The Wastelands exist outside and beyond the back outskirts of Uto as a byproduct to the lowest level of Uto called Fever and the remnants to the war. The Wastelands are ruined cities and other strange structures. Acidic and radioactive materials seem to naturally be produced here due to its decaying state. It's difficult to find anyone living hear leisurely, as they often must fight hard to survive against the terrain.

Those who do live here however are mainly humans that can not afford to live in Uto or other cities, or are magic-sympathizers.

The Wastelands give a more wild and free aesthetic, but not one that would be set in the desert. Most things are scrapped together and homes are built off the remains of other objects and buildings, and the same goes for just about anything within the Wastelands.

The weather in the Wastelands is normally humid and warm, with common acid rain storms. In this sense, there are a lot of acid spots that come to exist because of its environment. Due to these extreme weather conditions and the overall condition of the land, it is not uncommon to find tarpits and acid pits or things of those likings within them.


Within the Wastelands, the idea of law and order is basically unheard of. The majority of the Wastelands are entirely lawless, and basically everything is known as "fair game" to those that are willing to go after it.