[MYO Sale] Halloween 2023

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Halloween 2023 MYO Slot Sale

[Form is filled!]


Hello everyone and happy Almost Halloween!! It’s been such a fun month thus far doing the recent events on the new site and adjusting to it all; I hope you guys have been having as much fun as we have! It’s been lovely to see so many precious entries and exciting stories from you all. There’s been so many entries already and we still have another month to go!

But now I bring you to our classic sale time of the year: the Halloween slot sales. >:3c

This year is interesting since we have items to allow standard slots with no clear species until chosen by the person who owns the item! We hope this makes it easier on everyone deciding what they’d like as they have time to try out multiple thoughts across different species and get fun ideas as they go along. I know I’m not free from suddenly changing up a species when I concept something myself KJBDSG I will often start with one and realize I have fun thoughts on how it’d be in a different species.

I’m always very thankful for the excitement towards these slots as it’s a blast to get to see what everyone creates!! It also vastly helps me out with taxes which I’m forever grateful for ;v;
I’m looking forward to the future with getting more options for slots and in general for things as we continue with the new site and all the fun things happening on it.

A link to the form and info about the raffles will all be provided below!!

OH BUT YES Expect some delay on my response times and expect my absence in the later evening!
I’m expecting to be busy the evenings of the 27th and the 28th (Friday and Saturday) so you may see some delay in my responses! 
I’ll absolutely be sure to continue to handle communication in the earlier parts of the days though!

I’ll update the very top of this post when slots seem closed!


Claiming Rules v
  • Claiming Rules:
      • You need a Skire.Club account to claim and own a MYO slot.
        Contact will be through Skire.Club on confirmation of your slot and payment method!

      • The form will be First-Come-First-Served.

      • Only one slot per person within the first 24 hours. You can have one other person help you claim a slot, but if that person wishes to claim a slot for themselves they need to resubmit the form again.

      • Slots will be Standard 1R 2UC for $100, Myth slots will be $300 for 1M 2R 2UC
        Myth MYO slots will require you to pick your species upon purchase!

      • There are 27 Standard MYO Slots for Non-Owners, 27 Standard MYO slots for Free for All with 3 Myth MYO Slots for Non-Owners and 3 Myth MYO Slots for Free for All.

      • You cannot get a myth and a standard slot within the first 24 hours; it is considered multiple! You can after 24 hours have passed.

      • After 24 hours since post, if the slots have not been filled then secondary slots will be open for people who wish to buy multiple.

        • Standard slots will be an item that allows you to pick your species at any point.

        • Myth slots must be chosen before given the slot and do not yet have a choice item!

        • As a reminder, once you choose your species you cannot reverse this decision. Only select once you are sure!

      • You will be given an item that you turn into a MYO slot once you decide your species via "opening" the item with chosen species. Please note that these items are not tradable; if you wish to buy a slot as a gift you will need to let me know in the form!
      • The species bases will be provided to you to use if you desire - they're optional though so no worries if you don't want to!

    Ownership specific:
    • If you already own at least one of any currently active Skire species (CCCat, Crook, Gravent, or Nautipod) you are considered an Already-Owner and will be entered in the FFA (Free-For-All) slot section. If you do not own any active Skire species currently you will be entered in the Non-Owner section specifically.

    • Only N/O users have their own unique section for slots, once the N/O slots have been filled, if any lingering N/Os claimed earlier than any FFA slots via timestamp, N/Os get pooled into the FFA slots.

    • Once the non-owner specific slot queue has been filled, the timestamps will be used to judge who gets the next slot in the Free-For-All sections if not already filled by the FFA-entry queue. This means a non-owner will automatically be placed into the free-for-all claim section if their timestamp allows them to have claimed before the free-for-all section has been filled.

    • You cannot get a myth and a standard slot within the first 24 hours; it is considered multiple! You can after 24 hours have passed.

    • If for any reason you input something incorrect on the form please let me know in a note when/if I contact you. Please ideally do not add a new submission as I won’t know which one is the correct one and it will be time-stamped differently on the response sheet.

    • You must be able to pay within 24 hours of me confirming you have claimed the slot successfully. (If you do not, we will move down to the next person in the queue)

    • Do not claim if you cannot pay within the 24 hours - payment plans are not accepted for these slots.

Slot Rules v
  • Slot Rules:
      • You may NOT resell the slot until it has been given an approved design or has been given requested permission for resale.

      • You may NOT trade the slot until it has been given an approved design.

      • Gifting a slot must be stated before payment is sent or upon claiming. If you wish to keep the gift anonymous/secret to the person you’re gifting it to, please tell me in the note when I ask for your paypal email to invoice.

      • After you create your Skire CS and it has been approved, you have a 2 week cooldown till you can trade/sell the character. Remember to only ever resell for what you bought it for!
        *Important to remember: Our rules have always allowed you to resell a character for higher than you bought it for if you confirm proof of purchase any commissioned pieces you personally have bought of your character with an admin.

      • There is NO time limit to complete your MYO.

      • You MAY have others help you design your slot.

      • You may also have someone design your slot for you! Please make sure they follow the rules to the slot and species, however!

      • Please: do not post your design publicly until it has been accepted/approved and has gotten its written approval by an admin! In order to get your slot approved you must note the group!!
        *If you commission someone to design your slot for you then you may show us proof of the purchased commission and have it added to your character's resale price.

      • *Your slot will NOT be approved if it is recognized to be heavily influenced by/duplicating a pre-existing character from either a personal OC or a franchise - additionally hateful themes or imagery against minorities (racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) will not be tolerated and will not be approved and could risk you being graylisted or banned from the species.

      • If your design is approved and then found to be heavily referencing or duplicating a pre-existing character after it is approved then you may still be asked to change it after the fact. If the design changes hands and is later recognized then the creator will likely be spoken to, but the new owner of the design may not be requested to change the design as they were not the ones responsible for creating it and we don't feel it right to punish/request change from them if they don't/didn't know. This may change case-by-case depending on severity of the issue.





There will be 10 MYO slots raffled for free. These slots will allow you to also pick your species whenever. The raffle will go likely 48 hours and will start up at the same time the slots are sold. They will be 5 Non-Owner/FTO (First-Time-Owners) slots and 5 FFA slots. Free to enter and free to win! If you are a non-owner you may apply to each raffle!

Go here to look into the raffles: 

- Non-Owner Raffle: https://skire.club/raffles/view/17 
- Free-For-All Raffle: https://skire.club/raffles/view/18 



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Sorry im a new in this site. Where we can know about raffles winners? Who win?

2023-10-29 19:52:23

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We don't have premission to see the raffle links :0

2023-10-27 19:02:28

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WellHidden Staff Member

Error on my end sorry, should be fixed now!

2023-10-27 19:04:25

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You're completely fine!! Hope you have an amazing halloween :DD

2023-10-27 19:06:53

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