The city of Stonewing is a combination of two locations - Stonewing (Inner) and Stonewing (Outer). Stonewing is almost entirely inhabited by only magical creatures, and has a very small human population, even after the return of Crooks.

Stonewing (Outer)

Floating islands above Meteor Lake, these islands are a bustling prime spot for trade of goods and information. Known to be an incredibly rich and alive city that takes pride in their sunny weather and peaceful cohabitation between many species. The only way to get up to Stonewing is to obtain a ticket from an airship or to be a species of flight naturally. They take pride in their advancements in magical technology they excel at advancing thanks to the constant trade of knowledge and resources. The city is bright and open with lots of trade markets and focus on communication and the improvement of items that come from below.

Buildings here are covered in rooftop gardens and expansive farmlands on the outer islands surrounding the main one. Rings of horizontal and up-side-down skyscrapers exist on the edges and bottom of this massive island. Most of the buildings keep true to unique stone-like woods being the focus of the structures, made out of light material that has a metal-like sheen when polished and has the same durability as metal.

There are bridges and connections in Outer Stonewing that connect to other floating islands that often have smaller communities and gardens.

Stonewing (Inner)

Within the prime floating island is a massive crack that exposes the inner city of Stonewing. This city primarily uses magitech to power itself, and the majority of its neon lights come from crystal-infused bulbs. The majority of the buildings are carved out of stone from within the mountain, and it makes use of tight spaces conveniently. It is not as often traveled as the outer city of Stonewing, though it is considered the "Forever Nightlife" city.

Few buildings outside the crater are exposed from the inner city, peaking out from the bottom. The entire inner area is filled with crystals and neon, and is considered eternally dark while also being always lit thanks to the neon lighting focus. It is a bustling city with all sorts of life, but tends to mix between high social areas to super back-alley business within the matter of a block.


After the success of Myir in Uto, humans began to disperse from the city and across Skire (Landmass). Some humans found themselves around Stonewing, and in recent years there have been areas of development, called the Stonerings, where technology has advanced because of their move. They have built buildings and structures attached to the rings around the main island.

A rough concept of the Stonerings surrounding the main island of Stonewing.