Welcome to Skire!

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Hello and welcome to the CCCats website! Here you can find the Skire Masterlist and other information regarding the species. You can find all the information needed in the tabs listed above!

CCCats are a parasitic species of magical creatures. They start out just as a long snake-like tongue and a large, glassy eyeball. This form is called a "wormling" which they use to travel in search of a new host. Their hosts are dead animals (and very rarely living animals or even people) that inhabit their world. Along their journey they gain colors, patterns, pictures, and shapes which they then use to re-decorate their hosts in the form of markings and patterns.

Be Advised: This site is a work in progress. Meaning that there is not a lot here right now and things are bound to change! Things will look weird, may not work as expected, or information may be incorrect.

Furthermore, the site is planned to house the ARPG. This means large visual and functional changes are expected!