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Lucccky Day
Chess#4183 Discord
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Seeking the full $300.00 resale AND a character trade. They have a few touched traits so I would like to get that value in a reale + trade.

Interested in:
Skire characters? Very picky. No pods please
Grem2 - Picky. Will use them in AUs.
Desgins by Nemfaret/irdeorumiii
HQ one off Dragons or monsters
Rights to a Closed Species or a Species concept. (Full rights and ownership would go to me kinda deal)

Scorpion Seas
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Cccat swaps, other skire very unlikely

Better Day
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Looking for Skire swaps only

...To Another Star

Hi! I'm looking to sell or trade this guy! I've lost connection with him so I think it's best if he finds a better home. He has no additional art as of right now. I'm mainly looking to resell for the BV but I will also look at art offers or trades. In trades I'm looking for other popular closed species or other cccats! You can contact me on discord, toyhouse, or Instagram. My discord is SpaceAce0912#7916.  My Instagram is @Space.Ace0912 and my th is @SpaceAce0912 and I will mostly be active to respond on discord or instagram. This guy however doesn't have a th profile so you'll have to make one if you want. 

Shipped Wreck
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Seeking general trades or art offers. Please contact me on ToyHouse (Discord only if you do not have a TH account.)

Discord: Newts&Salamanders#5604
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Im putting this lad up for sale, things had came up I need to sell them for their orginal price($250)! I am willing to do payment plans! Please dm me (ON HOLD!!)