Make-Your-Own/Redesigns Guide

On Skire.Club and within the Skire species, the site is used to complete and approve designs from unused MYO slots as well as approve redesigns of already existing Skire characters. This guide is to help you on your MYO designing or redesigning journey.

Make-Your-Owns (MYOS)

  • MYO slots are entirely new designs that normally start as blank slots with no design until they are designed by the owner.
  • You must use the traits listed on our trait sheets!
  • You cannot base a MYO design off of a pre-existing character nor a copyrighted one.
  • If you are inspired by something, please be respectful when using this inspiration and do not copy others' ideas directly.
  • Please make sure to send in the art you want on the Masterlist for approval. We will deny your request if you ask us to upload a piece of art that was not approved during the design process.
  • When finished, please follow the instructions to submit a Design Approval request on our Requests page!


  • A redesign is when you take a pre-existing Skire design and change it to suit your personal preferences. We have limits to what changes can be made, and all redesigns will be subjected to admin consensus for approval.
  • Redesigns MUST be based off the Original Design. You can see if a design has an original design by clicking on the 'Original Image' button. The original design is always the first design that was created by an admin or MYO designer.

Original Image Button Example

  • If you would like to use the existing art for your redesign and edit it, permission is required from the original adopt maker or artist, and will be asked for in your submission for approval.
  • Please make sure to send in the art you want on the Masterlist for approval! We will deny any Masterlist Update request if we are asked to upload a piece of art that was not approved during the Design Approval process.
  • When finished, please follow the instructions to submit a Design Approval request on our Requests page!

Redesigning Limits

  • When redesigning, the design must always resemble the Original Design in a recognizable way, meaning that the design must be recognizable as related-to or based on the original design.
  • A general rule of thumb is that if you drastically change one of the categories below, do not make drastic changes to the other categories, or at the very least make them minor.
  • Please keep in mind the silhouette - the main/defining shapes of a Skire character. Drastic changes in the silhouette are usually advised against, such as switching a Glowing Eye for a Shark Tail, as it changes a very important aspect of the design.

Things you can Change:

A redesign can change any of the following below, but it MUST be sent in for design approval.

  • Traits
  • Markings
  • Color Hues
  • Color Values

Free/Cosmetic Changes:

When making a cosmetic change only, please file a Masterlist Update request. If you change more on top of the cosmetic change like what is listed above, please submit it as a Design Approval request. We recommend sending in a Design Approval request with these if you are ever unsure! Below is a list of things that can be changed without the needing of a redesign request:

  • Hair Length, Color, And/Or Style
  • Body Type

Hue vs Value Shifts

Below is a demonstration of hue and value shifts:

  • A hue shift is when the overall color hue of the design is shifted to something other than the original. The base values stay the same, but the colors change. This is possible to some extent, but when there is a drastic color change, the best way to ensure the likelihood of approval is to keep traits and markings the same.
  • A value shift shows the black/white values of the design changing. These values can shift lighter and/or darker. Major darkness/lightness value shifts may be possible with the majority of the design intact.

Hue versues Value Example

Trait Changes

  • Traits can be swapped out for other traits that are the same rarity!
  • For example: If you had Floating Crown Piece (Rare) trait, you could swap it for the Split Tail (Rare) trait and therefore make the crown common, while changing the tail to a rare one!
  • Alternatively, you could downgrade a trait, but only at a 1:1 ratio - so one rare trait can be downgraded into one uncommon.

Design Approval Checklist

Please take a look over these checklists before you submit a Design Approval request!


Most major art programs have what is called an HSV or HSB Slider. This stands for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness/Value. Below is the example in Clip Studio. It can be found in Sai, Photoshop, Clip Studio, and more! If needed, you can also use browser based color pickers to double check your hsb values.

CCCat Eye and Tongue Color Ranges

Please note that often, screenshots + discord uploads can warp color values! We always recommend saving out the image directly.





  • Due to the nature of our redesign rules, it is not guaranteed that your design will be approved. Admin will provide ways we think the design can be changed to accomodate your preferences.
  • You are more than welcome to reach out to admin with any questions or concerns with a Design Approval!
  • You can also post and ask for help or opinions on a redesign or MYO design in our Discord's #design-help channel.
  • One admin cannot approve a design on their own! While some may offer to take a look at it pre-approval, it cannot be considered an official approval until it is sent into the site and given an approved status.
  • If you are commissioning an artist for a MYO Design or a Redesign, please be sure they are aware that changes may need to be made if a design is not approved!