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It's that time of year again - the winds are starting to blow colder and many gardens are coming to ripen. Which means... It's almost time for this year's Harvest Festival!

You've made your way to the island that belongs to the CCCat Moo that ran the event last year, where sellers stands line the dirt paths and music and laughter echo through the air. It seems like there is an even bigger turnout this year than there was last! As you get closer to festival, you notice a large, newly built area that seems to be in the fashion of some kind of arena.

Your attention is turned to the new build, and quickly notice it's a rodeo arena - there's a building on one end where music and the familiar voice of Moo seems to be coming from, and stands line the entire exterior of the dirt arena. The stands begin to fill up with guests as Moo's voice calls out to the crowd,

"Howdy y'all, and welcome to Moo's Rustlin' Rodeo and Dance! This year, in addition to the Harvest Festival, we've got some lovely nights of rodeo lasting all month long. And once the Rodeo events of each night end, don't worry the fun don't end there! There's a lovely new dance hall set up for y'all to dance the night away!"

There are cheers and whistles that call out from the stands surrounding the rodeo ring in response to the CCCat's words.

"This event is open for any rodeo star to enter - whether it be brand-spankin' new or an old-time vet. Ah've got the creatures if you ain't got one yourself, so don't be worried if you ain't got experience. But most of all, remember to be careful out there folks and let's have some fun at the rodeo y'all!"

Moo smiles as if ready to begin the first few competitors, but Daemon leans over and whispers something to her. Shock overtakes her smile, and she lets out a giggle that echoes into the microphone.

"By the stars I nearly forgot! Our newly made dancehall will be open all night just over yonder from the rodeo grounds," Her hand extends and points to a barn-like building off to the right of the rodeo ring, "And live music will be going on! If the rodeo just ain't quite your thing or you just wanna dance the night away, head on over that way. There's also an outdoor patio for dancin' too that sounds just as good as inside!"

Draw/Write your Skirean enjoying Moo's Rodeo - whether it be as a contestant, a fan, or just to enjoy the dancehall!

Want to take part in the rodeo? There are a few things you can do!

Sammie Slams
Ready to ride an angry Sammie and see just how long you can hold on? Note from Moo: Much like bull riding!

Rampagin' Raptavis
Maybe a Sammie ain't your type of ride... Try riding a Raptavis for as long as you can! Note from Moo: Much like Bucking Broncos!

Not quite ready to take on a full grown Sammie or Raptavis? That's perfectly fine, instead, take a chance at staying on a Grazier! Note from Moo: Much like Muttonbusting!

Barrel Racing
Ride a Raptavis around a triangular setup of barrels in the fastest time - and try not to knock any over!

Team Roping
Chase down a Sammie calf with a friend and try to catch them with a pair of lassos!

Maybe another rodeo activity is up your alley!

Maybe the rodeo activities themselves aren't really all that enticing? That's okay! Every rodeo star needs to have a loving and excited crowd to keep them going - cheer them on from the stands and watch as they work!

Or, maybe you just want to enjoy some time relaxing at the dancehall with live music - enjoy it however yo would like to! Relaxing under the stars, dancing, eating some delicious food, singing... However you find it best to relax at the dancehall!

Along with the rodeo and to celebrate Moo's Birthday this year, there is a new sale batch coming on August 3rd at 3:00 PM PST full of all kinds of new Skireans looking for new homes! Be sure to keep an eye out on the CCCat's Discord as well as PalletEclipse's page for when these lovely babies go live!

Rules and Requirements

  • Your art or writing must be related to the theme of the prompt.
  • No X rated or sexual material.
  • Gore is allowed, but needs to follow platform guidelines, have a gore warning in the title, and have a Mature Rating tag.
  • You may make as much art as you like but only one piece may count for an entry.
  • If you are drawing someone else’s character please make sure you have their permission to do so.
  • Prizes from this event are subject to normal Skire rules.
  • Make sure you have a Skire.Club account, as one is needed if you end up winning a prize!
  • Do not guilt trip or harass members for entering or winning a prize. Doing so will ban you from entering future events.
  • Do not enter the event if you are blacklisted or greylisted. (We have informed you if you are.) Please respond to the Google Form in the submission section with your entry to be counted! If you do not your entry may be missed and not counted for the event!

