The Undercliffs are a bizarre structure of circular plated stalactite rocks that exist underneath the plated mountain on the backside of the Meteor Lake. The mountains that formed around meteor lake from the impact span outwards and upwards, but towards the back they all span outwards and hang over a large chunk of land, creating a permanent darkness. The Undercliffs have no sunlight breach the deeper parts of the formations, and homes and houses as well as massive vines are strewn about these plated stalactites.

Somehow creatures and people find a means of living here, but the plant life and wildlife that travels the undercliffs is known to be fiercely apex and dangerously aggressive. A lot of fungus and such grows here and the moisture that has built up from underneath this area has created fancy and weird circular hanging stalactites that many glowing plants grow on. A lot of the undercliffs is on the ground as much as it is hanging and perched on these giant circular platform stalactites.