Welcome to the Fourth Annual Skire Club Trick-or-Treat Event!

We’re hoping that this year will be just as interesting as the previous ones while adding something a little new.
To allow for members to participate without needing to remain on dA we’re going to attempt to host this event almost entirely on our Skire.Club website.

The Main Event

Part 1) Candy Collection

  • This part of the event starts October 3rd 00:00 AM UTC
  • You have 1 week to collect candy tickets here on the website.
  • You are REQUIRED to have an account here on Skire.Club or else your tickets will not log.
  • You can collect one ticket per 24 hours by clicking on the section that will automatically appears!
  • (Please note: each day will count for one ticket except for the FINAL DAY, which counts for five. Unlike previous years there is no risk of not getting tickets.)
  • This part of the event ends October 9th 11:59 PM UTC

Part 2) Candy Turn-In

  • This part of the event starts October 11th 00:00 AM UTC
  • You have until October 23rd 11:59 PM UTC to turn in your tickets.
  • You can spend your tickets in your chosen raffle by clicking HERE and filling out the form!


Premade Designs

  • One of 8 CCCat or Crook MYO slots each with 1 Rare and 1 Uncommon trait (with a maximum of 15 MYO slots depending on the amount of entrants) - Nautipods and Gravents will not be available for this round
  • One of the following Trait Upgrade Tickets (minimum of 1 +1 Myth Ticket, 3 +1 Rare Tickets, 6 +1 Uncommon Tickets with a maximum of 15 upgrade tickets depending on the amount of entrants)


  • You may enter for as many of these prizes as you’d like, but you cannot win more than one.
  • Unlike when entering for a Premade design, you can’t choose which Trait Upgrade Ticket you are entering for - they are their own raffle pool.
  • Trait tickets can be used on any species (CCCats, Crooks, Nautipods, or Gravents)
  • The raffle will be hosted on our Discord server - Premades will be rolled first, followed by MYO slots and trait tickets. If someone is rolled a second time in a later raffle after already having won something the raffle will be rolled again.

The Second Event

Art and Writing Prompts

ToT Banner 1

The path before you splits - and by splits I’m talking about a tear in the fabric of reality. The colors of the world through this tear seem to be inverted; they’re certainly not a natural color, nor do they match your own sunset-colored surroundings. Through the foggy air of this other plane you can see a silhouetted figure. You can’t seem to make out any features.

Come to think of it...you can’t seem to recall how you got here in the first place. You’re pretty sure you were walking a well-known path to your destination, but the world shifted so gradually to a lonely path of trees that you didn’t even notice.

Your previous destination doesn’t seem to matter anymore. You’re compelled to walk forward towards this portal, and as a result the shadowy figure in the portal disappears.

Prompt 1: Exploration
Your chosen character finds themselves greeted with a portal to this spooky alternate dimension while wandering their home. What were they doing? Were they with anyone? What is their mindset when they go through the portal? What do they expect to find?

  • Depict your Skire character coming into initial contact with the portal - depict them still in their home universe. The portal and the Skire OC must be visible.
  • OR
  • Describe your chosen Skire character’s initial interaction with this portal.
ToT Banner 2

Your body tingles as you step through the portal, and you’re immediately greeted by the cold and damp air of a thick dark forest. The distinct color difference between this forest and the one you left behind is more due to it being suddenly nighttime, lit only by the two moons of Skire. The mood is intensely eerie, and you suddenly have the feeling of being watched.

The portal shuts behind you with a flash of magic electricity and you jump from the subsequent thunderclap, and you find yourself trapped here.

Turning back around to face the path in front of you, you choose to continue walking forward. As you continue walking you hear things moving around you, deep enough in the brush to be out of sight but close enough to know that they were footsteps that seemed to move on as you do.

The moonlight breaks through the copse of trees as you approach a clearing. You stop dead in your tracks to take in your surroundings and the crunching sound of footsteps continues

Silhouetted by the moonlight and surrounded by ethereal fog appears a large CCCat from the path before you. From the forest appear two other figures: you see the glowing eyes of the Crook long before seeing the creature itself, and the twisted figure of the Gravent will likely haunt you for a long time to come.

