Spooki Image

It’s dark. The sky is colored a deep purple, shifting to red and gold against a brilliant orange harvest moon. The wind blows through the trees. The rustling leaves around you would normally be a soothing sound.

Tonight, however, everything has taken on a much more eerie tone. There are no stars shining despite a lack of city lights. The odd glow from the massive moon is the only thing illuminating a lonely dirt path in the forest. You don’t dare stray from the path; you aren’t able to see more than fifteen feet to either side thanks to the fog rolling through the thick forest.

It seems to lift after you walk for some time and you find yourself coming across a run down house at the end of the path. Each window is illuminated by a light inside, and as you approach the door creaks open, beckoning you closer.

You try to peer past the house, hoping to see some other sign of civilization, but you can’t focus. Looking behind you to the path you’ve already tread causes you to shiver; the moonlight isn’t helping you see where you’ve been.

Outside of the light’s reach it’s as if the world doesn’t exist.

You aren’t sure how you got here exactly. You certainly wouldn’t know how to get here again if you were asked, and you’re pretty sure all you did was walk down your own street. Wasn’t it daytime, too? There was at least some sunlight when you last checked.

Despite the circumstances you find yourself in, you don’t exactly feel lost either. This seems familiar in a way...almost as if you’ve been here before.

After all, Halloween in Skire is always a little bizarre.

Welcome to the Third Annual CCCats Trick-or-Treat Event

It’s that time again; time to collect candy from a couple of creepy CCCats in a strange pocket dimension where time passes differently - it’s always Halloween here, folks.

Your two hosts are the same as last year.

Skipper is a cheerful CCCat who rewards every visitor to their home with a random assortment of sweets. No tricks are needed when visiting them - they’ve made sure to take time out of their busy schedule to spend time with each and every person who stops by during this long event.

Venom, on the other hand, may not always give you candy. He may not even be nice to you...but there’s that chance that he could give you candy. Doesn’t particularly matter if he probably stole it from some kids somewhere. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Time to get heckin’ spoopy.

Primary Goal: Collect as much candy as possible to exchange for raffle tickets.

How do you get candy?
There are two images, one of Skipper and one of Venom, that you go to. Comment on the CCCat’s pictures once every 48 hours to get a random result, making sure to reply to the correct featured comment. Skipper is guaranteed to give you a consistent amount of candy, whereas Venom could either give you an enormous amount of candy or leave you with nothing. Or raisins. Nobody likes raisins on Halloween. Except for maybe your mom. What a cursed thought.

Where do I go to comment?
Click the pictures of the CCCats further up in this journal! Those are the images you comment on. There will be a featured comment that you have 48 hours to reply to to get your candy. By the event’s end, there will have been 7 comments on each Skipper and Venom (so 14 total comments) that you could have made.

What does the candy earn you?
Each piece of candy or sweet is worth a point. For every point you can get one raffle ticket, which can be turned in at the end of the event here on this journal. (You will reply to a specific comment with a link to your candy tracker.)
Bonus: Every candy apple that you get is worth 15 points - which means 15 raffle tickets!

What do those tickets get you?
They earn you spots in several different raffles. Where you want to spend your tickets is entirely up to you!

Raffle 1: CCCat MYO slots
You will get a free One Uncommon CCCat MYO slot. We’re starting with 5, but the number will increase depending on the activity and demand.

Raffle 2: Premade CCCats
You get your choice of which premade CCCat to enter for! Spend all your tickets on one, or spread them out evenly among them all. Again - all up to you!

Raffle 3: Trait Upgrade Slots
If you have a CCCat or Crook you can apply this slot to an extra trait to your design. It can be applied to an already made design or to an unused MYO. Once the trait upgrade is used it is permanently linked to that specific design, even if the design is reverted back to the original after a redesign or traded to another user.

15 Tickets to be given out!

  • Five +3 Uncommon Traits
  • Four +1 Rare Trait
  • Three +2 Rare Traits
  • Two +3 Rare Traits
  • One +1 Myth Trait

How many times can we comment??
You visit each CCCat once every 48 hour period - so a total of 7 comments per CCCat if you participated fully in the event. By the end you should have 14 comments. There will be a new featured comment to reply to, so make sure you are replying to the correct one. (They will be linked to in the description for easier finding.)

What happens if I miss a day? Does that prevent me from entering the event?
If you miss a day that prevents you from earning candy for that specific day, but you can participate on any following day. Missing a day does not mean you cannot enter later.

New comments will be posted 6PM Central Time on:

  • Day 1: 15th
  • Day 2: 17th
  • Day 3: 19th
  • Day 4: 21st
  • Day 5: 23rd
  • Day 6: 25th
  • Day 7: 27th

You will have until October 29th 6PM CST before the last comment closes.

