Skire Market

Pumpkin Spice Moth#5604
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Putting this lil bean up for sale for the orginal price $100 dm on discord or toyhouse

This ain't Baywatch
discord @ yellowtigger#2172 (preferred) or Toyhouse message!
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Looking for official crook swaps! I want one I will connect to (clown/kidcore/plush themes I like most but I'll look at anything)

Marathon Race
TH comments or Discord: ๐Ÿบ Dances-With-Wolves ๐Ÿบ#8034
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Looking for:
- Skire Swaps (CCCats, Crooks & Nautis preferred)
- Grem2 (Picky)

DJ Turn It Up!
Discord dms: Staryghast#3280
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Looking to swap this Crook for a Cccat!

Chocolate Mint Mash
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Skire trade would trade both this nauti and my gravent listed for the right myth cccat or gravent.

Sugar Beetle
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Seeking cccat swaps, crooks (picky), high rarity Deltude trades, grem2, rooksshockshack designs

Add on: impims, Arcanus, gastrosnaps

Scrape Away to Color
You can PM me or comment on his TH!
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Looking for crook and cccat swaps, especially Sweet-n-Treat and WellHidden designs

Feels a Little Off
Discord (ForgottenMorgue#3120)
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Cccat swaps only, has lots of art and magic/defect please keep that in mind when offering

Bright Stars Ignite
Discord DMs @ Iyozi#4804
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Seeking Skire swaps

I'm prioritizing, in this order:

Crooks or Gravents by WellHidden
Crooks or CCCats by Vyrron
Crooks or CCCats in general

I will be picky.

Druidic Focus
DM thru TH or Discord
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$800 voucher, DM me on TH (cyclizar) or Discord at kobivo#9213

Mr.Hyde #0817
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Looking for skire swaps, grems, or 3 ways.  Prefer dark or pastel designs. Themes clowns, jesters, futuristic or cute

Sunset at Midnight
ToyHouse Comment or Note
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Hey hey! Looking at offers on this guy while I ponder potentially redesigning/ designing their humanoid form!

Only looking for skire swaps but not species specific, thank you!