Skire Market

Sharp and Witted
TH or Discord
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LF CCCat swaps only currently! 
Preferably with Pastel colors or Pink/Blue

Some New Age Toothpaste
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looking for Cccats, Crooks or Gravents (he has a lot of art so looking ones with similar or levelling out with rarer trait i.e myth, touched or designs by sweat n treat)

Starstruck Doctor
Either on discord or th
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Looking for a 100$ voucher, approved by chess on discord 

Do Not Build the 7th Row
Discord DM or DA note

Reselling for $390. willing to take payment plans.

Needs to Restart
@//phantomnation#1244 on Discord

LF: Skires or a 350$ voucher approved by Frog.

May also look at other offers, but very picky.

 I Dropped my Glass in the Ocean
Discord: intermedes#3819
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Lf cccats! Not too worried about rarity i just want a design i can connect with

Split Spiral
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Looking for skire swaps! Touched or multiple preferred

Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Retro Soda
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Looking primarily for Creep/Whick swaps, but will happily look at other Skire species! picky.