What happens if I commented on the wrong day?
Your comment will not count for candy, so make sure you’re on the correct one!

I got raisins/a regular apple from Venom. What can I do with those?
Nothing unfortunately - they’re considered “tricks.”

Do we have to draw anything to enter the Trick or Treat event?
Nope! No art required. If you truly want to draw something, we suggest taking a look further down the journal for a related art event...

How do we prove how much candy we have for tickets? Do you keep track for us?
Mods will not be tracking what you earn - the easiest thing we suggest is making a stash tracker, Google Doc, or journal with links to each comment. This will make it easy for us to total up your candies and give you tickets.
Trackers must, at the very least, include direct links to your comments or screenshots of your comments.

Here is a pre-made Google Doc template for you to use. - ToT Candy Tracker
Go to ‘File’ > ‘Make a Copy’ to make your own.
(Completed Example)
Type in the number of candy and/or apples you get and the tracker will automatically total everything up for you. Don’t forget to include direct links to comments.
If you get a candy apple make sure to put “0” into your candy tracker and “1” in the separate apple section - otherwise it may double-count your points.

How do I get a direct link to my comment?
On both desktop and mobile browsers you can click the timestamp of your specific comment and it will take you directly to that comment. Copy the URL and use that in your tracker!

If you use deviantART mobile app there isn’t a way to copy a link, but you can take a screenshot as proof.

When can we turn in the candy for tickets?
You will be able to turn in your tickets at the end of the event. In this journal, there will be a featured comment for you to reply to. A mod will confirm the amount of candy received, and you will be able to choose where you use your tickets either at that point or in your initial comment. If the totals come out to be different we will ask you to confirm where you want your candies to be spent.

When does the event end?

  • You have (one week from event start) to earn candy.
  • You have (next 48 hours) to turn in your trackers and establish where your tickets are spent.
  • Raffles will be drawn (two days from tracker turn in.) Time to be determined based on how quickly we finish divvying out tickets.

This year has been hard on a lot of people, so we think it might be nice to include a gift art portion to this contest.

Welcome to the “Draw-to-Enter” part of the ToT Event!

While this year we don’t have any special Halloween designs to give out as prizes, we do want to encourage our fantastic community to draw something special for others. Those who choose to draw a gift will be entered into a separate raffle for MYO slots and Trait Upgrades.

The prizes are two 1 Myth, 1 Rare, and 2 Uncommon MYO slots and two +1 Myth/+1 Rare/+2 Uncommon upgrade tickets. (You may choose to break up your combo trait upgrades to a myth, a rare, and a 2 uncommon tickets to be used across multiple CCCats/Crooks if you’d like. This decision must be made upon receiving the award.)
(Depending on how many entries there are for this portion of the event more slots/tickets may be given out.)

Do I use my raffle tickets for these?
No - these slots and upgrades are strictly “Draw-to-Enter” and are separate from the candy collecting event. Specifics on how to enter are below!

What are the entry requirements?

  • All entries must be completed 100% by you. No commissioning others to do your entry, no collaborations, tracing, bases, or plagiarizing others’ works. Failure to follow this rule will result in you being barred from any future ToT events (possibly other group events depending on severity.)
  • Submissions must be in the “Contests” folder by the end of the event to count as an entry.
  • No need to comment on this journal with a link to your entry - just make sure what you are entering for is in the description of your piece! (You may enter for just a MYO slot, just an Upgrade ticket, or BOTH with the same entry. Just specify which when you submit.)
  • Only one entry per user. You may do more than one gift piece, but only one will count towards the raffle.

Your image must include:

  • One fully colored full-body image of a CCCat or Crook not owned by you
  • Quality must be comparable to your standard art style - no extremely cartoony images to make a quick entry or chibis.
  • Traditional artwork is allowed as long as the colors are clearly visible and photo/scan of the image is clear
  • Backgrounds and additional characters are not required
  • Shading is not required

Your written entry must include:

  • Minimum of 500 words clearly describing the chosen CCCat/Crook’s plans during this particular holiday season
  • Additional characters not required

What if I don’t have a CCCat or Crook?
No problem! You are meant to be using someone else’s character for this part of the event. If you don’t have someone who has given you permission privately/someone who you know doesn’t mind gifts, you can look here for users who have donated their CCCats and Crooks for the event: HERE

When does this part of the event end?
This event ends 11PM Central Time October 30th - from event start you have a little over 2 weeks to complete your written or drawn entry.
Winners will be drawn after the contest ends on October 31st.

Can I enter for both the Candy and Art portion of this event?
Yes! The prizes are considered separate, so it technically is possible to win something in both parts of this event.