Piece Together

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Time passes differently in Fever, night and day long forgotten in the city’s deep abyss. A constant fog hangs heavy in the air, the atmosphere one of familiarity to the inhabitants that call this place home. The arrival of the nautipods and the outspread of gravents puts strain on the densely packed underworld, populations searching for residence in any nook left unoccupied.
Despite this pilgrimage, Uto still bustles like ever, species finding their places amongst the city, sharing their knowledge or coveting it, clinging to ways of life or immersing themselves in each unique new perspective.
We find ourselves deeper still, through the shifting mass of pipes and metal that constructs Fever, lit through smog by flickering lights of long defunct signs, repurposed electrical lines and the glow of churning technology that keeps the underbelly breathing. Eyes peer from around corners and through the slats of boarded windows, eyes of those full of curiosity or of those wishing to protect their reclusive Fever sanctuaries.


Through the stagnant puddles of bilge water trudges a figure, hidden behind heavy clothing. Only their toothy scowl shines through, chewing absently the lip of their coffee cup. As they turn their key, the door to their office creaks open into the dusty, single room, papers, unused furniture, trinkets scattered about, some of which they push out of the way to make it to their desk. By now their drink is already cold, the drink now nearly as sour as their mood. Business is slow, clients dwindling as time marches on and the detective falls into obscurity.


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Today of all days they had received a note. A meeting request for the following morning from an anonymous sender. Despite the obvious suspicions, and perhaps due to a morbid curiosity, they decided to slink into their office for the first time in days to humor the request. They place their cup onto the hardwood of the table and shed their coat before huffing into their chair, shuffling a few papers to the side before looking up.

Already, a humanoid figure occupies an old leather chair in the corner, and the detective nearly leaps from their chair, a terrifying glow emanating deep from the shadows.


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Shit!” They scramble back, chair legs squeaking across the wood floor as they shove themselves away. The figure barely reacts, sitting forward enough that their face catches the dim light wafting through the windows. An armored helm hangs over their face and large, dark eyes peer back.

Gods, you scared-- How did you get in here?!” They growl, frazzled by the shock of an unknown intruder. They'd caught wind of the Nautipod’s arrival to Skire, but had not expected to find one sitting across from them.

"Detective Edwin, I presume?” A low, smooth voice drifts from the shadows.
Yes,” Edwin’s eyes shift to the one lit half of the nautipods face.
I won’t waste your time. Tell me what you know of Ofae’s missing piece.
Edwin’s hackles rose at the request.
And what’s gonna convince me to divulge that?
Money, renown,” She sighs, listing off the standards without a surefire deal.
Youre gonna have to show me,” They growl, distrust in their voice.

This piece of my home is in unknown hands, and we very much intend to get it back, or figure out what they’ve done to it. On top of money,” They growl, arm reaching behind them towards something. Edwin freezes, ready to leap at a moment’s notice. Instead they draw out a box, opening it to assure their promises of money. Far more than Edwin had seen in some time. “This information can help many, bring us all answers.

So,” She sighs, ”Will you help, or will you slink back into the shadows?
Look,” Edwin grumbles, “I know where we may find some answers.

So, yes, I'll help you."

Fine. Yes, I will.” Their familiarity with the crooks that had brought the piece back was limited, but it was hard not to at least know of Myir’s triumphs. What happened to the piece itself was the real mystery at hand. Edwin stood, placing their claws gently to the desk, head sinking on their shoulders.

I think I know where to start,” They grumble, already beginning to pack up their belongings to head out. Magic pulsed throughout the city, mingling with technology in countless, often anomalous ways. It appeared to Edwin as interweaving tendrils of color, hidden to most by Skire’s impressive reality. It was nice to be back.

The nautipod trailed behind, feet near silent and body hidden neatly in the shadows of Fever. “So, what will you tell me, detective?” She hissed, her words trailing off like wisps of smoke.
Look, miss. This is all I--
You don’t know much?” her words snap from her mouth before Edwin can finish, “Then what am I paying you for?

You’re paying me to look,” Edwin huffs back, the grumble of their voice overlaid with a deep and guttural annoyance. “You have to put some faith in the process.” They trudge forward. Winding roads full of countless steps, elevators, pulleys, and ledges lined their journey through the city’s underbelly, and as they rose, so did the haze of polluted air. Plants, practically merged with the architecture of the city, began to spring up at their feet, making quick work of the atmosphere and creating the most peculiar ecosystem within what most knew as Choice.
“I sense it,” the Nautipod growls.

The Grove

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The stairs curl and wind higher, the air fresh with the smell of life and the cityscape ripe with activity. Lights sparkle like the stars in the sky, and Edwin realizes in the moment how long it had been since they’d retreated from the underground. Cracks in the metal floor give way to shimmering crystal insets, as if they had torn it apart only to become one with the roots of Choice.