Prompt 2: Discovered
Your chosen character has been approached by three monstrous beings. You aren’t sure of their intentions, but they don’t seem good. How does your character interact with them? If they try to leave, how do they successfully escape?

  • Draw an image of a Skire character in the forest either wandering the path or interacting with one (or more) of the Forest Trio.
  • OR
  • Describe this encounter in the forest or exploring the haunted forest.
ToT Banner 3

At some point in time during the ever-eternal night, you are approached by a spider-like CCCat. He introduces himself as Venom (‘but my friends call me “Vee!”’) and ushers you back to his house, promising a safe sanctuary for a time. Despite the sad state of the place he seems rather proud of it. Venom offers you some sweets as he begins to explain to you what’s happened.

You’re trapped in an alternate dimension. This obviously isn’t news to you. He repeatedly refers to this place as the “Hallowed Dimension”, a place where time passes but doesn’t seem to actually progress further than a single day - a day that happens to fall on Halloween.

The spider creature claims that, in the real world, the barrier between this world and home becomes thin and allows people to enter and exit freely. He gets visitors all the time (even now, he stops talking a few times to open the door and give candy to trick-or-treaters on his doorstep or throw things out the window.) It just seems that the longer you remain in the world the harder it is to leave...and now you’re faced with a conundrum.

You aren’t sure how long you have been here yourself. Thinking about time seems to make the world around you seem fuzzy. Venom explains that that is a side effect of remaining here, suggesting that when interacting with the beings in the forest you might have stayed here for too long to easily return home

Venom offers you a way out, however.

Faceless, a powerful and ancient CCCat who was supposedly charged by the Gods themselves to travel and observe the infinite dimensions, always arrives in the Hallowed Dimension at the end of each ‘day’ to strengthen the walls between the two worlds. Faceless could fix this. Faceless could send you home. All you needed to find was the key.

The key itself was a one-time-use item, something that allowed free passage back through a normally one-way portal. It was just down to finding them back in the forest…

Prompt 3: Escape
Your character has been told of a way to get home - finding a key powered by Faceless, a CCCat with space magic. It’s up to you to find Faceless and get that key before you can go home. Where do they find the key? How do they interact with Faceless? Do they use the key right away, or do they return to Venom first?

  • Draw an image of your chosen Skire OC finding the key, interacting with Faceless, interacting with Venom, or escaping back through the portal to go home.
  • OR
  • Describe their search for the key, discovery, or interaction with Venom or Faceless, or feelings as they head home.

Helpful Links

Minimum Requirements for Images

  • Fully colored - shading is not required
  • Background - does not need to be incredibly detailed by does need to still have depth and recognizable shapes
  • Fullbody image of MAIN Skire-specific character OR 1/2 body image of MULTIPLE MAIN Skire-specific characters - background characters with no image focus do not count
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

Minimum Requirements for Writing

  • 800 words featuring your chosen Skire-specific character in the required setting


Premade Designs

  • One CCCat or Crook MYO slot with 1 Myth 1 Rare and 1 Uncommon trait (with a maximum of 3 MYO slots depending on the amount of entrants) - Nautipods and Gravents will not be available for this round

Submitting Prompts

  • Click HERE to submit your images or writing.
  • Submit ALL of your prompts at the same time and not one at a time.
  • Specify which designs you are entering for when submitting.


  • You may do these prompts as many times as you wish, however only the first one will count towards your raffle entry.
  • You may earn up to three entries - one for each prompt.
  • Skire characters may be either your own, another users (with their permission) or Skipper, an NPC
  • You may choose which premade to enter for, but you can only win one.
  • The raffle will be hosted on our Discord server - duplicate winners will be re-rolled.
  • You can win both in the Candy Collection raffle as well as this event raffle - they are considered two separate events.
  • You have until October 30th 11:59 PM UTC to turn in your prompts