Site Navigation

The Skire Navigation Bar is the hub to get to anywhere within Skire.Club. Each tab has options relating to the main tab to further explore.


The Home tab is to lead you back to the home page of the site.


The News tab is where any news posts, current events, and prior events are kept. This will be the location you can keep up to date with Skire information and changes. There are currently two subtabs in the News tab:

Current Events is where our current event is being held. Every month, this page is updated with the new event for the community to enter. During these events, MYO slots can be won via RNG and provide a fun prompt for the community to interact more with the world.

Memories are where prior events are housed for the community to look over past events and what went on within them.


The Species tab is where any information regarding the Skire species are kept. Here, you can find information regarding the species themselves and further delve into their lore and traits. There are currently three subtabs in the Species tab:

Skire Lore (WIP) leads to another section of the site where lore is stored regarding the species and the world of Skire.

Traits is where you can find the traits and their rarities for the closed species currently available in Skire.

NPCCCs is where you can find the Skire characters that can be used by anyone during the ARPG or during any Skire event. It holds the character's ref, as well as a bit of information surrounding each NPCCC.


The Masterlist tab is one of the main sections of the site. This is where every Skire character is uploaded with the required and most up-to-date information. There are currently two subtabs in the Masterlist tab:

Search is where you can go and search through the entire masterlist via different search options or just explore the masterlist and all uploaded species.

Market is where you can see what Skire characters are currently up for trade or sale from other users.


The ARPG tab is where the ARPG will eventually be housed within the site, and any information regarding the ARPG will be kept. It is a major work in progress. There is currently only one subtab in the ARPG tab:

Items is where you can view the item art and descriptions of all the items currently in use for Skire. These items can either be ARPG items or other items that are important to Skire.


The Help tab is where you can get information regarding the species and sites rules, and also where to look if you need help. There are currently four subtabs in the Help tab:

Rules is where you can find the rules regarding the Skire species as a whole and find other important information.

Privacy is where you can read about our sites terms and conditions as well as the privacy status.

Credits is where you can find the artists and users that have created some of the site assets.

Contact Us is where you can find a list of all the admin and their jobs, as well as their current availability. You can also find links to the site email, CCCats DeviantArt, and CCCats Discord here.

User Tab

The User Tab is personalized for each user and where the user can find specific information regarding their account. It can be found on the far right of the navigation bar, and is listed under your site username when logged in. There are six subtabs in the User Tab:

CCClub Account is where your personalized user account will show up as long as you have opted into your CCClub account to show in your settings.

My Characters is where your current characters are housed in a quick to reach location that only shows characters you own.

Inventory is where any items gathered from the ARPG or other locations will show. This includes trait tickets.

Requests is where you can send in requests, or check the status of any requests you have sent in.

Settings is where you can change any of your settings regarding your account.

Logout is where you can logout of your account.