Welcome to Refuge

Scattered about all levels of Uto and other cities throughout Skire, some posters and flyers seem to have been scattered about. On some, the picture of a blue and white CCCat dressed for a night out and welcoming customers to a place called Refuge within the level of Key in Uto. Others, a darker Crook with purple and pink highlights who is also welcoming customers to the same place. Both carry the same tagline, “Two times, one building.”

After a bit of time winding through the streets of Key following the instructions of the flyers, you stumble upon the exterior of a purple building. There are no windows really to see through into it, however the sound of music seems to seep through the walls. A large neon purple sign signals, “Welcome to Refuge!” and a smaller one beneath it reads, “or are you here for Prohibition?” An odd pair of neon signage but… you’re sure you may just find out what it means.

Walking into the building leads you in two directions. Going to the left of the entrance brings you to an almost entirely different time period. Inside, real instruments are seen as their sounds echo throughout the brick-walled room, and the CCCat that was on the poster sings with a sultry voice from another time. A sign hangs over the bar that reads, “Prohibition”. It is a more relaxed environment with live music compared to the DJ and rave happening on the other side of the wall, and with the way the building is built it is almost like they are miles away from each other.

Welcome to Refuge Banner

Heading into the right of the entrance is a purple and pink party hall it seems, with bright lights scattered about and dancing across the room. Music bumps from one end, and a bustling crowd fills the room with bright bands on their wrists. It seems to be a rave room of sorts, and running the bar is the same Crook seen on one of the posters. Above her is a sign that flashes “Refuge Rave”.

The question is, where will you decide to spend your evening?

Here is a layout of Refuge - feel free to pick either side for your entry! The empty area up front is just a general hallway connected to a bathroom, but was not detailed for this event as it wasn’t necessary.

Map of Refuge

Art Prompt

  • Performing in some sort on stage, in either Prohibition or Refuge Rave!
  • Dancing in Refuge Rave or Prohibition!
  • Enjoying the time to relax within Refuge, in either Prohibition or Refuge Rave!
  • Helping out by running the bar or waiting tables, in either Prohibition or Refuge Rave!

Art Requirements

  • The image should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • ¾ body showing of the primary character OR background characters at the least - but please make sure there is at least half-body of the primary character!
  • Fully colored. (Shading is not required, but can be added!)
  • Background required. (Can be slightly simplified, but needs to be detailed enough to be clearly visible.)
  • Art must be done by you. You may not commission others to make your entry for you, nor can you use bases or artwork done by others to create your entry. Collaboration pieces will not earn either person an entry but can still be done for fun.
  • Photography used as backgrounds will not be allowed for this event, even if it is your photo.
  • Photography is allowed if you are submitting a craft entry, such as sculpted or paper CCCats interacting with the world around them.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional!
  • NAUTIPODS have a seperate art rule: If you are using the pod form, it MUST be drawn fullbody and shaded! It does not have to be painted, but it must have shaded tones. The full humanoid form follows the regular requirements!


  • Your art or writing must be related to the theme of the prompt.
  • No X rated or sexual material.
  • Gore is allowed, but needs to follow platform guidelines, have a gore warning in the title, and have a Mature Rating tag.
  • You may only make one entry that can be entered into the raffle for the prize at the end of the prompt.
  • You may make as much art as you like but only one piece may count for an entry.
  • If you are drawing someone else’s character please make sure you have their permission to do so.
  • Prizes from this event are subject to normal CCCat/Crook/group rules.
  • Make sure you have a Skire.Club account, as one is needed if you end up winning a prize!
  • Do not guilt trip or harass members for entering or winning a prize. Doing so will ban you from entering future events.
  • Do not enter the event if you are blacklisted or greylisted. (We have informed you if you are.) Please respond to the Google Form in the submission section with your entry to be counted! If you do not your entry may be missed and not counted for the event!


  • Sonata is available for use in this prompt, find them HERE!
  • Rhyze is available for use in this prompt, find them HERE!

Available Skire NPC's can be found HERE!

If you want to use someone else's Skire character for this event, please head over to #skire-share-room or #event-chatter in our Discord server to see or ask owners for consent to use their characters in this event!

When submitting a character as a volunteer, you're welcome to use this template:

  • Character(s): Include Masterlist Entry
  • About: A small section about your character(s)!
  • Okay for: Art/Writing/Both

Please head over to #skire-share-room in our Discord server to volunteer your Skire Characters!


Prizes Image

Prizes Decided via RNG!

A MYO Skirean with 1 Rare, and 3 Uncommon traits [These can be redeemed for a CCCat, Crook, Nautipod, or Gravent.] OR a chance to win one of the above premades!

  • Non-Owner Pool - There will be 2 base MYO slots for this pool.
  • Free-For-All Pool - There will be 3 base MYO slots for this pool.
  • If the Non-Owner Pool reaches 10 entries, we will increase the prizes to 3 N/O MYO slots.
  • If the Free-For-All Pool reaches 20 entries, we will increase the prizes to 4 FFA MYO slots.


You can submit to the google form at most once for filling out the prompt.


View your entry status HERE! Please note there are two tabs, one with the submissions list, and the other being the official numbers!

If you don’t see your entry pop up after a week since your submission, it means that there may be something wrong with your submission that needs to be fixed before it can be counted! In the case of this, you should get a DM from PalletEclipse with what’s wrong and how to fix it. If you still can’t see it after a week and haven’t heard anything, please feel free to ask in FAQ or ask PalletEclipse directly!


Q: Can we ask for an extension on the prompt?
A: No, it is a month long and extending it could delay other prompts.

Q: If I win can I give my prize away?
A: For fairness, if you win the prize, you may not gift the prize away.

Q: Can I enter to try and help someone else win?
A: No, it is not fair for multiple people to enter on behalf of one person.

Q: When will the event end specifically?
A: This prompt will end 5/31/2022 at 11:59:59PM UTC. Please refer to the website's clock for this time!

Q: When will prizes be raffled off?
A: Anywhere from the next day to a few days after the event ends. Please give us time to make sure we have everything for the raffle. We would hate to rush and miss someone’s entry.

Q: My entry was denied because it didn’t meet the requirements. Can I fix it and resubmit to try and enter?
A: Yes, as long as this is done so before the event ends. We will not count anything submitted after the event has ended.

Q: Are admin allowed to enter the event and possibly win a prize?
A: Yes, admin are allowed to enter the event so they can enjoy the community just as everyone else does! However if an admin is rolled for winning a prize, they don’t occupy a member’s chance to win! Another roll will be done so that a member can still win a prize.