[Update] General Rules, ToS, & Privacy Policy update!

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Hello everyone!
For those unaware the goal was set to release the first snippet of the Skire.club ARPG around January 14th!
I think we're still set for this though of course any potential delay will be notified likely on the Skire discord server.

In preperation for the upcoming ARPG there have been some updates to our site and community Rules, ToS,  and Privacy Policy to ensure individual safety and proper usage of the site.
With the update we ask you please be sure to read through as usage of the site and participation in the Skire community requires agreement to these!

As a reminder, this upcoming release will only be part 1 of expected multiple parts for full release to come gradually.
The first part will be testing small parts of larger site functions, currency values, the first four basic mentors, and some mainstay prompts.
We hope to obtain feedback regarding these things and see what we can do with them overall to expand! We have a number of things planned regarding these that may not come in part 1 but are slated to come in the future.

This is essentially going to be the start of "beta" for things and changes are to be continuously made as we watch and experience how things go! 
It is not expected that a "rollback" or wiping of anything earned during this time will be necessary even if large changes are made, however if something is done accidentally through testing or usage of new site features that results in unintended behavior or a bug then corrections may be made in case!

You may see further updates notified on-site and on the CCCat discord server as the day gets closer for ARPG release and after release in case!
Thank you guys!!



Freki Avatar

Can't wait for arpg myos!

2024-01-08 11:28:17

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2024-01-08 01:26:12

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2024-01-07 23:40:19

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2024-01-07 08:18:23

Doktorttm Avatar

Super excited!

2024-01-07 03:55:31

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