Myir believed it important Crooks and the others on Skire understand their abilities. All creatures of Creators could evolve and become better, and Crooks were an obvious indicator that even CCCats could evolve and become something new. Yet their gods wanted them to be brought into their own unique prison? Why? Why should they have to suffer and be locked away for their progress? For their sense of individuality going even beyond CCCats? Myir could show the world that Crooks could bring about the change CCCats failed to and properly aid Skire in healing itself and protecting it from the potential dangers of human's absorbing-magic ability. Myir had a plan to revive magic even in the city of Uto, scatter humans from their dependency on the city, and make magical creatures feel safe in the city once again and show the others on Skire Crooks were no less powerful than their origin selves.


Halik believed that Crooks were punished by their kin close to them in roots, but that didn't mean they couldn't learn to give themselves new purpose. Halik was empathetic and understood why their existence could be scary. While many Crooks could wind up feeling helpless or hopeless of their time in the Alter World and learned to only rely on themselves, Halik believed in the ability to receive help from others and give help back. They believed with the aid of others who sought similar ideas that it could guide them on the right path to becoming another species among Skire and even potentially bring back old magic that existed even before wormlings came about. They wanted to show all on Skire that Wormlings were not the violent creatures people they thought they were, and could find those willing to stand up for peace on Skire, by learning and adapting to the new way of life and teaching many about lost and forgotten magic.






"I don't understand it..." He sighs, turning over his shoulder to glance at the partygoers in the distance, "why they'd want to celebrate, I mean, isn't there so much more we could be doing?" His words are vague, but you can tell that his mind is preoccupied, perhaps lingering on the recent release of the Crooks, or perhaps somewhere else entirely. "Seems like a waste of time," he mumbles. He turns to you and huffs, reaching a hand out in greeting."


"My dear friends, it is an honor to be here with you this evening of great celebration. I am Drent, a traveler and collector of trinkets and stories. I've brought with me today a variety of items and friends who will help me in telling tonight's stories. I have for you, tales of my travels, stories of exploring the world, discovering ancient ruins, and grand fights with beasts of all kind. Please sit back and relax, as the magic's of our world show you great tales of our adventures! Drent swishes his hands and magic begins to flow around him. He raises one of his swords and a great magical holographic image of a towering beast appears behind him. "Now, let the adventure begun!"

DJ Killter

"As your file in among the crowd and make it inside a variety of colored glow sticks on necklaces are draped around your neck by friendly staff. The beat pounds in your ears, trill notes and base drops seem to fill all the space in your mind and you finally let loose and dance to the beat with the rest of the crowd. Your marvelous dancing ends up putting you up at the lip of a large stage with a DJ booth on top. A Crook with decorative glowing pants mans the DJ booth and is the source of this amazing music! They look down from atop their decorated booth and wink at you before tossing you another glow stick to add to your collection and dropping more amazing beats! How could this party possibly get any better?"


"You make it up the stairs, a tad sore from the climb. Ahead of you you can clearly see a large crook, sitting peacefully in a chair lined with warm furs, surrounded by dancing magical lights. He smiles as people, CCCats, and Crooks alike all bear him the gifts they have brought. He shakes each individual hand, and you watch excitedly as your turn to give your gift approaches. As you get closer, his appearance grows clearer. His tendrils wrap around his neck, mimicking a full and friendly beard He wears a large cloak, lined with fur and made from fabric resembling the bright colors of the aurora that lights up the night sky. He is covered in sparkling fluff that glitters like the snow, and his eyes squint as he smiles, full of cheer. As your turns to meet him comes around, you hand him your gift and he takes it with a bright grin."


"Chime is a happy-go-lucky Crook, always happy to make herself the center of attention. She is wise beyond her years despite her fun loving attitude, having been around for hundreds of years. She possesses light magic, and loves to use this to distort reality and create wild shapes and illusions. She weaves bells into her long fur to ensure that you can always here her coming, and uses the toll of her bell tail to announce new nightly events."


"Jingle is a ball of energy, constantly on the move. He thrives around others, and is a huge people person, most often found in his free time preforming magic or dancing in the streets. Most see him out at night, the bright colors of his coat standing out well in the darkness. Though he loves to play tricks, he does it in good fun, delighted to be able to put a smile on any face."


"Borrow is the librarian of the Compendium, an old and near-abandoned library that hasn't opened its doors in years. He's reserved, but holds a great passion for his books and those who come to read them. He loves to read to a crowd, and this is when he is at his most outgoing. Despite a warm and welcoming exterior, this CCCat has his fair share of secrets..."


"A small, spunky Gravent who found her way to Meteor Lake, looking to find the biggest scoop of her career. She is upset after missing the emergence of Crooks, and is determined and fiery on her hunt to find new stories."


"Grim is a stoic character, set on his quest to find Ofae’s missing piece. He is curt and quick, willing to talk but not interested in being held up too long. "


"Schooner is a marine biologist who has spent their time researching Meteor Lake and bickering with their coworker, Erion. Schooner is gruff, but makes sure to have fun and make laughter when they can."


"An astronomer with his head a bit in the clouds. He holds himself high, but makes sure to spread his knowledge without hesitation to all those who ask. He presents himself as dignified and aloof, but cares deeply for what he does."