Uto is a large city that is built in multiple levels. There are three levels going upwards, but any downward levels (should they exist) are unable to be traveled to or explored by any regular citizens or visitors. This city was mainly populated by humans until the crook Myir stormed the city, and returned a piece of the moon Ofae to Uto to help restore the magical properties that were being lost due to humans and their technologies.

The city overall has incredibly advanced means of technology, and each level of Uto specializes in unique types of tech. The aesthetics in their cityscapes change with the kind of technology the level produces.


Uto was built over 300 years ago, and each layer of the city represents a new generation's worth of work. Thanks to the ability of some humans being able to learn magic, they were able to make a large amount of advancements over time, however when the land began to die around Uto due to the depletion of magic, it came to be nothing but a city made of pure technology. After the war, the residents of Uto were forced to start building upwards into what would be known as the levels of Uto to comply with the truce to not occupy anymore land.

Before Myir brought a piece of Ofae back to Uto to allow magical creatures and magic itself to begin populating the area again, Uto was a city in which magical creatures like CCCats and other species would struggle to survive. Their ability to "breathe" magic while in Uto was extremely difficult, and during those points many creatures did not want to leave the safety and comfort of Skire (Landmass)'s land. The atmosphere the human's created was difficult to handle because all creatures on Skire were made to use the magical flow around them. Any use of magic within the city pre-Myir would have been extremely difficult, and for some creatures maybe even impossible.

Once the piece of Ofae was brought into Uto by Myir, a new breath of magic was brought into Uto - however, it was an unfamiliar breath to most of the Skire inhabitants. This different magic could create positive, negative, or possibly neutral effects on magical creatures that enter the city's boundaries, and for some it may even overwhelm them.

With the placement of the piece of Ofae, this led to a boost in technological and sci-fi advancements everywhere, where with Uto it became a bustling hub of both technology and magic - though it was still mainly tech. But now, Uto is seen as a more easily accessed city for humans and magical creatures alike. After Myir's triumph, a lot of humans scattered and shared tech advancements in small numbers with others, while magical creatures do something of the same idea with transporting tech knowledge from Uto to elsewhere in larger numbers.


Uto does have people of power on the two higher levels, Choice and Key. For Key and Choice it's a group of people who stand for different beliefs either in their workflow or impact on people. ie: There's groups who stand for belief in science of nature, biology, technology, some who believe relations with other species need to be made, etc. Naturally also opposing forces. These tend to meet and have individuals speak with one another to make decisions of advancement via having specific members talk in certain situations. These can differ in that people are often traded out for certain conversations based on what they know most and how well they can speak for the belief of the group they are for. It's usually done in that proposals are made, votes are taken, majority wins. If there's anything too close in majority, speakers are used to persuade and retake votes. It's pretty common for the "undecided" community to stand as their own as well once the proposals are had, but due to the lack of community an undecided group has they are often found making their own communities. However it's not impossible for a single person to apply as a speaker and shortly become either a speaker or member of a group in order to have their individual voice heard.

Fever is the only one that lacks a system of main rule, however there is an attempted force of control. They're similar to cops in that they work to maintain flow/peace but they aren't really put into action by any government. Rather, they're pretty much mercenaries that either have a constant pay or simply are a vigilante. Fever often has remnants of what happens above them, in that the decisions that are made from above spread to the lower level and cause changes in resource and flow of the people there. It's pretty common for people in Fever to be manual workers who will make trade with people in Key or even rarely in Choice in order to make pay. Though usually Fever works on a trade system or deed system.

If something seems to be going wrong in Fever people from Choice or Key will sometimes extend their hand to help, though, as Fever is an important foundation for the higher cities.

The Levels of Uto

One inner city connects all three of levels of Uto - Fever, Key, and Choice.

Fever is the lowest level in the city of Uto. It is extremely compact and crowded, filled to the brim with creatures and humans that live within it. There is a lot of commotion that happens on this level, and it tends to be incredibly grimy in both appearance and the actions of its inhabitants.

Key is the middle level in the city of Uto. It attempts to give a more modern-day feel to this portion of the city. Multiple horizontal skyscrapers in this ring hold up Uto and the top level of the city, Key. Within this level, there are plenty of lush plants and green scenery that spread across the landscape. It gives a sense of a "Solarpunk" style with the amount of modern buildings alongside the lush gardens and plants.

Choice is the highest level in the city of Uto. It harbors a very utopian style cityscape, with high rising buildings and high tech that surrounds and is involved with its every growth and expansion. Only the best tech is pursued here on Choice, and only the most innovative people aim to make their way to Choice to further expand their knowledge. Their advancements in technology are always pushed to the next level even when they think they have reached the top, and tech is constantly studied and explored here. However, the main focus of choice is on that of space and space travel studies.