Gravents are normally small, feral species that have bird-like hands and feet with small, thin wings that cover their ventral magic vents. These small wings have a singular thumb-like appendage to hook into the collarbone holes when their wings are tucked in, allowing them to rest flesh with the body and cover the magic vents on their sides. These wings can be bat-like, feathered, or a combination of both.

Their heads are often thinner, with pointed snouts that occasionally have jagged teeth on their external mouth. Inside they have two rows of teeth, their top teeth being connected as one whole with patternings differentiating their teeth between individuals. Their bottom teeth follow the same method, being connected and differentiating in pattern. They tend to have a singular thick tongue (similar to that of a gecko) within their jaw.

Upon their cheeks, often connected right behindtheir eyes, is always a marking that resembles a false eye of sorts. This marking is theorized to be used to alert other Gravents from a distance that they have eyes on them, easily noticeable from afar due to them always having a reflecting, glowing, or opalescent sheen.

Their tails are flat and kite-like, shaped with extravagent patterns and littered with holes (often in patterns as well). They often have feathers and fur, but can be covered partially or entirely in scales as well. Their sizes are small, but can grow in size when they take an anthro form.

Gravents have existed on Eeridi before Skire broke apart, but their life span only gives them about 130 years in comparison to most species on Skire who can live up to 300 commonly. They were an existing species to see around Skire, primarily in Stonewing and Kite Carcass. Gravents are known travelers around Eeridi.


A Gravent is a different creature than that of the other well-known species on Skire like CCCats and Crooks - they don't have the same luxury of contorted flexibility that the other species do, and can be considered more similar to that of real-life cats. They're spindly and more bird-like with their limbs, but their overall flexibility can behave that of something with very flexible skin like a cat. Their bones are relatively light, but more dense than a real-life bird, allowing them some better structural hold for daily life and potential crashes or skirmishes.

A Gravent's blood and innards tend to reflect their magic's dominant coloration (this often is the case with species on Skire), though their blood can sometimes become the exact opposite of that color on a color wheel when exposed to the natural air around them. This is assumed oxidation and different components within the individual's blood, though the color always differs from Gravent to Gravent.

Unlike CCCats, Gravents eyes and tongues are not limited in color, and can be pretty much any color or any mix of colors. They are also able to get tattoos and piercings, though, it can't be on their vents or their vent wings.

Gravents are also able to change their gender. Much like CCCats and Crooks, Gravents are naturally genderless and can adapt their bodies (with magic form shifting) to take in humanoid types of gender presentations.


Gravent's wings are extremely important for their survival - both their true physical wings as well as their vent magic wings. If a Gravent were to not have wings, their magic would likely flood out of their systems, and would cause them to slowly perish.

A Gravent's true wings can only appear as wings or something of a similar nature - not as additional arms, as an example. Their size must remain relatively small, but large enough to cover their lateral side vents. These wings are not truly usable in anything other than emoting and exposing or covering their lateral vents.

If a Gravent's vent wings are out and exposed for a long while it normally doesn't cause any major issue, but if they are kept out over a largely extended period of time, they can suffer extreme fatigue and possibly worse effects.

A Gravent's vent magic has no specific color requirement or limitation. Their wings and magic are unique to that individual, magic personifying itself to be best "harnessed" by the Gravent and that type of magic or makeup of it may result in one color over another or a mix and array of them. Their vent wing's shape can only be shaped so that they are naturally "casted" like their wings, and cannot change.


A Gravent's tail must always have a kite-like tail, though they can be tied like a ribbon and/or have knots in it. The tails themselves are a funny material - not exactly alive, and not exactly dead - more like inanimate. They can carry the fur over (though it is not necessary) onto the tail's texture, and they are actively able to be posed by the Gravent itself, but they aren't skin nor have muscle/bone in them.

Hurting a Gravent's tail won't cause blood to pour, but they will still heal if harmed. A Gravent who has their tail stepped on or cut won't feel pain, mainly just a form of discomfort. It's assumed to be a solidified form of magic that acts as a solid ribbon, unlike their vent wings which are "loose" magic.


When it comes to Gravent's feet and hands, they are limited only to bird-like limbs. This is because they are not like Wormlings who adapt new host traits onto their 'blueprint' and instead follow a more routine appearance. Though, their hands and feet can absolutely look like different real-life bird feet patterns and styles, as long as they remain bird-like.

Gravents are slightly smaller than humans, averaging around 5'5" amd 6' being their larger known sizes. Their vent wings can span nearly three times their size, however.

A Gravent can lose a limb far easier than CCCats or Crooks; they don't have the same strength on regrowing them like the aforementioned species, but it's possible for them to get these limbs healed/regrown by powerful magic casters.


There is a period of time for a Gravent to learn to understand their ability to maneuver in flight, however, flying/foating above the ground is second-nature and comes naturally to them. Their wings are lifted by a gravitational levitation magic so they don't normally need to fly like actual winged creatures do.