Art Requirements

  • The image should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • ¾ body showing of the primary character OR background characters at the least - but please make sure there is at least half-body of the primary character!
  • Fully colored. (Shading is not required, but can be added!)
  • Background required. (Can be slightly simplified, but needs to be detailed enough to be clearly visible.)
  • Art must be done by you. You may not commission others to make your entry for you, nor can you use bases or artwork done by others to create your entry. Collaboration pieces will not earn either person an entry but can still be done for fun.
  • Photography used as backgrounds will not be allowed for this event, even if it is your photo.
  • Photography is allowed if you are submitting a craft entry, such as sculpted or paper CCCats interacting with the world around them.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional!
  • NAUTIPODS have a seperate art rule: If you are using the pod form, it MUST be drawn fullbody and shaded! It does not have to be painted, but it must have shaded tones. The full humanoid form follows the regular requirements!

Writing Requirements

  • The writing media should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • Minimum of 800-1000 words per entry.
  • You must create the story/literature yourself. You may not commission someone else to write it for you. Plagiarism will be checked.

NPCCC's and Volunteers

Moo is available for use in this prompt, and she can be found here!

You can also use any of our other various NPCCC's, which can be found here!

If you want to use someone else's Skire character for this prompt, you can ask in the CCCat Discord Server for permission to use someone's Skirean!


There are a couple of choices for prizes in this event:

  • Enter for a MYO Skirean Slot with 1 Rare, and 3 Uncommon traits. [This can only be redeemed for a CCCat or Crook.]
  • Enter for a Trait Ticket with 1 Rare, and 1 Uncommon trait.
  • Enter just for fun! [Note: Entering just for fun means that you will not be entering for a prize - this is just if you want to enter the event but don't want a prize. Extra Note: Entering for fun does still count for the overall prize count for others entering for prizes!]

Prizes for the event will start with 4 MYO slots and 3 Trait Tickets, and they will be raffled off to participants via RNG on our Discord Server!

If the event gets to 30 entries, we will increase the prizes to 5 MYO Slots and 4 Trait Tickets, and 1 additional Trait Ticket and MYO slot will be added for every 10 entries received for this event after!


To submit your entry for this event, you'll submit through the Google Form HERE.

Once you have submitted, you can check out our entry sheet HERE. If you do not see your name and do not see it appear within a week of your submission, please ask in our Discord FAQ channel or message PalletEclipse!


Q: Can we ask for an extension on the prompt?
A: No, it is a month long and extending it would delay other prompts.

Q: If I win can I give my prize away?
A: For the purpose of this event and limiting entries, if you win the prize will only be able to be given to the winner and not gifted to someone else, sorry!

Q: Can I enter to try and help someone else win?
A: No, it is not fair for multiple people to enter on behalf of one person.

Q: When will the event end specifically?
A: This prompt will end the 8/31/2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Q: When will prizes be raffled off?
A: Likely a few days after the event ends. Please give us time to make sure we have everything for the raffle. We would hate to rush and miss someone’s entry.

Q: My entry was denied because it didn’t meet the requirements. Can I fix it and resubmit to try and enter?
A: Yes, as long as this is done so before the event ends. We will not count anything submitted after the event has ended.

Q: Are admin allowed to enter the event and possibly win a prize?
A: Yes, admin are allowed to enter the event so they can enjoy the community just as everyone else does! However if an admin is rolled for winning a prize, they don’t occupy a member’s chance to win! Another roll will be done so that a member can still win a prize.

Entries will be due 8/31/2021 at 11:59 PST.