Daemon's 2021 Coding Chaos

Throughout Skire, there are plenty of exciting events and moments that make an everlasting mark on those who are a part of them. Sometimes it's firsts, and other times, it’s something that occurs every year that becomes tradition to most Skireans.

This month seems no different, as some devices that Skireans own begin to ‘Ping!’ with new notifications that invite them to a special, new kind of event that is run by an infamous Crook…

It seems that Daemon wants to test the waters in Skire, to see just how much technical knowledge those who live here have. Though, it also appears that he wants to teach those who have little or no knowledge some of his knowledge as well. It seems like an interesting event to attend… So why not?

You approach the address that the ad gave, and find yourself on that of a large farm. This doesn’t seem right, but double checking the address twice shows that you are right - this is the place. Taking a few steps onto the property you notice some lawn signs that point down a path towards the back of the farm, where you come across a large, normal looking cabin. It seems the signs point here, so you walk up and inside - and what you would expect of Daemon’s workplace almost seems a bit more rustic than you’d imagine.

The interior is filled with electronics from floor to ceiling - filing cabinets run along the walls and tables filled with computers and laptops are settled in open spaces. Server boxes and other big fancy digital devices stand in other areas of the building. But despite all the technical, there is still a lot of the cabin peaking through. It’s an upgraded cabin home, fit for the technological needs of Daemon.

(Whether the rustic staying part of the exterior/interior is a work of Daemon or Moo is a mystery.)

You settle in as Daemon comes in front of a rather large group of eager learners from all over Skire, laptops in front of them all. “Alright everyone, let’s see what you know, shall we?”

Daemon Header Image

Daemon wants to see some skills...or the building of them! Show off what you can do or what you have learned over the course of this event. All prompts are beginner level and aimed to foster growth in technical skills.

Kind of like school, Daemon will be checking for cheating and/or copying, so don’t do it! However, peer review and help are fundamental to good technical habits, so if you get help, make sure to credit your friends and peers...or Daemon will know.

There are two categories to this event - and each category has multiple prompts. You can earn one ticket from each category as long as you complete one prompt from each. (I.E. If you enter the HTML & CSS portion of the Coding Category, that counts as one ticket. If you enter the drawn portion of the event with your Skire Character coding, that counts as one ticket. If you do both, that earns you two tickets.) Only two tickets MAX can be earned!



NOTE: You need to have a before and after image of your code/page!

Event participants can select to use their toyhou.se account profile or a Skire character that they own on ToyHouse.

Event participants will utilize the HTML and/or CSS tools provided by toyhou.se to create a custom page.

For this prompt, under no circumstances may premium or free templates be submitted. The point of this is to learn how to do simple HTML and/or CSS on your own. If a reference or help is used, that reference must be cited for credit.

Give it a try, it can be more interesting than you think! All levels of complexity are welcomed as long as effort is given!

Haskell Coding Prompts

Daemon is hosting a coding class for those of you interested!

Valuable Resource you should read and have open while you learn to code Haskell! Learn You a Haskell for Great Good - (It's Free to Read Online!)

Using Haskell:
Option 1 (Recommended for Newbs-Noobs-Nuebs-UwUbs):
Sign up for Repl.it and share that with MuzzyDeath (yep, that’s the username on Repl as well).

Quick Start:

  • Make a new repl in the name format Skire-[YourSkireName]
  • Select programming language to be Haskell
  • Click the "Shell" tab that is on the right (Don't use console, it is slow!)
  • Type "ghci" in the shell
  • Type ‘:set prompt “WHATEVER> ”, replace WHATEVER with whatever name you want to replace Prelude, and don’t forget the space.

Option 2 (pH0R 3L173 |-|4(|<3R5):
Install on Debian based system via: sudo apt-get install ghc

Quick Start:

  • Type ‘ghci’
  • Type ‘:set prompt “WHATEVER> ”, replace WHATEVER with whatever name you want to replace Prelude, and don’t forget the space.

For making functions, use the main.hs section on the left of your shell! Everything you need is on the page now, good luck!

Here are the questions: Haskell Gist


Web Design (Art Mockups)

If coding doesn’t interest you, then practice your skills of web design (now code free!) by drawing a mock up of what you would make if you knew how to or wanted to. This is the first prompt, but simply drawn!

Requirements: make your toyhou.se page(s) in two formats for this. Desktop (1920x1080) & Mobile (400x886)

Written or Drawn Prompts

Write or draw your character learning some technical skill!