Gravents are better at speed and short-distance flying rather than longer journeys, but they can remain airborne for almost an entire day without much issue. They can break into rapid speeds that cause their bodies to whistle and their vent wings to stream behind them, but doing so will expend a lot of energy and tire them.

Gravents do have the ability to fly long distances for long furations, such as crossing large bodies of water, as long as they stock up on food and prep beforehand. Doing so will usually wipe them out for a few days once they land until they can next fly again.

Though Gravents have a large lung capacity, they still need to breathe and can't survive without oxygen very long. They are very good at holding their breath for long periods if they dive underwater, but they're not the most graceful of swimmers and will often prefer to not need to go underwater.


When it comes to communication, Gravents follow the similar style of Skire-wide sign language known to most all Skire species of sentience. However, Gravents will often speak the language of the area they dropped on, as they form in random areas usually all over Skire. They do not have their own verbal language, but they backpack off of Dramasks in writing, who write primarily using emblem-styled fonts.

Gravents are also very good with communicating with other species overall, as they often take up life all around Skire and even sometimes outside of Skire. They're known for their ability to be diligent workers and bringers of good or bad news be it weather, trade, or general life happenings. This causes them to be liked by knowledge-gatherers, but often disliked by any who try to keep secrets.

Gravents can not be a part of CCCat hives as they can not communicate telepathically, but they can be part of hives or protections in companionship.


Eating is a necessity for Gravents, and they eat small things pretty frequently on their travels. The food they eat goes directly into energy for their vent magic and general usage of activity for movement/surviving.

A Gravents diet consists of all sorts of different things, but their primary go-to is fish and sea-life, as well as smaller land creatures. They can have an affinity for berries and vegetation, and their bodies are quite strong against the majority of poisons, but they have a few things that may knock them out of business for a few days if they're not careful.

Gravents can also get drunk or high, as they have a much easier time becoming intoxicated or poisoned as opposed to Crooks or CCCats who can take a lot of poisons into their body without much issue.


Gravents are not limited in their magic ability to just the levitation magic that they are naturally born with. They are able to learn more magic beyond that, and their abilities to learn them are not hindered. They do not suffer any magic defects like CCCats and Crooks do.


Gravents do not have the same ability to shapeshift as freely as CCCats and Crooks do, as they can only morph into an anthro form and their feral form. They are unable to take forms like centaur or sphynx, or any other form that a CCCat and Crook can easily shapeshift into. They are unable to adapt a true human form. [Note: Human Form Shapeshifting may change in the future, but as of current the before sentence stands.]


Gravents are not formed through Wormlings as CCCats and Crooks are - they are believed instead to be born of magics that have escaped the hold from the land below and have begun to collect in the sky, only forming when a unique type of magic that creates Gravents is joined with those magics.

Their production works extremely similar to rain - in that the magic will form and collect and create a sort of "raindrop"-like egg that grows in size until it becomes so heavy the Gravent forms from it, quickly falling and making use of its vent wing outpour to catch and parachute itself back down.

Though they do not form from Wormlings themselves, Wormlings have been known to inhabit deceased Gravent bodies, and it is assumed this is where they got their commonly-seen holed ears for their hosts as well as levitation magic if they obtain wings.


Gravents are far more mortal than CCCats or Crooks, and their deaths can come a lot easier than the Wormling species. They have a much higher chance of dying to large or serious injuries from bleedout or magic loss. Similarly to Crooks and CCCats, they can spend heavy focus to heal serious injuries with magic, but they are likely unable to handle regeneration of entire limbs if lost. (Example: Fingers, hands with focus, yes. An entire arm, no.) [Note: This may change as their creation lore would technically allow them to pull in diverse magics they don’t directly use, which is similar to CCCats or Crooks. Though if this is further clarified at a later date and does change, they are still far more likely to die to blood or magic loss.]

When a Gravent dies, they don't suffer the same dusting effect that CCCats or Crooks do upon their death - they normally decompose and will often have pieces left of them. The first thing to often fade are their tails, often their hands and feet remaining last.


Per usual with cannibalistic tendencies of sentient species, the same goes for Gravent cannibals, being extremely frowned upon by others of the species and not easily welcomed. However, unlike CCCats who can see and smell a cannibal of their own kind, a Gravent does not suffer magic mixing effects, noticeability, or harm from cannibalism. They can be a cannibal without others around them knowing, however, Gravents have a pretty lengthy ‘news’ system. This ‘news’ system informs them quickly and easily of events going around the world and especially on Skire. Word travels fast, otherwise, and if a cannibal is found they will likely be known about by more than just the Gravents.

Gods and Creators

“Communication is the most powerful weapon.” Was the primary thought behind Gravents’ creation. The thought of fighting among the titans as large beasts purely of violence was not desired. This creator thought that the best way to keep their species alive was to keep them small, smart, and have them able to pass along information to not only their own kind but others they could ally with. It was effective and led to them working, though Gravents became a species not interested in fights.

Gravents are assumed to have a Creator like other creations on Skire and Eeridi, but it is unknown if they have guardian figures like CCCat gods.