Request System

The Skire "Request System" is used to allow Skire CCClub Users to make masterlist updates, ownership transfers, or name changes on the Skire Masterlist.

Request Dropdown Options

When you go to your Request Tab, there are three options to choose from:

  • My Requests
  • Masterlist Request
  • ARPG Submissions

My Requests

The My Requests section of the request system is for the Skire CCClub user to check on the status of any requests they have sent in for an admin to complete.

Any requests that are sitting on the main page of the My Requests section are those that have not been completed/are still awaiting approval or denial by an admin. By clicking the checkbox in this section to show closed requests, any requests that have been completed show up here.

A closed request will detail what the request was, what time it was opened, what time it was closed, and what admin completed the request in case you have any further questions.

If a request is denied or left uncompleted, and it shows up in your closed requests section, check to see if there is a reason and what needs to be fixed before submitting a new request.

Masterlist Request

The Masterlist Request section of the request system is for Skire CCClub users to send in any requests regarding any masterlist changes on the Skire Masterlist. There are different templates and sections depending on the type of request you are sending in for admin approval.

Design Approvals requests are where you can get any redesigns or MYO slot designs approved by admin before taking it to a masterlist update request. The template for getting a design approved is different for what you're looking to get approved:


  • Original Design/Masterlist Entry:
  • New Design:
  • Traits Changed: (Specify if using trait upgrades from your inventory)
  • Notes: (Any extra notes you may have)

MYO Designs

  • Slot Masterlist Entry:
  • Design:
  • Traits Used: (Specify if using trait upgrades from your inventory)
  • Notes: (Any extra notes you may have)

Below these are a checklist for you to go over to make sure your design and/or redesign has before sending it in. Do not copy and paste it into your request - it is there to help you check that you have everything and is not a part of the template. Make sure you go over the checklist and that you have everything, or your request may be denied as it is not completed!

If your design has been approved, ensure that you send in a Masterlist Request to update the Masterlist!

MYO Slot Registry requests are for the upload of a MYO slot that has yet to be uploaded on the masterlist. The template for getting an unregistered MYO slot uploaded is:

  • Proof of Purchase/Ownership:(Provided to you in a note or DM from WellHidden or another Admin.)
  • Species: (What species the slot granted is.)
  • What Traits Granted: (Please list, even if the note states what is allowed.)
  • How the Slot was Obtained: (Purchase Value, Trade, Gift, etc.)

Cosmetic Changes and Art Update requests are for simple cosmetic changes (slightly simplifying the design/changing the hairstyle) that does not require admin approval. If you are editing the original artist's work, ensure you have permission to do so before editing their work. The template for getting a cosmetic change and/or art update is:

  • Link to the Skire Character's Masterlist Entry:
  • Link to the art you would like to use: (Flat color or minimally shaded images only. Must include teeth, tongue, and eye.)

Redesigned Skire Character requests are changes to a skire character that require prior approval, such as changing colors, major marking changes, or trait changes. Approval by an admin is required, and can be received by sending the proposed redesign to site under Design Approvals. The template for getting an approved redesign uploaded is:

  • Approved Design:(Link to the image you would like uploaded to the masterlist)
  • Approval Proof: (Screenshot of the approved request is preferred.)
  • Traits Changed: (If any traits changed during the redesign, please note which traits changed and what they changed to. If no traits changed, do not include it in your request.)
  • Link to Design on the Skire Masterlist:

MYO Design Upload requests are to update your MYO on the masterlist once it has been completed and approved by an admin via Design Approval requests. The approval of the design is required before it can be uploaded to the masterlist. The template for getting a MYO design uploaded is:

  • Approved Design:(Link to the image you would like uploaded to the masterlist)
  • Designer: (Name of the user who designed your character. If you were the designer, don't add this or write down your name.)
  • Approval Proof: (Screenshot of the approved request is preferred.)
  • Traits Used: (List the traits you used on your slot that are allowed. I.E: Horns/Spikes - Rare, etc.)
  • Link to MYO Slot on the Skire Masterlist:

Trait Update requests are for the owner of a skire character to have Traits updated to fit current trait rarities, or added if they were not there prior. Please do not send in a trait update if the character does not belong to you. The template for getting trait updates is:

  • Link to the Skire Character on the Skire Masterlist:
  • Traits that need updating/adding: (List the traits that were missing/need updating.)
  • Approval of these traits: (Screenshot of an admin confirming the missing or updated trait needing to be added.)

Ownership Transfer requests are for the current owner of a Skire character to transfer ownership to another member. These requests can only be completed by the current owner, and must be made on the site to be official and completed by admin. The template for an ownership transfer is:

  • ID:(The Skire Character's masterlist number)
  • Species: (The Skire Species)
  • Type: (MYO or Official)
  • Current Owner: (Your (the owner's) Skire.Club username)
  • New Owner: (The new owner's Skire.Club username. PLEASE make sure they have an account before making the transfer!)
  • Sale Type: (Character/Design Trade, Re-Sale [List the amount you sold the character for. I.E: Resale $250], Gift, Art Trade, Auto-Buy Trade, etc.)

Name Change requests are for any Skire CCClub user to change the name of their account. Names do not need to match DeviantArt, though it is asked that you have your active accounts linked on your CCClub Account. Usernames need to be PG-13 and not include anything that is disrespectful, hateful, or NSFW. Name changes are only allowed once every 6 months. The template for a username change is:

  • Old Username: (The Username you have currently)
  • New Username: (The Username you are changing to.)

Submitting Your Request

Once you have chosen which request you are trying to submit and have the template chosen, copy and past the template into the request text box at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you fill out the template with the required information in the correct spots, and that you have chosen the correct option of what you are trying to get updated in the dropdown under the request box. Then submit the request, and an admin will get to it next they can!