Hello to you all!

You may know me under different names but for sake of simplicity just call me Complex. Ironic, wouldn't you say?

I felt it was in everyone's' best interest if I be the one to announce the wrap-up of our lovely little testing period to this game of ours considering I was the one hosting it after all. Surprise, perhaps?

While this initially was something ordered in to me, I must say it feels like it was a true display of my own power as well. The guardians must be offering me this time to show you - but more importantly them - that I have undeniable power, no? After all, I've happened to hear it through the rot vines that something big appears to be happening up there. I could find myself needed for something far greater than this soon enough...

Complex Chatbox Image

During my time hosting this little endeavor and watching you all find many different paths and trials to this game, the results were pleasing! Everything that has gone on during this time has fueled ideas for future evolutions. Naturally I intend to give back to all of you who have helped me with this little experiment. Given the nature of my power and my task, I think I can grant boons to you for allowing yourselves to be test players, and to those Creators who put in the extra work that may be reading this I am certain I can find you a means of connecting you to a character as well.

Be sure to check out the Alpha Achievements write-up here to redeem the work you've put into this game into your desired rewards. Though give the freshlings under my aid some time to manage your requests, I feel they'll have a bit of a handful (and bless their hearts, they try but they're by no means wielding the same power I use).

I'll make an important note that after this second wave there is going to be some period of absence. In order to give a proper update and second phase to the idea and demonstrate myself further, I need to assess what has happened and properly create a new testing realm for you all. One that hopefully I can leave to those freshlings and carry on about myself to manage the other deeds I am tasked to. I haven't been told a time or date yet to expect the "beta" phase of this game, but I have every intention to let you know when I'm back and ready to play with you all again.

Complex Chatbox Image Two

So for now, it's clean-up time. Everything that has been done in this time will simply cease to exist. Aside from your individual memories, stories, and rewarding boons, the rest will vanish in this reality as though it never happened. Because while it did... it didn't.

I won't let you forget what has happened, I have every intention for you to remember the face and name that could create such a true reality for you all to play in.

...But when you tell your grandiose stories to your friends I assure you they will be very baffled by your words. Lets keep this our little secret, okay?

Until next time, little ones, and remember! Take in the sights.

Hi there, actually WellHidden here now! I'm doing this as a footnote but I really and truly want to give you guys all my thanks and appreciation!! This was a huge aid to us as we plot out the course for the next updates and systems. I'm so new to this sort of thing but I've been getting so much aid from the team and you guys and many more who have made this entire project feel five times more real than I ever could've imagined. Your feedback and presence in this experience meant the world and we hope to take it forward as we use it to flesh this out even more! Like Complex wrote, there's no ETA on the public and more Beta phase of testing, but as we refine everything we've tested and get the means set up for it you should def hear from us more about it!

It's been a wild ride but thank you for everything you guys!! We on the team look forward to seeing you in the beta!