Jaw sneaks quietly in tow, her eyes towards the ground while Edwin’s remain plastered to the sky. Magic swirls in Edwin’s senses, the bright hum heavy in their core, bright colors swirling about in the branches that reach out overhead. He glances down with one set of eyes to peer at their new acquaintance, mystified by the iridescence of the plants. Her fingers wrap around the stem of a flower and tug, pulling it from its base to examine it, her gaze intense.

What do you want from this, truly?” Edwin grumbles, questioning. Jaw’s expression tenses and her jagged teeth bare, glaring now at the detective.

I told you, I want to know what they did to it,” She hisses, the flower crumbling in her fist. “The magic is strong here, we must go further.

I think we’re seeing it,” Edwin mutters to themself, Jaw already slinking far ahead, deeper into the grove’s heart.

Around them the city towers, centerpieced by the dizzying metallic structure known as the Spire. Lights dot its edges, sparkling higher and higher as if it touched space itself. It was close, at least the closest one could be on Skire to getting there. Ships launched often from the station, slingshotted into the treacherous halo ringing the planet and into the deep and inky blackness of space. Edwin could only wonder why so much magic was centered around this place, the crown of Uto, and not anywhere else.

Edwin kneels to the smooth ground, running a hand over the crystal and taking in its pattern, studying the unfamiliar magic scent of the material. Peering into the glassy rock he felt a spark, the spark of electricity, crystal merging with the world, the technology, plants weaving their roots so deeply into the circuits of the city, pulling from its power but returning its own, magic mixing enough that one would no longer be able to separate hand-made from the living, breathing life of the plants. Edwin was unsure when, and even more unsure how, that the moon’s magic could have managed to entangle itself into the technology, the old signature of its magic a mere fingerprint left behind on something entirely new.

I can't find it. I sense Ofae’s magic everywhere, I can feel it so intensely yet the piece is gone.” Jaw’s voice pierces their thoughts and they see her fists curl, her shell grinding against itself in immense frustration.

I don't think you’re going to,” Edwin sighs, taken aback by the discovery. “I know you can sense it, but I think what you knew of Ofae has changed. It's there, still, but it's been altered.

What do you mean?!” She grabs Edwin’s collar and pulls their face closer, bright eyes peering deep into him. “Are you saying it's gone? What have they done to Ofae, and who did it?” Her actions are frantic, panic setting in as she races to tear more plants from the ground, dig through shimmering soil to little avail.

I know who took it,” Edwin concedes. Jaw's eyes flash with rage. "It was a crook, he went to Ofae and took it, I couldn't tell you how, or why. I want to find out too."

Then what are we doing here? What was the point?” She snarls. "First you withhold who took the shard and now you don't know where to go, or why?"

Look, we’re not done yet,” They snap back, voices echoing in their throat. Edwin’s eyes shift from Jaw to the Spire. “There must be some reason Myir left it out here. Ofae's magic is present, it's undeniable, but I don't know how. I know he had a reason."

Then why are you stalling?” She mutters, turning on her heels and storming down the walkways towards the towering station.

The shudder of Choice’s tech was now impossible to drown out, especially nearing the center of the Grove and as they continued on to the Spire, walking over the sleek logo of the Spire’s operator and up to the terribly clean doors of the building, its exterior just as perfect. Edwin couldn’t help but scowl, perfection unsettling to them.

The Spire

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Through the sliding glass the pair step, terribly out of place amongst the slew of workers that dart about, dressed in perfectly pressed uniforms adorned with badges denoting countless ranks and roles. Neither cared too much for the specifics, Jaw’s eyes darting from side to side in search of anything to latch on to. Edwin taps their fingers against her shoulder, glaring a look requesting her patience as they analyze the surroundings.

The ceilings of the foyer vault impossibly high above the two, weaving with flickering electronics and abstract, deathly clean sculptures that neither could discern a purpose for. The Grove’s tendrils extended gently within the walls, small plants creeping up into the corners, breaking the pristine nature of their surroundings. Edwin stared ahead, banking on the observation that the beings around them were far too enraptured in their own work to notice an odd pair wandering in. They walk forward, gesturing to Jaw who followed suit. Odd glances pass their way, and slowly the facade began to crumble.

A small and snappy gravent steps in front of the two, its eyes squinting as it looks them up and down. In its hands is a clipboard, digitized and in Edwin’s eyes, needlessly complex.

Excuse me,” it huffs, “You can’t be here.” It stands matter of factly, Edwin pausing a bit as excuses race through their mind. The scowl on the gravent’s face grows deeper into a frown as it impatiently waits, tail flapping about.

