Magic Classifications

Skire’s magics are abundant and have different classifications - Integral, Defect, and Natural. These classifications have a variety of meanings for a being and their magics.

Items will be available for beings who wish to remove their magic they have learned or that have fallen upon themselves by visiting the Shopkeeper in the ARPG.

Integral Magic

Integral Magic is magic able to be used and cast forth from oneself after learning it through teachings with a mentor or through unnatural means such as intervention with higher powers or connection with the host upon forming. These magics are normally not visible until summoned and/or casted, they are more of an ability rather than a physical presence on a being. Depending on level and understanding of a magic type, one is able to utilize it differently or learn new magics stemming from it. However, teaching needs to be utilized often to increase one’s ability.

Magic Defect

Magic Defect is a product of one becoming too involved in the magic that they are often trying to learn. Magic Defect presents itself in a physical way, where it will often rewrite the structure and magical weave of a being into that type of magic. This is often seen as a form of magical ‘corruption’, and can lead to eventual death if not kept under proper control and watchful eye.

Once a magic defect is acquired, it always is visibly present as part of the being’s body, in that it will rewrite and become part of their body in some way. When a being succumbs to magic defects, they are only able to utilize the magic that has become a physical part of them. Even if they needed different magics prior to obtaining the magic defect type they acquired, the previous magics will no longer become usable to that being, and become nullified. This is because the magic defect becomes the only thing they are able to master and utilize, as it is a new part of them, and magic they convert into energy quickly becomes this type of magic.

NOTE - Magic Defect affecting tongue and eyes on CCCats is still up in debate of how it will be acquired and thus may change over time to be part of Magic Defect or its own trait. Please understand changes may occur in the near future and know for now Magic Defect only normally affects the body.

Anatomy of Magical Defects

Upon succumbing to a magical defect, that being is granted an incredible understanding of their magic, and ‘levels’ it up into a sort-of mastery. They may not have full control over it, but they will know how to utilize it to its greatest potential, be it whether emotional, willed, casted, or otherwise.

Natural Magic

CCCats and Crooks are naturally adept in learning new magics, however, there was one form of magic they created the use of. While this magic can still be learned, there are a handful of CCCats and Crooks who can naturally form with the ability to use Blood Magic. Natural Blood Magic is different from Integral Blood Magic (If you want to learn more about Blood Magic itself, please go to this page[TBA]).

Gravents are beings of flight despite their small wings, they utilize a type of magic natural to them that all are created with. This magic is Gravitational Magic, which allows them to fly and hover at either small or great heights. This magic presents itself in their vent wings which takes a physical form, unique to them.

Whicks are creatures of emotion and a unique form of life energy. Their lifeforce is present physically and visibly as a colored flame. This flame behaves differently from normal fire, in that it can be controlled in its heat depending on who touches the flame, and the desired heat of the Whick itself. This flame is also able to cause a number of ominous ailments, such as dizziness, sickness, and paranoia. On the opposite end, this flame can also create a feeling of comfort, ease, or even instill the feeling of friendship.