, and it may only be completed once. Whichever outcome you choose, please make sure you add this item to your prompt submission under rewards. 

Please use the following form to assure your submission is able to be processed quickly!

  • Submission Type - (Fullbody/2 Halfbodies/3 Headshots/Writing)
  • Ownership Status - (Owner or Non Owner)
  • Prize Pool Choice - (Premade/MYOs/Trait Tickets)
  • Trait Item - (Fluffy Scarf/Colorful Cookies/Beached Ornament)



Submission Requirements

Art Requirements
  • The image should include a Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • You may include non-Skire characters as long as there is still an official Skire character included that follows prompt requirements.
  • Fully colored (Shading is not required, but is allowed).
  • A legible background is optional.
  • Art must be done by you. You may not commission others to make your entry for you, nor can you use bases or artwork done by others to create your entry.
  • Collaboration pieces will not earn either person an entry but can still be done for fun.
  • AI Generated images are not permitted for any event entries.
  • Photography used as backgrounds are not allowed, even if it is your photo.
  • Photography is allowed if you are submitting a craft entry, such as sculpted or paper CCCats interacting with the world around them.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional.
  • NAUTIPODS have a separate art rule: If you are using the pod form, it MUST be drawn full body and shaded! It does not have to be painted, but it must have shaded tones. The full humanoid form follows the regular requirements!
Writing Requirements
  • The writing should include a Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • Minimum of 500 words per entry.
  • Titles and words that are not part of the main narrative do not count towards word count total.
  • You may include non-Skire characters as long as there is still an official Skire character included prominently in the story
  • You must create the story/literature yourself. You may not commission someone else to write it for you. Plagiarism will be checked.
  • AI Generated writing is not permitted for any event entries.

General Rules

    • Your art or writing must be related to the theme of the prompt.
    • No NSFW or sexual material is permitted. Themes MUST be PG-13 to exist onsite. Nudity of any kind is not allowed.
    • No AI is allowed in the creation of event entries.
    • If you are drawing someone else’s character please make sure you have their permission to do so. Please check below for characters available for gift art!
    • AI Generated writing is not permitted for any event entries.
    • Prizes from this event are subject to normal Skire group rules.
    • Make sure you have a Skire.Club account, as one is needed if you end up winning a prize!
    • Do not guilt trip or harass members for entering or winning a prize. Doing so may ban you from entering future events.
    • Do not enter the event if you are blacklisted or greylisted. (We have informed you if you are).



Q: Can we ask for an extension on the prompt?
A: No, extending it could delay other prompts.

Q: If I win, can I give my prize away?
A: For fairness, if you win the prize, you may not gift the prize away. You may return your prize to the admin to re-roll the raffle.

Q: Can I enter to try and help someone else win?
A: No, it is not fair for multiple people to enter on behalf of one person. You will not be able to surrender your prize to a specific person.

Q: When will the event end specifically?
A: This prompt's end date is displayed on the prompt itself! Please refer to this section and the website's clock for this time!

Q: When will prizes be raffled off?
A: Anywhere from the next day to a few days after the event ends. Rolls are automatic onsite but we will still be announcing them in the Discord!

Q: My entry was denied because it didn’t meet the requirements. Can I fix it and resubmit to try and enter?
A: Yes, as long as this is done so before the event ends. We will not count anything submitted after the event has ended.

Q: Are admin allowed to enter the event and win prizes?
A: Yes, admins are allowed to enter events! However if an admin is rolled for winning a prize, they don’t occupy a member’s chance to win! Another roll will be done so that a member can still win a prize.

Q: I became a non-owner/owner over the course of the event! Can I change my entries? 
A: Yes, please contact a mod! If you become an owner over the event, we ask that you inform us that you are no longer a non-owner out of fairness! If you become a non-owner, please inform us as well as we may grant non-owner tickets. If we notice this system is being used to fodder non-owner MYO slots, we will no longer grant ticket changes from owner to non-owner for the event period, but you may be eligible again if you are still a non-owner during the next event.


Reward Amount
Winter’s Present 1


This prompt has ended.