  • Coding
  • Assembling Electronics
  • Design


  • Your art or writing must be related to the theme of the prompt.
  • No X rated or sexual material.
  • Gore is allowed, but needs to follow platform guidelines, have a gore warning in the title, and have a Mature Rating tag.
  • You may only make one entry that can be entered into the raffle for the prize at the end of the prompt.
  • You may make as much art as you like but only one piece may count for an entry.
  • If you are drawing someone else’s character please make sure you have their permission to do so.
  • Prizes from this event are subject to normal CCCat/Crook/group rules.
  • Make sure you have a Skire.Club account, as one is needed if you end up winning a prize!
  • Do not guilt trip or harass members for entering or winning a prize. Doing so will ban you from entering future events.
  • Do not enter the event if you are blacklisted or greylisted. (We have informed you if you are.) Please respond to the Google Form in the submission section with your entry to be counted! If you do not your entry may be missed and not counted for the event!

Art Requirements

  • The image should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • ¾ body showing of the primary character OR background characters at the least - but please make sure there is at least half-body of the primary character!
  • Fully colored. (Shading is not required, but can be added!)
  • Background required. (Can be slightly simplified, but needs to be detailed enough to be clearly visible.)
  • Art must be done by you. You may not commission others to make your entry for you, nor can you use bases or artwork done by others to create your entry. Collaboration pieces will not earn either person an entry but can still be done for fun.
  • Photography used as backgrounds will not be allowed for this event, even if it is your photo.
  • Photography is allowed if you are submitting a craft entry, such as sculpted or paper CCCats interacting with the world around them.
  • Entries can be digital or traditional!

Writing Requirements

  • The writing media should include your Skire character, an NPC, or other Skire character that you have permission to use for your focus character.
  • Minimum of 800-1000 words per entry.
  • You must create the story/literature yourself. You may not commission someone else to write it for you. Plagiarism will be checked.


Daemon is available for use in this prompt, find him HERE!

If you want to use someone else's Skire character for this prompt, the comment to see where owners have given consent for their characters to be used for this prompt is down below!

When submitting a character as a volunteer, you're welcome to use this template:

  • Character(s): Include Masterlist Entry
  • About: A small section about your character(s)!
  • Okay for: Art/Writing/Both

Please reply to THIS COMMENT to volunteer your Skire Characters!


Coding Chaos Prize Designs
  • The are 2 pre-mades to be raffled for this event!
  • 4 MYO slots will also be raffled off to different participants. The winners will be determined by RNG!
  • These slots will have 1 Rare and 3 Uncommon traits for the winner to work with. They can be redeemed for a CCCat or Crook.
  • If we get 30 entries, we will increase the prize to 5 MYOs, and 1 new MYO every 10 entries received for this event after.


Remeber to check these requirments before submitting!

  • HTML/CSS - Needs before/after image(s).
  • Haskell Code - Needs to be shared on Repl.it to @MuzzyDeath
  • Web Design Mockup - Needs two images: Desktop (1920x1080) & Mobile (400x886)


You can submit to the google form at most twice - if you do the coding category at one point and submit, and then submit the art category piece later through another form submission (or vice versa). Or you can submit both at the same time!

Once you have submitted, you can check out our entry sheet HERE. Over time as we comb through entries names and numbers will begin to pop up - if you don’t see your entry pop up after a week since your submission, it means that there may be something wrong with your submission that needs to be fixed before it can be counted! In the case of this, you should get a DM from MuzzyDeath or PalletEclipse with what’s wrong and how to fix it, however, if you still can’t see it after a week and haven’t heard anything, please feel free to ask in FAQ or Muzzy or Pallet!


Q: Can we ask for an extension on the prompt?
A: No, it is a month long and extending it would delay other prompts.

Q: If I win can I give my prize away?
A: For the purpose of this event and limiting entries, if you win the prize will only be able to be given to the winner and not gifted to someone else, sorry!

Q: Can I enter to try and help someone else win?
A: No, it is not fair for multiple people to enter on behalf of one person.

Q: When will the event end specifically?
A: This prompt will end the 3/30/2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Q: When will prizes be raffled off?
A: Likely a few days after the event ends. Please give us time to make sure we have everything for the raffle. We would hate to rush and miss someone’s entry.

Q: My entry was denied because it didn’t meet the requirements. Can I fix it and resubmit to try and enter?
A: Yes, as long as this is done so before the event ends. We will not count anything submitted after the event has ended.

Q: Are admin allowed to enter the event and possibly win a prize?
A: Yes, admin are allowed to enter the event so they can enjoy the community just as everyone else does! However if an admin is rolled for winning a prize, they don’t occupy a member’s chance to win! Another roll will be done so that a member can still win a prize.