Look, I’m just here to talk to a colleague,” Edwin bluffs.

I don’t think so, not without the proper–” its words are interrupted as Jaws blatantly disregards them, trudging forward without even a glance back. Edwin’s shoulders sink.

HEY!” It barks, chasing after her to little avail, grabbing her long and trailing hood of a tail and flapping incessantly against her. Edwin watched as she effortlessly dragged it along, footsteps tapping across the cold metal towards a humanoid form. Edwin skips to catch up to her, frustrated that a scene has been caused.

You!” Jaws growls, approaching the cool-headed nautipod that Jaws made a beeline for. The tannish fins on the pod’s head flick with mild annoyance, a questioning grimace across his face. The gravent still tugs at her, frantic feathers flying off as its efforts remain futile.

Me?” The nautipod asks flippantly.

Yes, you,” She huffs, “I want answers, Grim.

I might have them,” He sighs, looking past her to Edwin. Edwin responds with a frustrated shrug and a gentle shake of their head. “Mal, let them in.” The gravent nearly immediately lets go and flutters off, leaving the three to stand awkwardly, side-eyes trained on them.

Why have you been hiding from us?” Jaw bares her teeth for a moment at Grimace, who refuses a reaction.

I’m not hiding, I’m working,” He sighs, turning around and gesturing for the pair to follow. Grim leads them to an elevator, almost purely glass so that one could observe their surroundings as it ascended the building. “I’ve been trying to find Ofae, just like I said I would. I’m happy to tell you we’ve done it.” Floors pass at rapid speeds, passing through large hangars filled with incredible spacecraft, strange and towering machines, flashing with millions of lights as electricity poured through them like magic through Skire. The harsh transition of Edwin’s home to that of Choice still jarred them, the crook so used to the rust covered foundation that they’d lived in all their life.

Ofae still lives.

Edwin raises their eyes and glances at Jaw, who glares intently.

A piece rests here in The Grove, but that magic no longer truly belongs to Ofae. Skire amplifies it as if the two are bonded. I tried to find it too, but The Grove is fiercely protected… No longer what we knew Ofae as.

The elevator doors open into a room lined with windows, gazing out over the sparkling city and into the night sky. In the center rests an oculus linked to a complex series of lenses pointed towards the planet’s halo.

Take a look for yourself,” Grim invites. Jaw obliges, bowing down to stare through. The telescope trains in directly towards Ofae’s shattered visage, and Jaw’s claws clench. Suddenly the moon shimmers and her eyes squint. For a moment the moon’s once lushly aquatic ring appears before flickering away once more. She can sense its twinge of magic and her hearts leap.

What’s going on?” She sighs, her tone suddenly soft and lined with sadness.

We aren’t too sure. Magic flickers off and on and sometimes we catch glimpses of the water. This time though, it rings around the planet. The planet remains, shrouded in magic, but magic we can't yet reach. Only one other has made it to the surface and returned with success, and that's why you see the Grove."

"I don't understand, Ofae isn't dead?" Jaw turns back to Grim, gentle confusion across her face.

That I cannot fully say. But there is familiarity in the water we see and the biomes we spot give us hope that it isn’t,” Grim paces around the telescope to find his place gazing out the window. Jaw steps up next to him, wringing her tail in her hands. Edwin sits back, a twinge of pride in their chest as the case slowly falls into place.

Then let me go. You said someone did it once, and that means they can do it again, right?” Jaw lights up with a newfound determination and Grim turns to look at her with questioning, wary to allow another to take the same risks as those reckless enough to try.

You really think you can?” Grim chuckles, somber expression turned to a cheeky grin.

You think I can't?” She snorted back.

I’ll see what we can arrange,” Grim shrugs, turning his way back towards the elevator with Jaw in tow. Jaw turns to face Edwin, her gaze still just as cold as always.

I left the box in your office,” She pauses, “And once I’m back… Lets work together again. Maybe we do make a fine team.

Edwin scoffs but they cannot help but smile, satisfied with at least one form of closure for the Nautipod. They step into the elevator as well, slinking out and back down into the recesses of the city.

Jaw and Grim work around the clock to rebuild an old cruiser, greatly needed to restore the spacecraft enough that it would not break at the high speed needed to escape Skire’s atmosphere. Newfound passion and hope that their home had not been entirely lost was far more than enough to fuel the pair, and quickly Jaw found herself at the helm of her new ship, painted dark just like her, the vastness of space an endless expanse ahead of her as she peered into the stars above. Ofae was waiting for her, and she was confident of that.

