Glass Desert

The glass desert is a desert with sand made up of spectacular shiny shards of eroded meteor. They appear and feel as sharp as glass, and shine like it too. The desert usually cannot be entered without proper gear, as the sands themselves are made of the sharp shards of the eroded meteors. Many pillars of eroded meteor stand high, embedded into the glassy sand. These meteors occasionally will have flat and reflective sides that resemble mirrors.

The Glass Desert is filled with harsh winds and odd structures that have come to be made, either naturally or unnaturally, by the meteor shards that litter the Desert. The top level of the Glass Desert is rather barren as the harsh winds don't allow anything to stay rooted for too long. The only thing that can be found standing within the desert are meteor chunks big enough to withstand the winds or structures built from rock or meteor, but trying to grow anything in the sands is next to impossible thanks to the potentially toxic soil and harsh winds. Though it is believed that if it were not for the strong winds, the air above the desert may be unbreathable altogether.

Below the desert are large and expansive caves, filled with reflective gems, crystals, and other materials. These cave systems are also home to bizarre and toxic forest life that is rumored to be the reason for the barren land above because of their gasses. Often when traveling to the caverns it is required to wear a protective gear to help breathe in the caves if that is something that the creature requires. Though thanks to some excavation in the caves it has made it slightly easier to travel down there thanks to safe air bubbles. Though getting into the caves is difficult, the reward for finding them is awe-inspiring.

Stagnant and soft green-blue water can be found in the caves, and it comes across as water with how it reflects the scenery around it. The only way to see through the water is when it is in motion, and not standing entirely stagnant. Only in deeper and more expansive bodies of the underground water will you see it tends to hold a transparent look and yet shows as deep violet blue underneath. The color is determined by its temperature and stillness. In the larger bodies of the underground water you'll often find creatures and even plantlife that exists in the dark and the rich minerals.

There are even some small towns in the underground caverns of the Glass Desert, made up of species who can tolerate the difference in the air from the ones above ground.

Life in the Desert

The Glass Desert, despite being difficult to live in, is actually a very good spot for mineral farming and other resources. Though there are not many, there are some above-ground towns who make it a point to trade and sell there, as many do not want to leave the area due to how difficult it is to traverse. However if a visitor is willing to potentially pay to gamble their lives on a walk, they are often able to gather a large collection of rare minerals for extremely cheap. The chance to find them again is rare as in normal markets the resources would be extremely expensive.

It's also believed there are locations there that are only able to be stumbled upon, like massive oasis' for magic surges and potentially safe havens that may be undiscovered out in the large expanse of the desert.

There is a large rift located within the desert of upturned ground that shields the ravine from winds and shard storms, which is home to one of the main cities of the Desert. The city itself has a sci-fi western feel, and is made mainly of bridges and flat passageways to either side of the ravine. Both walls of the ravines have carved holes within them for homes and small market stalls as well. This city is not one that traders or sellers find or get to easily, so technology is rather scarce, but the gear they make for the people who live there or travelers are extremely well made.

The life between residents of the city is rather homey, mostly because you really only live there if you grow up there, and newcomers don't often leave.

Traveling in the desert is something that takes a bit more thought and can never be properly planned. While traveling means like creature-pulled carts or automatic vehicles or crafts exist, it is never really possible to judge how safe a traveler will be due to the winds or sharpness of the shard storms. Often traveling is done only by foot, with plenty of rests at pit stops made specifically where the trade routes are, since lodging and protected pitstops are the best bet. Though if a traveler gets stuck in a shard storm, it's hard to make it out alive, even if they are geared up with effective protection.

Despite the difficulties, some visitors and residents want in on the rare gems the Desert has to offer, since it is even more difficult to set up a safe mining operation. It is easier and more cost effective to ask locals to grab some for you on a commission.


Very little can live in the harsh environment that is the Glass Desert, however there are a few. It is really only to be known that armored creatures live on the desert sands themselves, though even then they are usually creatures of sizes able to hide behind shards or are large enough to not be disturbed by the strong winds. There is plenty of variety in the kind of creatures and types that live there. The types of armor that these creatures have often mimic rocky textures or sometimes even glass textures to help blend in to the environment. Since these creatures tend to want to blend into the environment, they are often mistaken for landmarks and have been known to get travelers lost.

There are flying creatures as well that generally make use of the reflection appearance on their body, and are called Shimmers. These Shimmers dive through the air and fly by appearing like a flash of light because of their constant heavy reflections, and are known to attempt to blind creatures using this effect. Though they make use of the heavy winds, they can still manage extremely well when the wind speed is lower. Their tactics will often change due to wind, as they will borrow from high winds to slice prey and take chunks of prey, and continuously go at higher speeds rather than trying to swarm prey. Leader formations happen with this, as they repeatedly strike and fly like a school of fish in water.


The Glass Desert is seen as a place of peace regardless of its notoriety or history, though if someone does decide to get violent, the inhabitants usually won't care about what happens.

Since the Desert only has a few main stations in and out of it for travel, there are not really enough people living around the Desert to entirely care. The main stations are the main places the few inhabitants of the Glass Desert live, but there are lots of travelers through those areas so anything could happen.