Kite Carcass

Kite Carcass is a very popular island that is embedded entirely into the boney remains of a titan that existed centuries ago. Living near the water grants the citizens of Kite Carcass a great abundance of winds that they make use of for energy by having many windmills linked to magic crystals and metallic generators that help them get the energy they need for their popular city lifestyle.

The prime hotspot of this island is located within the ribs of remains, in a ravine where people have built houses and shops all along the ribs of the titan and walls of the ravine. This island is known for its tradition of constant festivals where they tie kites onto buildings and trees or other structures for the spirits of their passed family and friends so their spirits can escape the remains of the titan carcass they live in.

Below the city located in the deceased titan's ribcage, the ravine goes downward to a large, glowing river with an abundance of plant life. The sides of the ravine are also covered in buildings and homes with plenty of bridges and passages between both walls of the splitting of earth, along with many little markets and other buildings along the edges and inside holes carved into the ravine. While some homes are located atop these shops, most are located on the bones where the sky is near.

Kite Carcass is a very lively city and location, often bustling with life as the weather around the area is very commonly tropical and warm.