Draw Your Character

Part 1
  • Exploring Fever!
  • Do they know the detective or the Nautipod?
  • Do they eavesdrop on the conversation, or decide to follow?
  • Do they provide a direction or clue?
  • In their own little piece of Fever!
Part 2
  • Investigating The Grove
  • Admiring the crystalline plants
  • Guiding the detective/Jaw
  • Providing rumors
Part 3
  • Working in the Spire
  • Stowing away on a ship
  • Observing the stars
  • Assisting Edwin or Jaw
  • Helping build or repair crafts

Rules and Requirements

  • Your art or writing must be related to the theme of the prompt.
  • No X rated or sexual material.
  • Gore is allowed, but needs to follow platform guidelines, have a gore warning in the title, and have a Mature Rating tag.
  • You may make as much art as you like but only one piece may count for an entry.
  • If you are drawing someone else’s character please make sure you have their permission to do so.
  • Prizes from this event are subject to normal Skire rules.
  • Make sure you have a Skire.Club account, as one is needed if you end up winning a prize!
  • Do not guilt trip or harass members for entering or winning a prize. Doing so will ban you from entering future events.
  • Do not enter the event if you are blacklisted or greylisted. (We have informed you if you are.) Please respond to the Google Form in the submission section with your entry to be counted! If you do not, your entry may be missed and not counted for the event!

Art Requirements

  • The image should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • ¾ body showing of the primary character OR background characters at the least - but please make sure there is at least half-body of the primary character!
  • Fully colored. (Shading is not required, but can be added!)
  • Background required. (Can be slightly simplified, but needs to be detailed enough to be clearly visible as a place)
  • Art must be done by you. You may not commission others to make your entry for you, nor can you use bases or artwork done by others to create your entry. Collaboration pieces will not earn either person an entry but can still be done for fun.
  • Photography used as backgrounds will not be allowed for this event, even if it is your photo.
  • Photography is allowed if you are submitting a craft entry, such as sculpted or paper CCCats interacting with the world around them.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional!
  • NAUTIPODS have a seperate art rule: If you are using the pod form, it MUST be drawn full body and shaded! It does not have to be painted, but it must have shaded tones. The full humanoid form follows the regular requirements!

Writing Requirements

  • The writing media should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • Minimum of 800-1000 words per entry.
  • You must create the story/literature yourself. You may not commission someone else to write it for you. Plagiarism will be checked.

NPCCC's and Volunteers

All NPCs are available for this event! They can be found HERE!

If you want to use someone else's Skire character for this prompt, you can ask in the CCCat Discord Server for permission to use someone's Skirean!


There are a couple of choices for prizes in this event:

  • Enter for a MYO Skirean Slot with 1 Rare, and 3 Uncommon traits. [This can only be redeemed for a CCCat or Crook.]
    • Non Owner/First Time Owner Pool - There will be three base MYO slots for this pool!
    • Free For All Pool - There will be five base MYO slots for this pool!
  • Non-Owners can enter BOTH the Non-Owner AND Free For All pools!
  • Enter just for a premade!

There are a total of 3 tickets to be earned!

  • TICKET 01 - Complete an entry for Part 01 - Fever
  • TICKET 02 - Complete an entry for Part 02 - The Grove
  • TICKET 03 - Complete an entry for Part 03 - The Spire

No matter when you start, you will be able to do all three parts! Each part will be open for the duration of its release to the end of the event!

Premades Image

Prizes for the event will start with 4 MYO slots and they will be raffled off to participants via RNG on our Discord Server!

  • If the Free For All MYO category gets to 30 entries, we will increase the prizes to 6 MYO Slots.
  • If the Non-Owner category gets to 20 entries, we will increase the prizes to 4 MYO Slots.

1 additional MYO slot per category will be added for every additional 20 entries received for this event!


To submit your entry for this event, you'll submit through this Google Form HERE.
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  • Q: Can we ask for an extension on the prompt?
  • A: No, it is a month long and extending it would delay other prompts.
  • Q: If I win, can I give my prize away?
  • A: For the purpose of this event and limiting entries, if you win the prize will only be able to be given to the winner and not gifted to someone else, sorry!
  • Q: Can I enter to try and help someone else win?
  • A: No, it is not fair for multiple people to enter on behalf of one person.
  • Q: When will the event end specifically?
  • A: This prompt will end 01/31/2022 at 11:59 PM UTC.
  • Q: When will prizes be raffled off?
  • A: Likely a few days after the event ends. Please give us time to make sure we have everything for the raffle. We would hate to rush and miss someone’s entry.
  • Q: My entry was denied because it didn’t meet the requirements. Can I fix it and resubmit to try and enter?
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  • Q: Are admin allowed to enter the event and possibly win a prize?
  • A: Yes, admins are allowed to enter the event so they can enjoy the community just as everyone else does! However if an admin is rolled for winning a prize, they don’t occupy a member’s chance to win! Another roll will be done so that a member can still win a prize.